Can the UK election results soften the Brexit blow?

The British electorate appears to have voted in favour of a “soft” exit from the EU. But as the EU’s exasperation over Britain’s risky political gambles hardens, is a “soft Brexit” a possible option or is England once again dreaming?

Is Londonistan calling jihadists back to the fold?

British Prime Minister Theresa May has promised tightened counterterror laws following the deadly London Bridge attack. But that band-aid is unlikely to address the root of the problem, which goes back decades.

Manchester’s Muslims unite to defy terror

Monday’s deadly attack in Manchester by a resident of Libyan origin has put the city’s Muslim community on edge. But they are determined the city they love will say no to hate and divisions.

Turkey heads to polls in knife-edge referendum

Turkey goes to the polls Sunday in a controversial constitutional referendum, which if passed, would grant President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sweeping executive powers by replacing the parliamentary system with a presidential one.

Trump’s missile attack on Syria stuns allies, foes

Long before he launched his 2016 campaign, Donald Trump firmly opposed US military intervention in Syria. So when the US president ordered missile strikes on a Syrian airbase Friday, it caught both his admirers and detractors by surprise.