IS group stages fierce attack on Syrian army enclave

16 Jan

The Islamic State group has launched its fiercest assault in a year against a besieged Syrian government enclave in the city of Deir al-Zor, trying to cut it off from a nearby military air base in a battle that has killed dozens.

Russia to scale back military presence in Syria

6 Jan

Russia announced on Friday that it is withdrawing its aircraft carrier and some other Russian warships from the waters off Syria as the first step in a drawdown of its forces in the war-torn Mideast country.

Hundreds leave Aleppo despite evacuation delays

19 Dec

Some 350 people were able to leave a rebel-held pocket of east Aleppo on Sunday, a medical official said, despite the official postponement of evacuations of civilians and fighters from the devastated Syrian city.

Aleppo evacuations stalled after busses torched

19 Dec

Armed men burned five buses that were meant to be used for an evacuation near Idlib in Syria on Sunday, stalling a deal to allow thousands to depart the last rebel pocket in Aleppo, where evacuees crammed into buses for hours before leaving the city.

After Aleppo, the Syrian war will rage on

14 Dec

Many of Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s supporters are hailing the imminent recapture of Aleppo as the beginning of the end. But across the rest of the country, the war rages on.

IS group ‘re-enters’ ancient Syrian city of Palmyra

10 Dec

Islamic State militants on Saturday captured most of Palmyra after penetrating Syrian army defences and securing strategic heights around the ancient city in eastern Syria following a surprise assault, a monitoring group and rebels said.

Syrian army makes key gains in Aleppo

7 Dec

Syria’s army seized key ground Tuesday in its battle for east Aleppo, capturing more districts and penning rebels into less than a quarter of territory they held in mid-November.