May’s DUP bribe alienates rest of UK

UK Prime Minister Theresa May's deal with Northern Ireland’s ultra-conservative Democratic Unionist Party gives her minority government backing on key votes - at the cost of annoying British voters on all sides.

Politics back on centre stage at this year’s Glastonbury

If ever there were concerns that today’s music festivals have strayed too far from their political roots, this year's Glastonbury has laid them to rest with one of the most politically charged editions of the festival in years.

British parliament hit by cyber security attack

Britain's parliament was hit by a cyber attack on Saturday in which hackers tried to access email accounts, just over a month after a ransomware worm crippled parts of the country's health service

Man charged over London mosque attack

British police said on Friday they had charged a man with murder and attempted murder over an incident in which a van was driven at Muslim worshippers leaving a mosque after prayers earlier this week.