Boxing news: George Groves blasts Carl Frampton as ‘jealous little c***’ after former gymmate questioned whether he ‘quit’ against Callum Smith

1 Nov

George Groves has slammed his former gymmate Carl Frampton in an unexpected attack on social media.

The now retired former super-middleweight champion posted a statement in response to the Northern Irishman, who he used to train with under Shane McGuigan, after hearing comments he made on a recent podcast.

Earlier this year the pair had a bizarre brief altercation on social media.

Groves blocked Frampton for correcting him on a spelling mistake and – unless this is all a clever wind-up – the seemingly small incident appears to have further underlying issues.

During a JOE TKO Podcast interview with Callum Smith, who knocked out Groves in his final fight last year, Frampton asked Smith: “In that fight, how do you feel about Groves?

“Obviously you won the fight pretty convincingly. Was there an element of ‘quit’ in him?”

Smith replied: “I don’t think he ‘quit’, although he shook his head on the floor and didn’t get up, and got up after. If that’s classed as ‘quitting’, I don’t know… I wouldn’t wanna go around saying he quit.”

Frampton then responded: “That’s why there was doubt about it, because he was on his knee and he shook his head on his knee. That’s what I thought.”

Later on, host Chris Lloyd informed viewers of a previous Twitter spat between the pair.

Frampton said of the social media exchange: “It was a bit of a tiff over nothing, I felt like it was uncalled for. That’s why I was digging him out a wee bit there!”

Frampton questioned whether Groves ‘quit’ against Smith

Upon seeing the podcast, Groves took to Twitter to fire back: “I just saw Carl Frampton suggesting in an interview with Callum Smith that I quit.

“If you’ve got something to say half pint then say it to me, you jealous little c***.

“You know f*** all about me, and f*** all about what it took to even make it to that fight.

“I’m not going to let little haters like you diminish my career.

“Research my career, see what I overcame and try and find ‘quit’ in me.”

Smith beat Groves by seventh-round knockout

Frampton opted not to get into a back and forth.

He simply replied: “Thanks for the numbers mate. We will discuss on our next episode.”

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