Cosmic disaster: Massive fire ravages astronomy center in Turkish capital (VIDEO)

3 Nov

The popular Ali Kuscu Astronomy Center in the Turkish capital, Ankara, was hit by a massive blaze on Sunday, with videos from witnesses showing its iconic tower with a saucer-shaped tip completely burnt out.

The column of thick white smoke, emerging from the site of the disaster in the city’s Mamak district, was seen from kilometers away.

Firefighters, who rushed to the scene, now say that the blaze is under control. There have so far been no reports of deaths or injuries. The reasons for the fire are yet unknown.

The Ali Kuscu Astronomy Center is a science and entertainment hub visited by thousands of guests, including many schoolchildren of various ages. It hosts a planetarium, 10D and VR simulation rooms, as well as a lot of space-related exhibits.

© Facebook / Ali Kuşçu Gökbilim Merkezi

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