WWE and AEW news: Brock Lesnar to feud with Rey Mysterio on Raw, Roman Reigns tipped to star in Hollywood

4 Nov

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Brock Lesnar brutally attacked Rey Mysterio and son Dominick on Raw in September

Brock Lesnar to feud with Rey Mysterio on Raw

On last week’s SmackDown, Paul Heyman announced his client, Lesnar, would be quitting the blue brand after Vince McMahon had refused him a match against Mysterio due to the latter being a Raw superstar.

Mysterio attacked Lesnar with a chair after The Beast’s successful WWE Championship defence against Cain Velasquez at Crown Jewel.

Heyman revealed the former UFC star will be coming to Raw this week in an attempt to get revenge on Mysterio.

The Wrestling Observer say Lesnar is officially a Raw superstar, with the Universal Championship, which is now held by ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt, heading to SmackDown.

The report added a feud between Lesnar and Mysterio is likely to begin on Raw this week.

Roman Reigns tipped to star in Hollywood

WWE legend Rikishi is refusing to rule out a successful Hollywood career for his cousin Reigns.

The Rock, Batista and John Cena have made the transition from wrestling to acting in recent years.

Reigns made his film debut in The Rock’s Hobbs & Shaw movie earlier this year.

When asked whether Reigns could be a star in Hollywood, Rikishi told Wrestling Inc: “Well, in pro wrestling your mind says you can go but at the end of the day it’s how we feel.

Roman Reigns made his film debut alongside The Rock

“Trust me, I miss the fans but my body hurts.

“You just can’t do certain things anymore after putting it all on the line for years. Sooner or later those bones start to break down.

“At the end of the day, I know I can’t perform as much as I like as the body isn’t what it once was, but what can I do to utilise this platform and stay in the public eye?”

Seth Rollins to address his future on Raw

Rollins lost his Universal Championship to Wyatt at Crown Jewel.

With Wyatt on SmackDown and Rollins on Raw, a third match seems unlikely.

Rollins, who spent the weekend with fiancé Becky Lynch in Dubai, tweeted: “So much swirling in my head after #CrownJewel. Thank you @dubaitourism & @RingsideC #RingsideFest & all of our incredible fans for the weekend. Will address my future tonight on #Raw.”

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