Rude awakening: Indian man woken at midnight by CROCODILE in his bathroom (VIDEO)

6 Nov

A resident of Gujarat, India got the fright of his life when he went to investigate a disturbance at his home in the middle of the night – a 4.5-foot croc was waiting for him in his bathroom with jaws agape, ready to do battle.

Vadodara native Mahendra Padhiyar awoke in the wee hours thinking his home had been invaded by a curious cat, not a carnivorous crocodile. A bewildered and bleary-eyed Mahendra called the Wildlife Rescue Trust (WRT) for backup in taking down the curmudgeonly croc at 2:45am. Footage of the rescue/removal has been shared online.

Snake sightings are a common occurrence in the region around the western Indian city but their reptilian relatives, crocodiles, are not usually so curious. 

“We got a call from Padhiyar following which we reached the spot at about 2:45am. It was a bit tough to rescue the reptile as it was dark. The crocodile was aggressive,” a member of the Wildlife Rescue Trust said.

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File photo: © Pixabay
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It reportedly took the crew an hour to wrangle the croc out of the bathroom and away from the residence. 

The team believe the reptile left its home in the Vishwamitri river in search of some midnight mischief, but unfortunately he had to be returned to the wild as Padhiyar wasn’t renting any rooms.

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