Seth Rollins explained what really happened in backstage WWE meeting after Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia

7 Nov

The WWE has been the very definition of a rumour mill as of late with plenty of chatter over what really happened in Saudi Arabia and a subsequent talent meeting.

WWE usually has said meetings at the first television show after international tours.

Seth Rollins explained he made no comments during a post-Crown Jewel talent meeting

That was also the case with Crown Jewel, the Saudi Arabia event that saw Tyson Fury beat Braun Strowman, but the details have been very conflicting.

First, let’s run through what was initially reported.

It was reported Seth Rollins had given a speech of sorts and the superstar delivered it from a company perspective, which did not go down well. Furthermore, journalist Dave Meltzer reported the same thing, claiming Rollins gave a ‘rahrah’ speech.

Rollins, though, denied making any such speech and then told Fightful: ”Vince and Triple H held an all talent meeting to explain the travel situation returning from Crown Jewel. They commended the talent for their conduct in a tough spot and fielded questions and allowed anyone to voice their feelings on the matter. Some talent spoke up and overall it was a productive forum. I said zero words. I made no speech. Pretty simple.”

WrestleVotes also reported Rollins said nothing, but AJ Styles did speak up.

So, much to do about nothing, really. Rollins has been painted in a bad light recently, much of which has stemmed from his social media use.

But on this occasion, he was totally justified in what he said and maybe now some fans will understand his frustrations a little more.

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