Boxing news: Tyson Fury would be ‘rotting in a box somewhere, dead’ had he not beaten depression as he discusses mental health issues

10 Nov

Tyson Fury has admitted he would be dead now had he not suppressed his demons when he did.

The 31-year-old has spoken openly about his mental health issues as he plots his route back to the top of world heavyweight boxing.

Tyson Fury admitted he would probably be dead by now had he not escaped his demons
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After beating Wladimir Klitschko in 2015, the Brit slipped into a depressive episode which consumed his life and saw him balloon up in weight. The 31-year-old also told a harrowing story about he tried to take his own life.

In his absence from the sport, Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder emerged from the shadows to claim their place at the top of boxing’s blue ribbon division.

Fury battled back and lost all of the weight, turning his life around in the process.

But, speaking to the Sunday Times, he admits he would be dead by now if he hadn’t made drastic changes.

Fury is a showman and has regained his confidence and happiness
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“I just didn’t care if I lived or died,” he said. “Nothing mattered. It wasn’t fun, none of it was fun. [Drink and drugs] was a sedative to get rid of the pain.”

Predicting his own future, the father-of-five said: “I know what I’d be now. I’d be rotting in a box somewhere, dead. I’d have had a heart attack. I couldn’t tie my own shoelaces without being out of breath. I was a wreck.’

In an extract from his forthcoming memoir, the boxer also admits: “I wanted to get back to being a dad and a husband again, but there was an emptiness, a darkness that had descended upon me.

“They came rising to the surface like the lava in a volcano, spilling out and sending me deeper and deeper into a mental place from which I felt I would never recover.”

The Gypsy King signed an $80million contract with Top Rank and ESPN at the start of the year and has dazzled in Las Vegas against Tom Schwarz and Otto Wallin.

However, given how he has been received on the other side of the pond, the lineal heavyweight champion also admitted it is unlikely he will ever fight in the UK again.

“They [the UK] had their chance,” said Fury.

“They didn’t treat me well. Over here [USA], I get treated like a superstar.”

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