Logan Paul admits trash talking ahead of KSI rematch in Los Angeles was to promote the fight

10 Nov

Logan Paul admitted his rivalry with KSI was ‘all for show’ to sell their rematch fight in Los Angeles.

The pair’s first encounter in a boxing ring last year ended in a draw and they fought again on Saturday night at the Staples Centre, this time as professionals.

The YouTube stars spent endless weeks and months trash talking each other ahead of the bout, which KSI went on to win by a split decision.

Logan Paul looked gutted as the decision was read
Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

Paul admitted that much of what was said was embellished to help promote the fight.

The American said: “Fair play to JJ – you are one of the toughest people I know, you deserve everything you have.

“I wish you the best. You had my respect before the fight, you are one of the toughest people I know.


Logan’s jab was again impressive
Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

“I don’t like talking trash, it was all for show, it was all to sell the fight. I have nothing but respect.

“I was more calm this year and spent more time practising boxing, we worked on my conditioning, that was why I was better than the first fight.

“I think the two-point deduction was harsh, I am not happy with the commission about that, I think if you do the math that cost me the fight.”

KSI also spoke kindly of his opponent following the fight.

He said: “It takes a big man to get in the ring, you’re a big man.

“You made me work today and last year. Thank you for a good fight.”

Two of the three judges scored it as such (57-54 KSI, 56-55 KSI) while the third had it 56-55 Logan to produce a split verdict in favour of the Brit.

Paul had been deducted two points in the fourth round for punching his opponent while he was down.

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