Chelsea players are fined £20,000 if they arrive late for training and £500 for EVERY MINUTE they miss of Frank Lampard’s team meetings

12 Nov

It’s safe to say Frank Lampard is laying down the law at Chelsea.

A list of the internal player fines for this season has been leaked, revealing Blues stars are hit with a £20,000 fine if they are late for the start of training.

A photo of Frank Lampard’s fine list at Chelsea has appeared on social media

Being late for a team meeting will result in a £500 fine for EVERY MINUTE a squad member misses, while failing to report an injury will cost £10,000.

Lateness for treatment, medical appointments or matchday departure will result in a £2,500 hit, while a phone ringing during a team meal or meeting will set a player back £1,000.

A £1,000 fine is also dished out if a player arrives late to the gym, or even turning up in the wrong clothes on a match day.

Other fines include £5,000 for not turning up to fulfil corporate or community duties and the same amount for not travelling back from a match on the team coach without giving 48 hours notice.

The list is dated August 27 and signed by Lampard.

The fines are doubled if not paid within 14 days, with the money going towards team activities and charities.

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard is loving life with the Blues
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And the severity of the fine list might be a good indication as to why Lampard’s men are impressing this campaign.

Despite many expecting Lampard to struggle in his first season at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea are third in the league – eight points adrift of pace-setters Liverpool – and playing an attractive brand of football.

Speaking exclusively to talkSPORT earlier in the season, the manager revealed he is working hard and making sure the players are, too.

“I am loving it. It is a huge thing of pride for me; everyone knows how I feel about the club,” he said, adding he is pleased with the blend of youth and experiences he has in his side.

“I am working hard, all the staff are working hard, and the players are working hard, and I want it to be a success.

“During the process you can’t always appreciate how much you are loving it because you are working daily. But genuinely, I am.

“I want us to get better and better.”

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