Joe Gomez booed: Ally McCoist recalls Scotland fans jeering Gary McAllister – ‘He was distraught, it was horrible’

15 Nov

Liverpool and Leeds hero Gary McAllister was so ‘distraught’ when Scotland fans booed him he decided never to play for his country again.

His international team-mate, Ally McCoist, told talkSPORT watching Joe Gomez being jeered by England supporters at Wembley brought back memories of the ‘horrible’ moment that has stayed with him ‘for years’.

A section of the Three Lions support hounded the Liverpool defender when he came off the bench in the 7-0 win over Montenegro for his bust-up with Raheem Sterling, that saw the Manchester City ace dropped for England’s landmark 1000th game.

Gomez’s introduction at Wembley brought boos from the crowd
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Sterling, who clapped Gomez onto the pitch, reprimanded the fans who booed his team-mate following the game, while talkSPORT host Jason Cundy branded them ‘Neanderthal morons’.

And for Ally, the moment reminded him of when Scotland captain McAllister was booed off the pitch by his own countrymen during a 2-1 defeat to the Czech Republic in 1999.

The midfielder was so hurt by the events he called time on his international career shortly after and never added to his 57 caps in a blue shirt.

And McCoist told the Sports Breakfast that while they have the right when supporting their club, fans should never boo their own players in international football, saying his memory of that Gary Mac moment still makes him feel sick.

Speaking to talkSPORT on Friday, the Scotland legend said: “Manchester City and Liverpool fans will clearly want England to do well, but the one thing they will do above all is defend their own team.

“The innocent party in this is without doubt Joe Gomez, even Raheem Sterling has said that!

Sterling leapt to the defence of Joe Gomez after he was booed at Wembley
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“Talking about players getting booed, I can remember a game when Gary McAllister was booed in an international game.

“He was an absolutely tremendous player for Leeds, Liverpool and indeed Scotland, and I just remember the shock I felt.

“If football fans can boo one of their own like that… it just stayed with me for years. That feeling is still with me, just how disappointed I was.

“Surely supporters would realise the pinnacle of the sport is playing for your country and there is absolutely no way you’re going to do anything other than give your best for your country.

“I was just so disappointed, it was really poor.

Gary McAllister ended his Scotland career at the age of 34 following his treatment from supporters
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“Gary was distraught, absolutely.

“That’s your own country folk. You’re representing your country. It’s completely different when you get booed playing for your club, you get that and you live with that.

“I can remember Gary was absolutely as shocked as the rest of us. I can remember it as if it was yesterday, it was horrible.”

Speaking in 2016, McAllister, now Rangers’ assistant coach said he had his family in mind when making the disappointing decision to stop representing his country despite insisting he was still good enough for international football.

“Looking back, it didn’t affect me as much as people thought. I can jump on a train or a plane and head back south of the border to my house or my club in England, so I didn’t take the brunt of it.

“But my dad, my brothers, my family, it was all them that I was feeling for, really.

“It was to take the heat off them. I didn’t want my dad and brothers to be going to Scotland games and having to fight their way out of the ground.”

Listen to a clip of Ally McCoist on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast above

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