‘We have our own problems’: Ukrainian president says country is ‘sick’ of US impeachment drama

19 Nov

As impeachment mania grips the US, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky dismissed a question from CNN about whether he would open an investigation into the Biden family, saying people in Ukraine are “so tired” of the scandal.

Zelensky, who has found himself at the center of the seemingly never-ending political saga, was visibly annoyed when asked by a CNN reporter if he would launch an investigation over claims that former US Vice President Joe Biden had pressured a Ukrainian prosecutor to drop a corruption probe into the Burisma natural gas company where his son Hunter sat on the board.

“I think everybody in Ukraine is so tired about Burisma,” Zelensky told the reporter, according to Politico.

We have our own country. We have our independence, we have our problems and questions. That’s it.

Nudged to respond further by the journalist, Zelensky simply rolled his eyes and walked away with his aides.

The ongoing impeachment inquiry is focused on whether US President Donald Trump offered Zelensky a “quid pro quo” of military aid in return for an investigation into Biden, as a way to damage the 2020 presidential contender.

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Kiev officials themselves have denied the “quid pro quo” or any “direct link” between a possible probe and US aid — and the White House has released transcripts detailing Trump’s exchanges with the Ukrainian leader — but that hasn’t dulled Democrats’ desires to have the president impeached regardless. 

Trump himself has branded the charade a “phony Impeachment Witch Hunt.”

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