GET THE FACTS: Partisan Power Grabs

29 Apr

Democrats have historically narrow margins in Congress. The Senate is split 50-50 and Speaker Pelosi has the thinnest majority in decades. While President Biden talks about his party’s domestic policy agenda, he will not tell the truth about his party’s motives.

The fact is that Democrats have taken a number of steps to artificially enhance their power so they can force through their radical agenda. These attempted power grabs are an affront to the voices of the American people and threaten the very foundation of our institutions that have sustained our democracy

Partisan Power Grabs: 

  • Passed legislation to protect incumbent politicians, provide taxpayer-funds for campaigns, and federalize the entire electoral process.
  • Voted to make Washington, DC a state solely to add two Democrat Senators in an effort to abolish the filibuster and advance their dangerous ideas.
  • Attempted to steal a congressional seat from Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks even after a bipartisan canvassing board certified her as the winner.

Don’t fall for the President’s rhetoric. While he talks in his speech tonight about unity, the agenda that he and his party are pursuing is extreme and would have negative consequences for the American people. Because it is so radical, Democrats know that they cannot enact it within our democracy’s current guidelines which is why they are attempting to seize power away from the American people and empower themselves.

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GET THE FACTS: The Biden Border Crisis

29 Apr

During his speech this evening, President Biden made only a passing mention of immigration and laid out no specifics for the American people about how he planned to solve the crisis that he created at the southwest border.

The Cause:

  • Encouraged illegal immigrants to try unlawfully enter the country
  • Ended the successful remain in Mexico policy
  • Halted construction of the border wall
  • Denied that a crisis exists making it harder to solve the problem

The Effects: 

  • 400% increase in migrant apprehensions compared to last year
  • 5,018 individuals w/ criminal records arrested by CBP
  • More than 20,000 unaccompanied minors in CBP custody or HHS care
  • 233% increase in fentanyl seizures at the border 

Because of President Biden’s specific actions, the country is facing a public health, humanitarian, and national security crisis at the border. His unwillingness to address it, combined with Vice President Harris’s month-long refusal to even visit the border even though she was tasked with overseeing the situation, is an abdication of leadership on the part of the Administration and a sign that – 100 days in – they cannot be trusted to deal responsibly with the most serious challenges facing the nation.

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GET THE FACTS: Making America Less Safe

29 Apr

America faces more global threats than anytime since World War II. From the Chinese Communist Party’s malign activity to Russian aggression to advancements being made by Iran and much more, America needs to demonstrate national security strength to protect our interests and the interests of our allies.

Instead, President Biden has shown weakness. The decisions he has made have only served to embolden our adversaries – who are making significant advancements – while undermining our ability to provide for the security of the nation.

Examples Of Weakness:

  • Ending the maximum pressure campaign against Iran and taking steps to rejoin the nuclear agreement that puts them on the path to a nuclear weapon even while they continue to enrich uranium. 
  • Said the U.S. will withdraw forces entirely from Afghanistan which could allow terrorists to re-establish safe havens from which to plot attacks.
  • Proposed inflation-adjusted cuts to the Defense Department and Homeland Security Department, even while calling for a 16% increase in domestic spending to fund his far-left agenda. 
  • Suggested the U.S. make these defense cuts at a time when China is making historic and “breathtaking” military advancements. 
  • Shied away from confronting the challenge posed by the Chinese Communist Party and admitted that they are “not in a rush” to address the threat they pose. 
  • Allowed Russia to amass troops at the Ukrainian border while refusing to issue sanctions that would crack down on the construction of Nord Stream 2.

This overall approach makes our country less safe. We need to be providing the resources to secure our nation and send the message to our adversaries that they cannot even think to challenge us because we will respond with overwhelming force.

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29 Apr

The President is speaking at length tonight about the climate and while he talks in broad strokes about that issue, he fails to mention the heartless consequences of his and his party’s policies that will hurt millions of Americans and weaken our nation.

Republicans have proposed reasonable, responsible, and common sense solutions that support the positive steps made to improve environment quality without penalizing America’s energy industry. In contrast to that, the Biden Administration’s agenda will have widespread negative ramifications that will destroy jobs, increase energy costs, and embolden our adversaries around the world:

The Cause:

  • Ended the Keystone XL Pipeline which cancelled 11,000 jobs sustained by the project
  • Issued a ban on new energy leasing and permitting on federal land which could eliminate up to 1,000,000 jobs and force the U.S. to rely on foreign nations for our energy. 

The Effects:

  • 159% increase in gas prices already over the last year. 
  • Americans struggling to find work and get by after the cancellation of energy projects
  • More Green New Deal-style spending plans to come that would further hurt Americans who rely on the energy industry while substantially increasing the federal government’s overall role in the economy. 

Instead of advancing the radical left’s extreme climate agenda which attempts to remake our entire economy in a socialist fantasy, President Biden should be working across the aisle with Republicans to find bipartisan solutions that help to strengthen our environment while simultaneously recognizing the important place that the energy industry has in our country.

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GET THE FACTS: Taxes & Spending

29 Apr

As the President talks about his legislative proposals this evening, the biggest takeaway should be about how much damage they will do to hardworking taxpayers and to our economy.

Instead of following the track record that created the strongest economy and lowest unemployment rate in generations prior to the pandemic, the President has proposed more than $6,000,000,000,000 in new spending and wants to raise taxes that will destroy jobs, undermine economic growth, and force the middle class to foot the bill:


  • Passed a $1,900,000,000,000 spending package that funded far-left priorities with only 9% of the bill going to COVID health
  • Proposed a more than $2,300,000,000,000 bill under the guise of “infrastructure,” even though just ~6% ($115B) of the bill goes to roads, bridges, and highways, while more money ($174B) goes to electric vehicles. 
  • Outlined a 1,800,000,000,000 plan this week that will dramatically expand the role and influence of the federal government in individual’s lives. 


  • Estimated to destroy up to 1,000,000 jobs over two years with plan to hike the corporate tax rate. 
  • Already signed into law $60,000,000,000 in new taxes since taking office.

With the economy continuing to come back from COVID-19, dramatically hiking spending levels and taxes will jeopardize the recovery. Unfortunately, the Biden Administration appears more focused on expanding the size and scope of the federal government to advance their far-left policies than pursuing the kind of responsible ideas that will help small businesses and American workers succeed.

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Republicans Want To Pass An Infrastructure Bill. Democrats Want To Pass An “Infrastructure” Bill.

14 Apr

There’s an important difference in the kind of infrastructure projects that Republicans support and the kind of “infrastructure” projects that Democrats support.

Republicans recognize the importance of providing funding for things like roads, bridges, highways, waterways, ports, airports, and for rural broadband.

Unfortunately, Democrats “infrastructure” plan focuses less on those common sense projects, and more on enacting Green New Deal style programs, offering giveaways to their political allies, and implementing dangerous tax hikes that will hurt the middle class and destroy jobs.

For Republicans, it’s about passing legislation that will strengthen our nation’s infrastructure. Democrats want to use the word “infrastructure” as a guise to push their dangerous policy agenda while claiming that everything is “infrastructure.”

If Democrats were willing to put that dangerous agenda aside and work to compromise on the things that both parties agree we need, there could be a bipartisan bill. Yesterday, Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Ranking Member Sam Graves and Highways and Transit Subcommittee Ranking Member Rodney Davis published a joint op-ed in Morning Consult detailing how Republicans are committed to finding common ground if Democrats are willing to meet halfway:

  • Morning Consult (Reps. Graves & Davis): “Bipartisanship on Infrastructure Is Possible Unless It’s ‘My Way or the Highway’”
    • Speaking from our experience, we can verify that reaching agreement remains possible. It simply requires a recognition from both sides that the other’s priorities must be considered in good faith, and a realization that nobody gets everything they want.
    • One is that we must be responsible with the taxpayers’ money. Over the last year, Congress has dedicated nearly $6 trillion to combating the COVID-19 pandemic and related impacts. Nobody questions that there was a unique need to act. However, no one should now question our concerns about potentially adding trillions more to our tab without finding ways to pay for it that won’t grow the deficit or implement the largest job-crushing tax increase in decades.
    • In addition, we cannot lose sight of what a highway bill should do: improve our critical transportation network. As such, any transportation bill we would support must prioritize core infrastructure, including fixing and building roads and bridges, and making this infrastructure more resilient. It cannot be a thinly veiled climate bill or another Green New Deal. Republicans can support a highway bill that helps reduce transportation’s impacts on the environment, but fundamentally it must still be a transportation bill.
    • We all share the goal of improving our infrastructure, so let’s work together on something that promotes broadly supported solutions rather than ideologically driven, one-size-fits-all policies.

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Biden’s Spending Will Go To Illegal Immigrants While Tax Hikes Will Destroy American Jobs

9 Apr

Democrats’ claimed their legislation that they rammed through Congress along party lines earlier this year was about COVID Relief, but just 9% of the bill actually addressed the health challenges the country has been facing, while the rest of it was geared towards Democrats’ political priorities.

Most notably, the law steered $350 billion for state and local governments, even though state revenues largely recovered and came in higher than expected. Now, Governor Andrew Cuomo and Democrat lawmakers in New York are taking this influx in revenue and doling it out to illegal immigrants:

These are congressional Democrats’ priorities. Instead of targeted COVID relief, they passed a nearly $2 trillion bill – money that future generations of Americans will ultimately have to pay for – so state governments could give checks to illegal immigrants.

At the same time, Democrats’ newest legislative push is now estimated to eliminate 1 million jobs for hardworking Americans according to a new study conducted by Rice University.

  • The Hill: “Business group’s study says corporate tax hike would cost 1M jobs”

And these tax hikes that will destroy jobs are being put in place not to pay for the kind of infrastructure spending members of both parties agree we need – since just 6% of President Biden’s plan actually funds those projects – but will fund Green New Deal ideas and big labor giveaways.

Spending for illegal immigrants while destroying jobs for hardworking Americans…that’s the Biden/Pelosi approach.

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New Data Debunks Biden Admin’s Claim That Migrant Surge is “Cyclical” Or “Seasonal”

9 Apr

New data released yesterday continues to debunk the Biden Administration’s claims that the surge in migrants flooding the border is “cyclical” or “seasonal,” and instead demonstrates that this crisis is happening because of the President’s rhetoric and policies.

Republicans on the House Homeland Security have put together another “startling stats” document that outlines how this data shows that there is no denying that President Biden has created a full-blown humanitarian and national security crisis at the southwest border. CBP’s March encounter numbers make it very clear the Biden Administration has lost complete control. We are seeing thousands of migrants crossing our border daily, with no sign of slowing down. It’s only April 2021, and we’ve already surpassed border encounters from the entirety of FY2020. As President Biden’s policies weaken the security of our southwest border, the cartels, criminals, smugglers, and coyotes are taking full advantage. The proof is in the numbers:

A further look inside these numbers show that 18,890 unaccompanied minors were taken into custody in March, a record quantity that overwhelmed U.S. shelter capacity and produced crisis-level crowding inside government border tents. The data also shows that President Biden was incorrect when he claimed that the “vast majority” of families are being expelled under Title 42, because just 33% of families were expelled under this provision.

When taken in conjunction with numbers from earlier this year, The New York Post reports that CBP “has already had more than 569,800 encounters this year, a 24 percent jump from the total encounters in fiscal year 2020 and a 34 percent increase from the same time frame during fiscal year 2019.”

On top of that, a Washington Post analysis found that the Biden Administration and the federal government is spending $60 million/week to shelter the record-level of unaccompanied minors that are in U.S. custody:

  • The Washington Post: “Biden administration spending $60 million per week to shelter unaccompanied minors”

The report goes on to say that those costs are “expected to rise significantly over the coming months,” in a sign that this crisis is only getting worse. Despite this, President Biden and Vice President Harris refuse to take this issue seriously or visit the border to see what’s happening for themselves:

Even DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ visit to the border yesterday was entirely closed to the press.

While the Administration ignores the crisis and tries to conceal it, a number of House Republicans continue to travel to the border to hear from border patrol agents about what’s unfolding and get a better sense of the situation. Republican Whip Steve Scalise previewed his visit to the border on Fox & Friends yesterday:

In addition, members of Republican Study Committee were in Eagle Pass, TX to learn more about the crisis unfolding:

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Everything Is “Infrastructure” According To Democrats

8 Apr

This tweet from Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says it all about Democrats’ “infrastructure” plan:

  • The Daily Caller: “Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Says The Quiet Part About Biden’s ‘Infrastructure’ Plan Out Loud”
  • Fox News: “Gillibrand mocked for calling child care, paid leave ‘infrastructure'”
  • NY Post: “‘Unicorns are infrastructure’: Sen. Gillibrand mocked for definition of Biden plan”

The reactions and responses have been widespread, but they all make an important point. The latest plan proposed by Democrats is not about “infrastructure.” It’s about their liberal priorities that will increase taxes, destroy jobs, weaken our economy, and hurt families:

They have included funding for Green New Deal programs, giveaways to big labor, and resources to support absurd liberal studies in this legislation under the guise of calling it “infrastructure.” This is despite the fact that less than 6% of this $2.3T bill actually funds the kind of surface transportation projects that members of both parties agree we need, while the vast majority of the bill is focused on Democrats’ dangerous policies.

  • Fox News: “Democrats, Biden push limits of infrastructure definition as fight over spending plan takes shape”
  • WashEx: “White House stands by expansive infrastructure definition used for spending bill”

Even White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein knows what “infrastructure” is and, more importantly, what it is not. While the Administration he’s a part of now tries to use the guise of infrastructure to pass a slew of far-left ideas, Klein acknowledged in 2017 that roads, bridges, and water systems are “the kind of things most Americans think about when they say we need more infrastructure spending”:

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Pelosi Defends Immigration Status Quo While Crisis Rages

8 Apr

There’s no question that the crisis unfolding on the border is real, it’s getting worse, and it’s happening because of President Biden’s policies. Illegal border crossings in March reached a 15-year high, nearly 19,000 unaccompanied minors were taken into custody, and the government does not have capacity to house all the children coming to the border.

Despite this, Speaker Pelosi actually claimed yesterday that the situation at the border is “on a good path,” and praised President Biden’s leadership.

Anyone who thinks the status quo at the border is working is not being an honest broker, and that includes President Biden and Speaker Pelosi.

This is a crisis caused by President Biden’s policies and rhetoric encouraging migrants to enter the country unlawfully.

For the Speaker to commend the President’s leadership and claim that the situation is “on a good path” – instead of acknowledging that it’s a crisis – demonstrates how irresponsible and unserious her party is about actually getting control of our borders.

After the CBP disclosed earlier this week that two Yemeni nationals who were on the FBI’s terrorist watchlist were arrested at the border trying to enter the country illegally, they announced yesterday that a documented MS-13 gang member was among a group of migrants arrested yesterday morning.

A number of Republicans have visited the border – something the President and Vice President have refused to do – in order to hear from law enforcement agents and get a better sense of the crisis unfolding:

  • Border Report: “GOP lawmakers declare ‘chaos’ at South Texas border, urge Vice President Harris to visit”

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