It’s Not Infrastructure Week, Because Democrats’ Plan Is Not About Infrastructure

5 Apr

The more that is learned about the policy outline put forward by President Biden last week, the clearer it is that the proposal is not about “infrastructure,” and is instead designed to raise taxes on the American people in order to pay for bad liberal ideas like the Green New Deal.

Republicans on the House Budget Committee have put together the following outline that spells out how little of this policy approach actually focuses on infrastructure, while highlighting the multiple provisions in the plan that attempt to advance their party’s dangerous, far-left agenda:

This legislation is so partisan and extreme that President Biden’s Energy Secretary admitted yesterday that congressional Democrats will likely pass it via reconciliation, bypassing any attempt to work with or negotiate with Republicans just days after an outline for proposal was introduced:

  • NY Post: “Energy secretary: Biden ready to push infrastructure plan without GOP support”

On top of this, both the Wall Street Journal and New York Post editorial boards explained today how the legislation is not really about infrastructure, and it spends more money trying to empower big labor groups than funding surface transportation projects:

  • WSJ (Editorial): “The SEIU as ‘Infrastructure’”
    • When is a $2.3 trillion infrastructure bill not really about infrastructure? How about when $400 billion would go to expand Medicaid payments for home healthcare, with much of that padding the rolls of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU)? That not-so-little detail is one of the line items the media don’t want to cover in President Biden’s latest spending blowout. Allow us to fill the information gap.
    • To further assist the SEIU, Mr. Biden has endorsed the House PRO Act that would eliminate the secret-ballot guarantee in union organizing elections and overturn state right-to-work laws that give private workers a choice of belonging to a union. This would make it easier to unionize home-care aides employed by private companies like adult day care centers.
    • Mr. Biden also wants Congress to “guarantee union and bargaining rights for public service workers.” This means states could be required to let the SEIU represent home-care workers as a condition for receiving federal home-care Medicaid funds. In other words, Mr. Biden’s $400 billion proposal is a political plan to use taxpayer funds to coerce states to expand the SEIU rolls with cash that will then flow back to elect more Democrats. Ah, the wonderfully elastic political uses of “infrastructure.”
  • NY Post (Editorial): “Biden ‘infrastructure’ plan spends more building unions than roads and bridges”
    • President Joe Biden — and his media allies — are touting his latest $2 trillion spending push as a plan to rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure. But the single-biggest line item has nothing to do with roads or bridges or even green-energy plants: It’s a ploy to vastly enlarge and unionize the ranks of home health-care aides.
    • Biden’s plan, unveiled in Pittsburgh last week, calls for $400 billion over eight years (a full fifth of the $2 trillion total) to create jobs and raise wages for these workers — while ensuring that they unionize.
    • Biden’s not joking when he says he aims to transform the nation — he’s just not leveling with the voters about what that transformation really means.

The above document from the Budget Committee and previous emails from Conference have pointed out that just $115B of the $2.3T bill is for building or improve roads, highways, bridges and other traditional public works, while only $42B is for airways, waterways, and ports. On top of the $400B to expand Medicaid to help big labor, $600B is allocated to advancing the dangerous principles outlined in the Green New Deal.

As more of the details emerge, the American people will increasingly recognize that this plan is not about “infrastructure,” and is instead focused on raising taxes and spending trillions on policies that will destroy jobs, hurt families, and weaken our country.

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New Data Shows How Serious The Biden Border Crisis Has Become

5 Apr

For weeks, the Biden Administration has turned a blind eye to the border crisis that their own policies have created. While the White House continues to downplay this situation and make false claims that surge of migrants flooding the border is “cyclical,” new data shows just how serious the crisis has become.

In March, unlawful border crossings reached their highest level in 15 years, as more than 171,000 migrants were taken into U.S. custody last month. This includes nearly 19,000 unaccompanied minors, which represents a 99% increase from February and a figure far above the previous one-month high of 11,861 in May 2019.

  • The Washington Post: “Border crossings in March jumped to highest level in 15 years, data shows”

These new numbers come after reports have detailed the significant overcrowding at government facilities along the southern border. Despite this, the Biden Administration refuses to take steps to solve this problem or slow the surge of migrants coming to the border. New estimates from the Customs and Border Protection find that 184,000 unaccompanied minors will reach the United States this year, which would nearly double the number of UACs who came to the border in 2019:

  • Fox News: “CBP projects 184,000 migrant children will cross border in fiscal year 2021”

Even while this situation continues to worsen, President Biden and Vice President Harris have not committed to visit the border and the Vice President’s staff has said that she is more focused on “diplomacy” efforts with Northern Triangle nations than solving the crisis currently unfolding. In an editorial published this morningThe Washington Examiner shows why President Biden is directly responsible for what’s taking place:

  • WashEx (Editorial): “Joe Biden’s border crisis”
    • Democrats and the liberal media are policing the words we should use to describe the absolute catastrophe we’re witnessing each day at the southern border. They don’t like “crisis” or “surge.” So, let us propose this description: Joe Biden’s fault.
    • But something else happened in 2020 — the Democratic presidential primary. During that show, each one of the party’s presidential candidates pledged to open the border and load anyone entering the country up with welfare and free healthcare. Biden joined in that choir. The hymn to open borders carried down to the Northern Triangle. Come one, come all.
    • He appointed his vice president to work once again with the governments of Mexico and Central America to control the swarms of people trying to enter the U.S. In other words, it’s back to what Trump had done. This is a problem that didn’t have to happen, but Biden brought it on the country anyway. Try as he may to blame it on his predecessor, the border crisis is his and his alone.

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Democrats & Their Allies Hypocritically Mischaracterize Georgia’s Election Integrity Law

5 Apr

In recent days, Democrat politicians, the media, and even private sector companies have attacked a new law passed in Georgia that actually expands voting opportunities to enfranchise more people while putting in place common sense safeguards to ensure integrity in our elections. This bad-faith misinformation has been led by President Biden, who absurdly claimed that the new law is “Jim Crow in the 21st Century,” and amplified by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Even a Fact Checker from The Washington Post gave President Biden “four Pinocchio’s” for claiming that the new law ends voting hours early, while New York Times report found that the law could actually expand turnout.

In a press conference on Saturday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, State Attorney General Chris Carr, and Congressman Drew Ferguson explained what the new is intended to do, how it actually expands ballot access compared to other states, and called out President Biden, his allies, and private sector organizations for deliberately mischaracterizing it:

GOVERNOR KEMP: In New York, they have 10 days of early voting. In Georgia, we have a minimum of 17, with two additional Sundays that are optional for all counties in our state. In New York, you have to have an excuse to vote by absentee. In Georgia, you can vote absentee for any reason and you can do it securely. It’s easier to vote in Georgia than it is in New York….The truth is that Joe Biden hasn’t read the bill and Stacey Abrams is raising millions off the fake outrage that she has created. Even the Washington Post has given president Biden four Pinocchios for his false attacks on our new law. Not to mention that his own home state of Delaware has no early voting and requires an excuse to vote absentee.


GOVERNOR KEMPBecause here’s the truth, SB 202 expands access to voting, secures ballot drop boxes around the clock in every county, expands weekends voting, protects no excuse absentee voting, and levels the playing field on voter ID requirements, as well as streamlining election procedures. And yes, water can be provided to voters that are in line by election workers. And yes, we are not going to allow political organizations or anyone else to harass or electioneer voters who are waiting in line to vote, within the 150 foot buffer. Those are the simple facts. Free and fair elections are the foundation of who we are as a state and a nation. Secure, accessible, fair elections are worth the threats. They are worth the boycotts, as well as the lawsuits.

ATTORNEY GENERAL CARRAnybody who actually reads this bill quickly sees that it strengthens security, expands access, and improves transparency in Georgia’s elections.Again, anybody who actually reads this bill, sees how comparing it to the Jim Crow era, one of the most tragic periods in American history, where human beings were killed and truly were prevented from casting their ballot, is preposterous, irresponsible, and fundamentally wrong. We actually diminished the horrors of Jim Crow when we compare the unjustifiable abuses of those times with a photo ID requirement that applies equally to everyone, to expanded voting hours across the state, and to the assurance that the public has access to our electoral process. But that’s exactly what Stacey Abrams, Joe Biden, Raphael Warnock, Jon Ossoff, and so many others have shamefully been doing over the past several weeks.

CONGRESSMAN FERGUSONWe will win this argument based on the facts, not on the false narrative perpetrated by the far left. This is about making sure that every single American has the right to vote and to choose their own future in this country. If these laws go through, you will lose your individualism, you will lose your ability to make a living, you will lose your personal freedoms. We have to stand up against this, and I am proud to stand here with these brave men and women, with our Governor, and our Attorney General to say no more. We will win this battle.

Despite these facts, companies from Delta to Coca-Cola to Major League Baseball have criticized the law, and the MLB even moved the All-Star Game out of Atlanta, depriving the city and the state of key economic activity. Georgia Rep. Buddy Carter labeled this decision “absolutely pathetic,” and criticized the MLB for caving to the lies of the political left.

The hypocrisy of these Democrats and companies attacking the law or taking action to punish the state of Georgia for it is especially rich considering their stance when it comes to taking on China:

  • Fox News: “MLB boycotts Georgia, signs new deal with Chinese firm that dropped NBA over exec’s Hong Kong support”
  • Fox Business: “Companies ripping Georgia do business in China, silent on human rights violations”

On Friday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was stumped when asked why the President supported moving the MLB All-Star Game out of Atlanta, but had not called for a boycott for the 2022 Olympic games in Beijing:

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Biden’s Historic Tax Hikes Don’t Even Fund Infrastructure Projects

2 Apr

As expected, President Biden detailed a plan earlier this week to implement what may be the largest tax increase in American history to pay for Green New Deal spending. It should be a nonstarter in Congress.

Just 5% ($115B) of the $2.3T outline would actually go to build or improve roads, highways, bridges and other traditional public works, while only 2% ($42B) is for airways, waterways, and ports. Meanwhile, over $600B is devoted for the kind of Green New Deal programs that will eliminate jobs, destroy our energy industry, and hurt families. The Wall Street Journal editorial board provided a detailed breakdown of the misguided spending priorities of this outline:

Compounding the pain families will feel due to this free-wheeling spending on far-left priorities is the fact that the proposal includes $1.8 trillion in tax increases that are estimated to eliminate over 150,000 jobs and will take money from middle-class Americans at a time when our economy is still recovering. In addition to their above piece, The WSJ ed board also put into perspective how dangerous a historic tax hike of this magnitude would be:

Following President Biden’s speech, Republicans quickly condemned the outline of his plan. Instead of detailing a proposal that focuses on passing bipartisan infrastructure legislation that both parties agree is needed, his approach represents a Trojan horse, using the “infrastructure” label as the means to pass the largest tax increases in history and enact the goals of the Green New Deal. See below for more on some of the absurd spending included in this plan:

  • $174B in subsidies for electric vehicles
  • $213B in subsidies for retrofitting homes
  • $10B to create a “civilian climate corp”
  • $20B to advance racial equality and environmental justice
  • $100B to, in part, make school lunches greener

This proposal is not about infrastructure. It’s not about creating jobs. It’s another example of Democrats using an issue to advance their disastrous policies. After spending just 9% of their nearly $2T bill on COVID relief, it’s no surprise that they would focus only 5% of a $2.3T proposal on the kind of real infrastructure projects the country needs, while using billions of dollars in taxpayer money to fund their liberal priorities. Increasing taxes on middle class Americans only makes things worse, and demonstrates why the policy agenda from President Biden and congressional Democrats is so bad for the American people.

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Republicans Continue To Highlight Devastating Crisis At Southern Border Due To Biden Admin’s Policies

2 Apr

Republicans continue to highlight the devastating crisis unfolding on the southern border due to President Biden’s policies. In one shocking video, Rep. Chip Roy actually encountered a group of lost migrants along the southern border who were looking for border patrol agents because they knew that had they found those agents, they would be allowed to enter the United States:

  • Breitbart: “EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Rep. Chip Roy Finds Group of Lost Migrant Teens at Texas Border”

The Associated Press reported yesterday that migrants who are caught are continuing to be released into the United States without court dates, which essentially allows for open borders:

  • AP: “Migrants freed without court notice — sometimes no paperwork”

The Biden Administration still has not taken any serious steps to address the crisis or reverse their policies that created it in the first place. More than a week after he designated Vice President Harris to spearhead the federal government’s response efforts to the crisis, she has not answered any questions and her team has claimed that she is only responsible for “diplomatic” efforts between the United States, Mexico, and Northern Triangle countries.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration still is doing its best to conceal the overcrowded conditions at the border. The Department of Health and Human Services announced this week that they were opening a 10th influx facility to hold unaccompanied minors and many of the facilities that are many times over capacity are holding COVID-positive migrants.

Leader McCarthy released a video yesterday detailing how the Biden Administration refused to allow media transparency into these facilities for weeks and weeks in an effort to hide how the crisis was growing out of control:

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White House Continues To Turn Blind Eye To The Border Crisis As It Worsens

31 Mar

The crisis unfolding at the border continues to get worse because of the Biden Administration’s policies. They refuse to secure the border and as a result, more migrants and unaccompanied minors are illegally entering our country, creating a crisis situation.

  • CNN: Highest number of migrant children in border facilities since government started releasing data
  • WashEx: “Twice as many children are in Border Patrol custody under Biden than Trump peak in 2019”

A number of House Republicans visited the border yesterday and explained why President Biden is responsible for this crisis, and how it could be solved if the Administration was willing to reimplement the kind of security mechanisms we need along the southern border. Instead, they falsely claim that the surge is “cyclical,” argue that the solution is sending billions in taxpayer-money to Northern Triangle countries that we know won’t solve the problem, and refuse to visit the border to see the crisis for themselves.

If they were to visit, President Biden and Vice President Harris would see appalling inhumane and overcrowded conditions. After denying the media access to these facilities for weeks, new images and details reveal that – despite the Biden Administration’s best efforts to turn a blind eye to this crisis – the situation is dire:

  • CBS News: “Inside a Border Patrol migrant holding facility at 16 times its capacity”

  • WashEx: “Extreme overcrowding: Border Patrol tent in Donna, Texas, holding 5,700 migrants despite 250-person capacity”
  • Townhall: “EXCLUSIVE: More Photos Released of Overcrowded Conditions at Migrant CBP Facility In Texas”

For more on this entire crisis, Republicans on the Homeland Security have compiled a third edition of their “startling stats” document with important information:

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Job-Destroying Tax Hikes To Pay For Green New Deal Spending

31 Mar

Later today, President Biden will outline legislation that he and his Democrat colleagues claim is about creating jobs and rebuilding our infrastructure. In reality, this plan would increase taxes on hard working Americans, destroy jobs, and spend dangerously high levels of money to fund Green New Deal-style projects.

Hugh Hewitt indicated this morning that President Biden plans to propose the largest tax hike in history, as his framework may call for increasing revenues to the government by more than $3 trillion, according to The Washington Post

The proposal will raise taxes in a number of areas, departing from the successful policies included in the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act that reduced unemployment to historic lows and led to the creation of one of the strongest economy’s our country has ever seen. While Democrats will argue that increasing the corporate tax rate, hiking the capital gains tax, and increasing certain individual tax brackets will only affect the wealthy, there’s no doubt that the middle class will ultimately be on the hook to pay for this mammoth amount of spending:

  • WashEx (Editorial): “Biden’s tax hikes are coming for the middle class”
    • The Tax Foundation estimates that Biden’s corporate tax hike would slash 159,000 jobs and that an average 0.7% wage reduction would harm the bottom quintile of workers, who would see a 1.45% decrease in after-tax income. Prices would likely go up, and retirement accounts would be smaller than otherwise. That’s a middle-class tax hike.
    • Perhaps he could win in a debate over whether his middle-class tax hikes present and future are a fair trade-off for his spending. But Biden doesn’t want that debate. He can’t admit that he’s taxing anyone but the rich. So, he continues in the falsehood that he’s only taxing the over-$400,000 crowd. We know that’s not true. He knows that’s not true. It’s time Biden admitted he’s raising taxes on the middle class.

Republicans on the House Ways & Means Committee have already shared information about the damaging impact of these potential tax hikes, and spelled out additional details on how the ~$2T-$3T in tax hikes included in this new plan would be bad for the nation:

Democrats refuse to provide job creation estimates in their so-called jobs plan.

  • Despite over 70 instances of the word “jobs” in President Biden’s “jobs plan,” Democrats provide no estimates for jobs they would create.
  • Democrats have yet to respond to a letter by Republicans in early February seeking an estimate for jobs that would result from their “stimulus” bill.

Democrats’ tax hikes will hurt American workers.

  • Ordinary Americans will shoulder a significant portion of Biden’s corporate tax hike. There’s no hiding the fact that this tax hike will take a bite out of Americans’ paycheck.
  • Nonpartisan congressional budget scorekeepers estimate that workers will bear about 25 percent of the Biden tax increase, while other economic experts put that share much higher, at 50 percent, or even 70 percent.
  • Even workers in the bottom 20 percent of earners would on average see a cut in paychecks in the long run.

Democrats’ tax hikes mean lower wages and less growth.

  • According to the Tax Foundation, Biden’s corporate rate increase alone will eliminate 159,000 jobs and reduce wages by 0.7 percent.
  • Biden’s tax hike to 28 percent, in addition to state taxes, would drag the United States back to having the highest combined corporate tax rate in the developed world, 9 percentage points higher than the average of developed nations.
  • This could reduce our economic growth by 0.8% and the capital stock by 2.1 percent.

Democrats’ tax hikes mean your utility bills will jump.

Democrats’ tax hikes target small businesses. 

  • Nearly 1 million small businesses in our country are organized as “C corporations.” Biden’s proposal would increase their tax rate by 33 percent, at a time when many small businesses are struggling to recover from the pandemic.
  • Many other American small businesses pay taxes as individuals, so Democrats’ forthcoming individual tax increases will ensure that no small business is exempt from Biden’s tax hikes.

Democrats’ tax hikes will send jobs and businesses overseas.

  • Under our prior broken tax code, hundreds of billions of dollars and hundreds of companies each year fled to foreign countries.
  • Republicans’ 2017 tax reform reversed that trend, bringing back companies and foreign earnings to be invested in the U.S.
  • President Biden’s corporate tax proposal would turn back the clock and forfeit those gains.

Democrats want to make American companies pay higher taxes than their foreign-based competitors.

  • In addition to giving the United States the highest combined corporate rate in the developed world, Biden wants to impose an uncompetitive minimum tax on American companies.
  • America is the only country that now sets a minimum tax on the foreign earnings of domestic companies—now President Biden wants every country to impose such a tax, in exchange for his promise to keep the U.S. minimum tax higher than other countries.
  • President Biden is promising to make American companies and workers uncompetitive.

Democrats think America should tax businesses at a higher rate than Communist China.

  • China has a corporate tax rate of 25 percent, whereas President Biden wants to increase the American corporate tax rate from 21 percent to 28 percent.

Additional Democrat tax hikes will go after family farms, restaurants, and other small businesses.

  • President Biden is proposing heaping more taxes onto family businesses by adding a second Death Tax that will increase paperwork and costs.

Democrats will also be seeking special tax breaks for the wealthy.

  • Democrats are more willing to commit to numbers of electric vehicle charging stations than to estimating jobs created with $174 billion in electric vehicle subsidies for the wealthy.
  • Some Democrats are digging in their heels and saying they won’t support the bill without $80 billion per year in special giveaways to the wealthy living in high-tax states—at a moment in which Democrats are attempting to prevent states from lowering taxes.

Democrats plan to ding people with retirement accounts.

The New York Post Editorial Board excoriated Biden’s plan to drop $4T in new spending on top of the nearly $2T that Democrats just rammed through on a party line vote, and outlined the economic consequences the country could face as a result of this legislation:

  • NY Post (Editorial): “Biden’s insane new spend-fest is a recipe for national disaster”
    • Fresh off signing a $1.9 trillion bill for “COVID relief” (that has little to do with COVID or relief), the prez is now set to roll out yet another tranche of his free-money orgy Wednesday. It’s so huge, he’s splitting it into two parts — one focusing on infrastructure, a second on progressive, social-policy wish-list items.
    • And to help this massive spending, Biden will slam taxpayers with trillions more in taxes, particularly on companies and the rich. That’s guaranteed to slow the economy, leading to income stagnation for lower earners, just as President Donald Trump’s tax cuts prompted big gains for working stiffs.
    • The voters did not remotely ask for anything like this; most just wanted Trump gone. And they certainly don’t deserve the damage it will do to the nation. Yet Democrats will aim to ram it through with whatever tricks are needed — unless their moderates rise up to rein in their suddenly radical leader.

Even the original co-sponsors of the Green New Deal openly admit that this bill, which could cost upward of $4 trillion, is designed to fulfill their pie-in-the-sky fantasies that will dramatically increase government’s role in our economy and eliminate millions of jobs:

This proposal is yet another example of President Biden going back on his word to seek bipartisanship and attempt to unify the nation. Just like with the Payoff to Progressives, Democrats did not incorporate any input or ideas from Republicans in this Green New Deal bill and the composition of it makes it clear that they are more focused on forcing through their bad policy agenda than working in a responsible way to help the nation.

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Democrats’ Election Steal Efforts Move Forward

31 Mar

Despite outcry from editorial boards in Iowa’s Second Congressional District and across the country, on top of vocal opposition from even her own members, Speaker Pelosi continues to move forward with her effort to overturn the race won by Rep. Marinette Miller-Meeks in November.

Earlier this week, Leader McCarthy sent the following letter to Speaker Pelosi, urging her to put her faith in our democracy and to dismiss the partisan attempt to steal Congresswoman Miller-Meeks’ seat in Congress:

That letter came the same day that the state of Iowa’s Secretary of State also sent a letter to the Speaker asking her to respect Iowa’s bipartisan recount process and state-certified election results:

In their latest war room email highlighting Democrats’ attempts to steal this election, Republicans on the House Administration Committee shared some new relevant information and provided several key updates. A portion of the email is included below and all of the details can be seen here:

Top 3 Things to Know this Week

  • The fix is in! D.C. attorney Marc Elias represents Rita Hart and half of the Democrats on the Committee (the judges) at the same time, a major conflict of interest specifically prohibited by attorney ethics rules. Elias has proven that he cannot be trusted to proceed fairly or honestly in this contest, and his relationships with half of the Democrat judges raise serious concerns about their impartiality.
  • Democrats are making up the rules as they go along. Hart continues to call on the Committee to “depart” from Iowa law and to invent election rules to guarantee her victory. This would disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of lawful voters.
  • Democrats are denying due process. Hart and Elias again attempt to force Congresswoman Miller-Meeks to prove she won her seat, even though she holds an election certificate from Iowa. Even worse, they would deny the Congresswoman the opportunity to conduct any meaningful discovery or to cross-examine Hart’s witnesses, asking the Committee simply to accept all of Hart’s “evidence” as unchallenged fact.

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White House Continues To Defend Failed Border Response

29 Mar

In two different interviews yesterday, both White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki were both pressed about the Administration’s failed response to the border crisis. Bedingfield continued to perpetuate the false claim that the surge in migrants flooding the border is “cyclical,” while Psaki argued that border is “closed,” and defended the lack of media transparency:

  •  ABC News: “Kate Bedingfield calls migrant surge a ‘cyclical issue'”
  • The New York Post: “White House aide downplays migrant surge as normal springtime rise”
  • Breitbart: “W.H. Comms Dir. Bedingfield: Migrant Surge at Border a ‘Cyclical Issue’”
  • Fox News: “Chris Wallace rips Psaki for not allowing reporters at the southern border”
  • Townhall: “Press Sec. Jen Psaki Claims Admin. ‘Absolutely Committed to Transparency’ Despite Media Blackout”
  • The Blaze: “Chris Wallace blasts Jen Psaki over border crisis, media blackout: ‘Less transparent than Trump'”

The White House’s talking point that the surge in migrants is cyclical has been repeatedly debunked. The data from the CBP shows that illegal border crossings in February, 2021 increased 173% from February, 2020 and they have increased 28% from January, 2021 when President Biden signed executive orders that eliminated border security policies. On top of that, the Administration has said that they expected the number of unaccompanied minors coming to the southern border to dramatically increase in the coming weeks and months:

  • WSJ: “Border Crossings by Migrant Children to Rise Sharply, U.S. Estimates Show”
  • WaPo: “Family groups crossing border in soaring numbers point to next phase of crisis”
  • CNN: “Number of migrant children in federal custody jumps by nearly a thousand in one day”
  • Axios: “Scoop: Kids’ border surge expected to last 7+ months”

Until this month, the previous record of unaccompanied children crossing the border was 11,475 in May, 2019. While the February, 2021 total was over 16,000, the CBP projects that number could spike to as high as 26,000 in the coming months.

Already, more than 18,000 immigrant children are in government custody, with roughly 12,500 of them in child shelters and another 5,500 are being held in temporary Border Patrol holding facilities waiting to be transferred to shelters. This comes as new photos and videos reveal the overcrowded conditions along the border, despite the Administration’s best efforts to impose a media blackout.

We know that the some of these migrants are being released without court dates, including ones who have tested positive for COVID-19, and The Wall Street Journal reports that the Administration is planning to continue releasing children before their sponsors’ background checks have been completed.

What’s clear is that the number of migrants coming to the border is only going to increase, and that is a direct result of President Biden’s rhetoric and policies. Parents of these migrants have said that they are sending their children to the border because they heard President Biden say that they will not be deported or turned away, and the executive orders he has signed will weaken our border security and encourage more people to unlawfully attempt to enter the United States.

Instead of reversing these bad policies, the Biden Administration’s only proposed solution, which Kate Bedingfield reiterated this weekend, is to send more money to – possibly billions – to the Northern Triangle countries to purportedly stop the “root causes” of this migration. However, this Marshall Plan for Central America will only waste more American tax dollars, will take years to actually make an impact, and won’t stop the ongoing crisis. On top of those points, recent reports show that dumping huge sums of taxpayer-money into these countries with no accountability or safeguards does nothing stop or slow illegal immigration.

In an editorial published this weekend, The New York Post outlined not only how the Biden Administration is deliberately misleading the country about the border crisis, but also explained why their policies are responsible for the crisis in the first place:

  • NY Post (Editorial): “Everything Biden and his top people are saying about the border is a bald-faced lie”

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The Administration Promises Tax Hikes On All Americans To Pay For Their Green New Deal Agenda

29 Mar

We know several basic facts about the Administration’s latest legislative push:

  • It is not about “infrastructure.” It’s about funding the Green New Deal and other far-left priorities. Even Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Markey – who sponsored the Green New Deal – have admitted as much.
  • It could cost as much as 3,000,000,000,000, which comes on top of the nearly 2,000,000,000,000 the Administration just spent on their wishlist that had nothing to do with providing COVID relief.
  • It will hurt hardworking Americans by raising their taxes. The Administration may claim that these tax hikes will only be on corporations and the wealthy, but middle-class Americans will ultimately be forced to pay for these increases. On top of that, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttiegieg acknowledged that the Administration plans to tax drivers by the mile to pay for these dangerous policies:

In response to this revealing comment from Secretary Buttigieg, Republicans on the House Ways & Means Committee detailed how this proposal would devastate middle-class Americans. In addition, Republicans on the Committee held a hearing with former CBO Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin. Finally, Ways & Means Republicans also circulated pushback that debunks the false claims made by President Biden during his press conference about the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act.

Instead of working across the aisle to build on the success Republicans have had in helping middle class Americans and grow our country’s economy, the Biden Administration appears focused on pursuing policies that will take money away from these families to pay for a dangerous policy agenda that will destroy jobs and weaken our country.

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