Volocopter awarded key designation by European aviation safety regulator

9 Dec

Electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft maker Volocotper has received a Design Organization Approval (DOA) from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). This is basically a recognition by the EU that the processes Volocopter has in place in developing and building its aircraft are of a high enough standard that it can expedite […]

Max Q: SpaceX and Rocket Lab launch rockets and X-Wings take flight

9 Dec

Sign up here to receive Max Q weekly in your inbox, starting December 15. This week saw a ton of activity in the space industry, with multiple launches, key preparations for commercial crew missions, robots and much more. Besides all the real space news, there’s also some extreme fan service for Star Wars lovers, courtesy […]

This Lego Cybertruck is one even Elon can love

6 Dec

Lego already debuted its own take on the divisive Tesla Cybertruck design, but theirs was purely for the lols. This Lego Cybertruck, however, submitted to the official Lego Ideas crowdsourcing website, is actually a remarkably faithful representation, and comes completely with fully articulating tailgate and ‘frunk’ (front truck, for the uninitiated). The design, by Lego […]

Rocket Lab launches 10th Electron mission with successful rocket booster re-entry

6 Dec

Rocket Lab launched its 10th Electron spacecraft on Friday morning, successfully delivering payloads for clients Spaceflight and Alba Orbital. The launch company also had an important secondary mission for this launch: Testing out the guidance, control and navigation systems of their first stage rocket recovery system. Rocket Lab announced earlier this year that it would […]

Einride to launch commercial pilot of driverless electric pods with Coca-Cola European Partners

5 Dec

Autonomous robotic road-riding cargo pod startup Einride has signed a new partner for a commercial pilot on Sweden’s roads, which should be a great test of the company’s electric driverless transportation pods. Einride will be providing service for Coca-Cola European Partners, which is the official authorized bottler, distributor, sales and marketing company for Coca-Cola branded […]

SpaceX nears milestone on key crew launch system test

5 Dec

SpaceX is keeping relatively close to schedule on one of the bold timelines pronounced by its CEO Elon Musk – an unusual but welcome twist from the company’s track record of sticking to its predicted timelines. Specifically, SpaceX notes that it has now completed seven system tests of the latest, upgraded version of the parachutes […]

Watch SpaceX launch a new ‘robot hotel’ and more to the Space Station live

5 Dec

It’s take two for SpaceX’s CRS-19 mission, the 19th Commercial Resupply Mission (see how that works?) it’s flying under contract with NASA. The goal of these missions is to ferry supplies, experimental materials and other equipment to the International Space Station, where it’ll be unloaded by the astronauts living and working aboard the orbiting research […]

Watch SpaceX launch a twice-flown Dragon capsule to the ISS live

4 Dec

SpaceX is set to launch its 19th Commercial Resupply Mission (CRS) for the International Space Station today, with a liftoff time scheduled for 12:51 PM EST (9:51 AM EST). The launch will take off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, and will use a Dragon cargo capsule that SpaceX has already flown twice […]

OrbitsEdge partners with HPE on orbital datacenter computing and analytics

3 Dec

What kinds of businesses might be able to operate in space? Well datacenter are one potential target you might not have thought of. Space provides an interesting environment for datacenter operations, including advanced analytics operations and even artificial intelligence, due in part to the excellent cooling conditions and reasonable access to renewable power supply (solar). […]

Portag3 Ventures closes $320 million second fund focused on fintech investment

3 Dec

Canadian venture capital firm Portag3 Ventures has closed a second fund focused on investing in fintech startup, with final commitments from institutional and strategic LPs totally $427 million CAD (around $320 million USD). The fund will before costing on early stage investments, and it’ll look to invest in companies globally, but with a particularly focus […]

Ikea is helping to redesign simulated Mars habitats

2 Dec

Ikea believes its approach to making small spaces more liveable applies even on other planets: The company has been working with an Earth-based research facility that is meant to mimic what a Mars habitat would be like, according to Fast Company. Originally, Ikea sent a designer to the station to seek out inspiration for creating […]

Gift Guide: For the budding video creator

29 Nov

If you’re interested in cameras and taking pictures, you should definitely check out our 2019 Photography Gift Guide, but if you’re specifically looking to encourage a developing creator who wants to work with video on their preferred platform of choice, be it YouTube, TikTok, Instagram or any other, you’ve come to the right place. From […]