Why conservatism is doomed

9 Mar

I had mixed feelings about the election result last December. On the one hand, I wouldn’t be working on a collective farm along with all the other useless intellectuals who had displeased our new communist masters. On the other, I had a book coming out arguing that conservatism was doomed, and here they were, winning […]

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Why are kids’ books universally woke?

6 Mar

When I was a child and was dragged along to church against my will, I would occasionally fight the boredom by reading the small picture books they had lying around. They told the stories of the saints of the Catholic Church. It wasn’t quite The X-Men, but reading about St Patrick banishing the snakes or […]

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Will coronavirus change the world?

28 Feb

Over the course of that anxious year, London’s Italian community began to develop a worried and then alarmed turn of mind. Rumours of a contagion back home began to spread in the early spring; there were stories about people dropping dead in the street, whole families wiped out, sons deserting dying fathers and fathers their […]

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