The WHO has failed us again

1 Apr

Like many doctors, Bruce Aylward has been working tirelessly since this coronavirus started its rampage around the planet, although his job takes him away from the medical frontline filled with patients fighting for life. The Canadian physician, a trained epidemiologist, is one of the most influential officials in global efforts to beat this pandemic through […]

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China is not the hero in this darkest hour

23 Mar

First came the virus — a parasitic germ so small that it cannot be seen by an optical microscope but so powerful that it is threatening the entire world order. It emerged in China at the end of last year, spread rapidly to Iran and Italy, and now sparks pandemonium across the planet. It has […]

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Mexico’s bloody drugs mess

16 Mar

The early morning raids were carefully calibrated. Teams of heavily-armed agents donned protective gear in the darkness, then struck at homes in California, Texas and New Jersey using battering rams and bolt cutters. Those analysts watching on screens at the federal command centre in northern Virginia saw scores of gangsters rounded up, along with huge […]

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Where the American Dream goes to die

2 Mar

For a few years at the start of this century, Juan Nevarez tasted the American dream. Having moved a few miles across the border from Tijuana when he was nine-years old, his close-knit family of Mexican migrants slogged away to make a better life for themselves. They were working people: his dad was a welder, […]

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