Is Covid bankrupting Trump?

3 Apr

It was a question from the CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour that allowed Michael Bloomberg, the former New York mayor, his one and only fist-bump, slap-down moment before his bid to win the Democratic presidential nomination fizzled to expensive nothingness. She asked: “Do we need yet another billionaire in the race?” He replied: “Who is the […]

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Joe Biden has blown it already

27 Mar

Let us be frank: the bar is not high. “Live from the Court of the Mad King!” is how the former Bush speechwriter David Frum introduces his tweets on presidential press conferences. Others are less kind. The word ‘deranged’ is used frequently by opponents. Some Americans have moved beyond political distaste. They are simply frightened […]

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America can’t cope with coronavirus

19 Mar

I wish it were not the case but it is: I have an intimate knowledge of the US healthcare system. Back in 2008, on a sun-dappled December day in Washington DC, we took my 9-year-old son to the doctor: he’d been losing weight and seemed out of sorts. Everything changed for him that day and […]

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The hypocrisy of billionaire bashing

11 Mar

We all know there’s a useful rule to follow when we think we have solved a problem in maths: does the answer look roughly right? Does it have a ball-park common-sense robustness about it? If it looks screwy — I owe how much to HMRC? — it’s often worth searching for a misplaced zero. But […]

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