IN ALL 50 STATES: Dems Fight for Choice as GOP Pushes Abortion Bans

1 Jul

In the week since the Supreme Court issued its decision overturning Roe v. Wade, Democratic state parties, local elected officials, Democratic candidates and health care advocates and providers across the country have been calling out Republicans for their efforts to ban abortion – even in cases of rape and incest – while Democratic governors and lawmakers are taking decisive action to protect Americans’ right to make their own health care decisions.

Here’s a look at local coverage from all 50 states on how Democrats are defending choice and blasting Republicans for their efforts to outlaw abortion and take away Americans’ rights:

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IN THE STATES: As GOP Works to Ban Abortion, Dems Defend Choice

1 Jul

In the states this week, the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade has initiated a number of  unpopular GOP-led trigger laws and abortion restrictions that are making their way through state legislatures. As Republicans move quickly to ban abortion in the states, Democrats at every level — from the statehouse to the courthouse — are fighting to defend choice. 

Earlier this week, the DNC released a digital ad that calls out Republicans’ plans to ban abortion nationally, generating local coverage nationwide. 

Meanwhile, Democrats are mobilizing across the country to stand up against abortion bans — holding Republicans accountable for their decades-long campaign to strip Americans’ of their right to choose. 

It has only been a week since Roe v. Wade was overturned and Republicans are already pushing their extreme, anti-choice agenda even further — and they aren’t holding back on how far they want to go. For MAGA Republicans, it is a race to be the most extreme as they make clear they’ll push to expand restrictions on reproductive health care.

And while MAGA Republicans continue to push their abortion bans to dangerous extremes, Democrats– from governors, to attorneys general, to local prosecutors, and more – are fighting to maintain access to care, vowing to push back against restrictions, and creating legislation to protect the right to choose. 

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DNC on Supreme Court Decision in West Virginia v. EPA

30 Jun

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison issued the following statement in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling in West Virginia v. EPA:

The Court’s decision today privileges profit and pollution over the ability of the EPA to fight climate change and protect people’s health. It is another extremist decision from a far-right majority intent on setting our nation back decades.

Despite the Court’s ruling, the Biden-Harris administration and Democrats across the country remain committed to fighting climate change and we will continue to use every tool available to ensure a safe, livable future for generations to come.

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ICYMI: DNC Launches Ads Highlighting GOP Plans to Ban Abortion

30 Jun

In case you missed it, the Democratic National Committee launched new digital ads this morning in battleground states highlighting Republicans’ plans to escalate attacks on abortion rights after their decades-long war to overturn Roe v Wade. The ads come as Republicans in some states have implemented abortion bans with no exceptions for rape or incest and federal Republican lawmakers are making clear that if they gain power, they could work to ban abortion nationally.

See some coverage of the ads nationally and in the states where they’re airing:

National: The Hill: DNC launches digital ad campaign hitting Republicans on abortion

  • “The ad buy will target 18 to 55-year-old women on Facebook and YouTube in a number of battleground states. The ad cites comment​s from former Vice President Mike Pence, Senate Minority Mitch McConnell (R-K.Y.), and House Minority Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) suggesting they would be in favor of a nationwide abortion ban.”

Arizona: AZ Mirror: Dems: Republicans won’t stop at overturning Roe if they win in 2022

  • “In order to detail what the DNC says is a ‘wildly out of touch … dangerous and deadly’ agenda from Republicans, the party on Wednesday began a week-long ad blitz on Facebook and YouTube focusing on GOP zeal for a national abortion ban.”

Florida: Florida Politics: National Democrats target Florida voters with abortion-themed ad buy

  • “‘Now that Republicans have succeeded in their decades-long war to overturn Roe v. Wade, they’re telling voters what they have planned next: banning abortion across the country,’ said DNC States Communications Director Brooke Goren.”

Georgia: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: The Jolt: Democrats’ new ad warns: Republicans won’t stop until abortion is banned.

  • “Republicans aren’t done yet. That’s the message from the Democratic National Committee that will greet many Georgia voters in a new digital ad blitz unveiled this morning. The 30-second spot is part of the DNC’s ‘MAGA Hot Mic’ campaign to tie Republican officials to calls by anti-abortion advocates to pass an outright ban on abortions in the wake of the Supreme Court’s watershed ruling that reversed the Roe v. Wade decision.”

Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Capital-Star: ‘Believe Them’: In new Pa. ad, Dems warn GOP wants national abortion ban | Wednesday Morning Coffee

  • “‘Republicans aren’t stopping at overturning Roe,’ the 30-second spot paid for by the Democratic National Committee warns, after the voices and images of such senior Republicans as former Vice President Mike Pence, U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, of Kentucky, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, of California, play throughout. ‘They want to go further and ban abortion,’ the ad, which will run for a week on Facebook and YouTube, concludes. ‘Believe them.’”

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LOCAL HEADLINES: As GOP Pushes Abortion Bans, Dems Fight For Choice

30 Jun

Following the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade, Democratic state parties and local leaders across the country held events yesterday blasting Republicans for their decades-long campaign to strip Americans of their reproductive rights and ban abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. 
Here’s a look at what they’re reading in the states:
In Georgia: 

In Indiana:

In Michigan: 

In Nebraska:

In New Hampshire: 

In Pennsylvania:

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DNC On The Swearing In Of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

30 Jun

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison issued the following statement regarding the swearing in of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson:

“Today, history has been made. With her swearing in, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson becomes the first Black woman to serve as an associate justice on the Supreme Court. 

The Court will greatly benefit from the insight she will provide: as a Black woman, a public defender, and a judge who has served at the district and appellate levels and clerked at the Supreme Court. 

For over 200 years, the Court has heard cases that affect Black women — cases like Plessy v. Ferguson, Shelby County v. Holder, Dobbs. v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization — without the perspective of a Black woman. That changes now.

Judge Jackson has shown girls — especially girls of color — how big they can dream and just how profound an impact they can have on our nation. Her story is uniquely American. We are grateful to President Biden, Vice President Harris, and the senators who confirmed Justice Jackson’s nomination for helping build a government that looks like America.

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DNC on Stonewall Remembrance Day

28 Jun

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, DNC Secretary Jason Rae, and LGBTQ Caucus Chair Earl Fowlkes issued the following joint statement marking the 53rd anniversary of the Stonewall uprising:

Fifty-three years ago, queer and trans people, led by trans and lesbian women of color, took to the streets to protest years of oppression and injustice against the LGBTQ community. One year later, Pride was born and a long tradition of activism and fearless self-expression began.

Since then, LGBTQ advocates and organizers have fought hard for the equality and fundamental freedoms they deserve and Democrats stand proudly alongside in support. This Pride Month, President Biden once again took executive action to expand protections for vulnerable LGBTQ Americans and stand up for queer and trans kids against Republican attacks.

Democrats know that we need more inclusion and more acceptance — not less. In light of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and call other fundamental freedoms into question, it is more important than ever to stand up and organize for our rights. 

We will continue fighting alongside the LGBTQ movement to ensure that everyone can proudly be who they are and love who they love.

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DNC on the Anniversary of Obergefell v. Hodges

26 Jun

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, DNC Secretary Jason Rae, and LGBTQ Caucus Chair Earl Fowlkes issued the following joint statement marking the seventh anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decisions in Obergefell v. Hodges, the ninth anniversary of U.S. v. Windsor, and the 19th anniversary of Lawrence v. Texas:

Seven years ago, decades of fearless activism culminated in the Supreme Court’s landmark decision making marriage equality the law of the land. Today is also the anniversary of landmark victories in U.S. v. Windsor and Lawrence v. Texas — both cases that expanded rights for LGBTQ Americans.

Today, we honor those that have brought us this far and commit to carrying the fight for LGBTQ equality forward. We will not accept Republican efforts to turn back the clock. In light of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and call fundamental freedoms like marriage equality into question, let us be clear — we will not go back.

The Democratic Party will continue fighting to expand protections for the LGBTQ community and working to ensure equality is — and remains — the law of the land.

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WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: Democratic State Party Leaders on GOP Attacks on Reproductive Rights

25 Jun

Today’s Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade is the culmination of a decades-long, coordinated effort by Republicans across the country to roll back the clock on reproductive rights and restrict access to safe, legal abortions. As MAGA out-of-touch Republicans signal how much further they want to go to ban abortion without exceptions and make it a crime, Democratic leaders in every state are working to defend choice and hold them accountable at the ballot box in November. 

Here’s a look at what Democratic state party leaders across the country are saying about Republicans’ relentless attacks on access to safe, legal abortions:

  • In Alabama: “Because of laws passed by our Republican legislature, abortion services will likely be illegal in Alabama—a felony that could force doctors to face up to 99 years in prison for providing medical care to their patients, even in the case of rape… While the Supreme Court has turned back the clock back decades on our freedoms—Alabama Democrats still stand strongly for Alabamians’ freedom to make their own medical decisions – especially their right to abortion,” said Alabama Democrats Chair Rep. Chris England.
  • In Alaska: “In states across the country, MAGA Republican governors and state legislatures have already passed laws that would outlaw abortion, threaten doctors with prison time, and put women’s lives at risk. While, for now, a woman’s right to choose remains protected in the state of Alaska, extremist christian fundamentalists and radical MAGA Republicans seek an unnecessary, expensive and dangerous constitutional convention that would open up the entire state constitution for revisions on issues ranging from abortion, to guns, climate change, environmental regulations, gay marriage, and the PFD,” said Alaska Democratic Party Chairman Mike Wenstrup. 
  • In Arizona: “This decision is the result of the GOP’s dangerous, decades-long crusade to rip away reproductive rights, insert politicians into personal health care decisions, and ultimately, ban abortion entirely, even in cases of rape and incest… We know voters across the political spectrum are with us on this issue, and we are confident they will make their voices heard at the voting booth come November,” said Arizona Democratic Party Chair Raquel Terán.
  • In Arkansas: “The people of Arkansas know how bad this is. Not only does the overturning of Roe mean access to safe abortion will cease to exist in Arkansas, it means the state is granting new rights to rapists and violent sex offenders to force their victim to carry a rape-caused pregnancy to term. Arkansas is home to the second highest rape rate in the country, and for lawmakers to minimize the effect the trigger law will have on women who have been raped is outrageous,” said state Rep. Ashley Hudson (Little Rock).
  • In California: “In this moment of darkness, California will continue to be a beacon of hope to the rest of the Nation with leadership that is more important now than ever before. California will seek to enshrine the right to an abortion in the California Constitution and ensure continued access to an abortion for all. Today, we are reminded we must fight each and every day to protect and preserve our fundamental rights for the next generation—in our homes, on our jobs, in our communities, and at the ballot box. I remain committed to that fight. And I know you are too,” said California Democratic Party Chair Rusty Hicks. 
  • In Colorado: “Voters are getting just a taste of what Republicans do when they have the opportunity to wield power. They’ve burst the door wide open to a dangerous future in America where women will no longer have the power to make their own choice to get an abortion. Women and health care professionals can now be arrested, interrogated, prosecuted, and imprisoned in our country, and we need to be clear that people will die as a result of this decision. Republican control of the U.S. Senate will mean more justices who will curb personal freedoms, and we must do everything we can here in Colorado to ensure that we continue to elect pro-choice Democrats at every level,” said Colorado Democratic Party Chair Morgan Carroll.
  • In Connecticut: “The decision of the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade is a death sentence for women in Connecticut and across the country. Making abortion illegal doesn’t make it go away; it makes it more dangerous, and in many cases, deadly. For years Democrats have warned that elections have consequences. The stark reality is before us today and Republicans are directly responsible. Abortion will be on the ballot in November, and we will fight for candidates at every level of government who will make women’s reproductive rights a priority. For those of us who remember vividly when abortion was not legal, and those for whom choice has been a lifelong right, turning back the clock is not an option,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Chair Nancy DiNardo.
  • In Delaware: “Republicans have shown us where their priorities lie and it’s not with women. Make no mistake, their wishlist does not end with overturning Roe and scrapping the federal right to an abortion. If Republicans have their way they will restrict which Americans are able to vote, marry, and live comfortably in their own bodies. Rest assured that Delaware Democrats have always and will continue to defend the right to choose, even if the Supreme Court will not,” said Delaware Democratic Party Chair Betsy Maron.
  • In Florida: “Florida Republicans Marco Rubio and Ron DeSantis are focused on banning abortion and basic freedoms when they should be trying to improve our economy, ensure that every American can find a good paying job, and make health care more affordable. They support draconian bans on reproductive health care without exceptions when a woman’s life is in danger or for victims of rape and incest. Today’s decision gives them the power to compel their dangerous political agenda at every level, including a possible ban on the use of contraceptives,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz.
  • In Georgia: “Today’s devastating Supreme Court decision has paved the way for Republicans in many states to roll back the fundamental rights of women to have an abortion. With Roe v. Wade overturned, the Georgia GOP now has a clear path to enact their dangerous, unpopular anti-choice agenda that strips women of the right to make their own health care decisions. Make no mistake—with Roe v. Wade overturned, the midterm elections in Georgia have become a referendum on reproductive freedom,” said Democratic Party of Georgia Chair and Congresswoman Nikema Williams.
  • In Hawai‘i: “This infuriating decision will trigger laws in many states banning abortion and will open the door to a national abortion ban. The Democratic Party of Hawai‘i condemns this decision. The Supreme Court of the United States, packed by Republican Presidents who lost the popular vote, has now overturned generations of precedent sending women’s rights in this country back to the 1950s. Hawai‘i will not go back. We will continue to fight for women’s right to choose. Hawai‘i voters must come together to defend our laws which guarantee a woman’s right to choose,” said Chair of the Democratic Party of Hawai‘i Dennis Jung.
  • In Idaho:Roe v. Wade protected our state from the most extreme positions of its Republican lawmakers. Idahoans are losing this protection just as the Republican supermajority is becoming increasingly radicalized. The Idaho Republican Party platform seeks to completely eliminate access to abortion care, even in the tragic cases of rape and incest. We have seen Republican legislators bring bills that would put patients on trial for murder if they receive abortions. We must brace for more extreme measures to follow this ban… Idahoans can no longer rely on the courts to protect their rights. The only way we can win back our reproductive rights is by electing Democrats across the state,” said Idaho Democratic Party Chair Lauren Necochea.
  • In Illinois: “In states across the nation, this decision ends the right for millions of women to access safe reproductive health care. However, the right to safe, accessible abortion is still legal here in Illinois. Illinois Democrats have enacted some of the strongest reproductive health access laws of any state in the nation, and we will continue to serve as a haven for women across the Midwest and the country who need access to abortion,” said Democratic Party of Illinois Chair Rep. Robin Kelly.
  • In Indiana: “It is unclear how extreme the Indiana Republican Party will go, but politicians like U.S. Senator Todd Young and State Representative John Jacob have signed pledges they wish for the state to enact a total ban on abortions – even in the cases of rape, incest, or saving the life of the mother. Should the Republican Supermajority go as extreme as many of us believe, they will be fulfilling a national partisan agenda that only 17-percent of Hoosiers support in this state. So I ask Indiana Republicans today: Do they really want to pass a complete ban on abortion – including for cases of rape, incest, and protecting the life of the mother?” said Indiana Democrats Vice Chair Myla Eldridge.
  • In Iowa: “The majority of Iowans and Americans believe that abortion should be legal. Democrats in the U.S. House have voted multiple times to write the protections of Roe into law, but Republicans in the Senate block it every time. We must elect Iowa Democrats at every level of government in order to protect abortion rights. Kim Reynolds and Iowa Republicans will do everything in their power to outlaw abortion in our state. This fight is not over – and I’m proud to stand alongside the Iowans organizing for a future where our personal freedoms are protected,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Ross Wilburn.
  • In Kansas: “This decision makes it clear: The rights of Kansans to control their own reproductive healthcare decisions are under attack. Kansans don’t want more government mandates that infringe on their individual liberties. We will continue to fight for our freedom and against this political overreach,” said Kansas Democratic Party Chair Vicki Hiatt.
  • In Kentucky: “For years, Republican politicians have pushed cruel, extreme restrictions on a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, with no exceptions even for victims of rape and incest. Today, with Roe’s downfall, abortion is now illegal in Kentucky. This extreme ban rips away choice from those who already had the fewest options to begin with, or even none at all, including victims of violent crime,” said Kentucky Democratic Party Chair Colmon Elridge.
  • In Louisiana: “We are standing at this dark point in history as a result of elections. It is now up to our elected officials to codify the rights that have been stripped from us. The state of Louisiana and the entire country have elections in a few short months. There is still time to organize, register voters, and elect officials who will protect our rights. Let’s get to work!” said Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Katie Bernhardt.
  • In Maine: “We are fortunate in Maine to currently have a Governor in Janet Mills who is a passionate defender of abortion rights and a Democratically controlled legislature that will steadfastly protect those rights… Paul LePage and other anti-abortion Republicans on the ballot this November present the greatest threat to abortion rights in recent Maine history. We must re-elect Governor Mills and our Democratic majorities this November in order to protect the rights, safety, and future of not just Maine women but all Maine people,” said Maine Democratic Party Chair Drew Gattine.
  • In Maryland: “As Marylanders, as Americans, as women, and as human beings we are beyond disappointed in the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. This is a historically tragic decision that will have horrendous lingering effects for generations to come. It’s undeniable that this partisan decision is a culmination of decades of work by the Republican Party to deny a woman the right to make decisions about her own body and reproductive healthcare… If there’s ever a time to elect more Democratic leaders, this is it. Republicans have proven time and time again that ignorance is at the top of their ballot. We need representatives who protect a woman’s right to choose,” said Maryland Democratic Party Chair Yvette Lewis.
  • In Massachusetts: “Today’s news has sent shockwaves across our country and we, first and foremost, stand in unwavering solidarity with the women of Massachusetts and the United States. Massachusetts has some of the strongest reproductive equity laws in the nation and abortion remains legal in Massachusetts thanks to advocacy from local leaders and the actions of Democrats on Beacon Hill… What Republicans surely did not expect is the response this will mobilize in all 50 states. This is a dark day in America, but we will not be deterred in our pursuit to right this wrong. It is Democrats who will ensure we restore these protections and honor a person’s right to make decisions about their own body,” said Massachusetts State Democratic Party Chair Gus Bickford.
  • In Michigan: “Abortion services are health care, but now radical Republicans across the country will be emboldened by today’s Supreme Court decision to criminalize this service. It cannot be overstated that this horrifying decision from the Supreme Court is because of extremist Republicans like the ones in Michigan who are absolutely gleeful that the reproductive rights of millions of Americans have been overturned. The GOP’s decades-long, invasive attack on health care and abortion access has resulted in people no longer having control over their own bodies in the year 2022. […] Now more than ever, it’s critical that we re-elect Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Attorney General Dana Nessel, and a Democratic state legislature because those are the only entities standing in the way of extremist Republicans enforcing Michigan’s archaic, 1931 abortion ban, and passing legislation to further erode access to care,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes.
  • In Minnesota: “This Supreme Court’s ruling is a travesty of justice that will inflict tremendous suffering on countless people across America. With federal abortion protection gone, we know that Republicans are going to redouble their efforts to ban abortion in Minnesota, as Scott Jensen, Doug Wardlow, and Jim Schultz have promised. The Minnesota DFL Party and our leaders will do everything in our power to defend access to abortion. Voters who don’t want to see anyone jailed for seeking reproductive health care must show up and vote like our health depends on it, because it does. Republicans will use the same playbook they used nationally to erode protections for abortion here in Minnesota, and the only way to stop that is by defeating them at the ballot box,” said DFL Party Chair Ken Martin.
  • In Mississippi: “Like the majority of Americans, I firmly believe that a woman should control and determine her own reproductive journey and when she decides to become a mother… Today’s Supreme Court decision on Dobbs which also overturns Roe v. Wade is disappointing and has rolled back 50 years of settled law that a woman has the right to choose when she becomes a mother,” said MS-03 candidate Shuwaski Young. 
  • In Montana: “The Montana GOP is coming for our Constitution and our Right to Privacy. They have made it clear that they won’t stop until they control even our most personal, private decisions. The Montana Democratic Party won’t let them. Montana Democrats will never stop fighting for our Constitution, our right to privacy, our right to make our own decisions with the dignity we deserve,” said the Montana Democratic Party.
  • In Nebraska: “The majority of Nebraskans believe abortion must remain legal and that women must have the right to make their own health decisions,” Kleeb said. “Republicans from Don Bacon, to Mike Flood, Adrian Smith and Jim Pillen are putting women’s lives at-risk for their callous political agenda. We can block the ban at the ballot box by voting for our strong Democratic candidates,” said Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb.
  • In Nevada: “There are no words that can capture our outrage at this unconscionable ruling. For half a century, Roe v. Wade has not only protected the right of Americans to exercise control over their own bodies but has also served as a bulwark around countless individual liberties protecting the dignity and privacy of Americans. We condemn, without hesitation and without reservation, this truly despicable decision. We recognize it as one that has no basis in respect for the lives and rights of Americans, instead being the culmination of an effort by a minority to force their views upon the rest of this nation,” said the Nevada Democratic Party. 
  • In New Hampshire: “This is a devastating decision that will open the door for Mitch McConnell to pass a nationwide abortion ban if Republicans re-take the Senate majority, criminalizing women and doctors, as well as embolden Republicans in New Hampshire to keep pushing their own extreme, anti-choice agenda. We know that Republicans on the ballot will keep trying to pass more restrictions on abortion and reproductive health care, which is why we will keep working every single day to elect Democrats who will fight for women’s reproductive freedom and their right to make their own health care choices,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley.
  • In New Jersey: “This decision is an unprecedented assault on women and their right to control their own bodies and make decisions about their own health care, and it once again proves Republicans’ utter contempt for women in this country. The Republican Party and its agents on the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act, weakened gun safety laws that are proven to keep communities safe, and have now destroyed 50 years of legal precedent in overturning Roe—all in the service of forcing their extreme conservative agenda on an American public that absolutely does not support it,” said New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman LeRoy J. Jones, Jr. and Vice Chair Peg Schaffer.
  • In New Mexico: “This midterm election, the stakes have never been higher. Mark Ronchetti and the New Mexico GOP have been vocal proponents of the Supreme Court’s decision. Today, members of the Republican Party are celebrating as countless women and working families across the country grapple with the drastic consequences of this decision. And the Ronchetti/Thornton ticket have made it clear they want to pass legislation that would restrict abortion, punish women, and criminalize doctors in New Mexico… This midterm election, voters must remember that it is the Democratic Party that will ensure New Mexico remains a safe haven for those seeking critical medical care and fight to re-establish the right to choose nationwide,” said the Democratic Party of New Mexico.
  • In New York: “The Supreme Court’s final decision on Roe is a punch in the gut and is a wake-up call for Democrats across the state and nation to get out and vote. As reproductive rights continue to come under attack, we can take solace in the fact that New York State was a pioneer in the fight for abortion since 1970 and was one of the first states to allow them. While the Supreme Court continues to take our nation back decades, New Yorkers are prepared to lead the nation once again–– with its first female governor at the helm,” said NYS Democratic Party Executive Committee Chair Christine Quinn.
  • In North Carolina: “Women have the right to make their own health care decisions without politicians getting in the way. This decision further emboldens Republicans to continue their harmful efforts to restrict reproductive rights, including U.S. Senate candidate Congressman Ted Budd who has made clear that he will ban abortion with no exceptions, not even for rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother. In 2022, it is critical that we elect Democrats who will stand up for our constitutional rights and who will focus on fighting for what North Carolinians need and want – not the agenda of extreme Washington politicians and corporate special interests,” said North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Bobbie Richardson.
  • In North Dakota: “The North Dakota Democratic-NPL stands with a woman’s intrinsic right to make their own, personal health care decisions without the interference of the government. We will continue to fight for that right and to push for investments in health care, child care, and food security that truly protect life,” said the North Dakota Dem-NPL.
  • In Ohio: “Ohioans’ fundamental right to reproductive care, including abortion and birth control, is on the line in this year’s election. This disastrous decision lays squarely at the feet of Ohio Republicans—from J.D. Vance to Mike DeWine to extremists in the statehouse—who have spent years working to strip women of their basic rights and enacting new, cruel restrictions that would punish survivors of rape and incest. It is critical that Ohioans elect Tim Ryan, Nan Whaley and pro-choice Democratic candidates up and down the ballot in November who will protect the right to abortion,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chair Elizabeth Walters.
  • In Oklahoma: “I am outraged by the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. The court’s radical and wrongly decided opinion not only takes away fundamental constitutional rights but also seriously endangers the health of women all across our country. Unfortunately, the relentless assault on women’s reproductive rights in Oklahoma began long before today’s decision and we should expect it to continue. Now we must channel our anger and sorrow into determination and peaceful but forceful action. Women have an inalienable right to make their own personal decisions regarding their medical care. We will always stand up and fight for this right and we will not be silenced,” said Senate Democratic Leader Kay Floyd.
  • In Oregon: “As expected, the U.S. Supreme Court eviscerated reproductive rights and the self-determination of over half the U.S. population… More than any decision in our lifetimes, this disastrous ruling by SCOTUS makes it clear that every election and every vote matters,” said Democratic Party of Oregon Chair KC Hanson and Vice Chair Dr. Rosa Colquitt. 
  • In Pennsylvania: “The Supreme Court’s decision is a result of Republicans’ unprecedented and unpopular attacks on reproductive rights. This decision only stands to embolden extreme Republicans—including right here in Pennsylvania where Republican candidate for Governor Doug Mastriano and Republican candidate for Senate Mehmet Oz are hellbent on taking away Pennsylvanians’ rights. Continued attacks on abortion access, birth control and women’s health care have made it crystal clear that out-of-touch Republicans are coming for our fundamental freedoms. Our only way to fight this ruling is to elect Josh Shapiro as our next governor, protect the Democratic Senate majority by flipping Pennsylvania’s Senate seat and making John Fetterman our next Senator, and send representatives to Harrisburg who value a woman’s right to choose. Reproductive freedoms and access to health care are absolutely on the ballot this November—and Republicans’ unprecedented attacks on reproductive rights are making clear that the stakes couldn’t be higher,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party Vice Chair Peggy Grove.
  • In Rhode Island: “I’m disheartened by the US Supreme Court’s extreme decision. Because the GA passed the Reproductive Privacy Act in 2019 when I was Majority Leader, Roe v. Wade was codified into state statute; RIers continue to be able to make the personal decision to access safe, legal abortion,” said Speaker of the Rhode Island House of Representatives K. Joseph Shekarchi.
  • In South Carolina: “Today’s opinion overturning Roe v. Wade pits states against states for legal abortion access and creates terrifyingly difficult barriers for women and families who live in states controlled by Republicans. Elections have consequences and it will be up to voters to push back on the GOP’s single-minded focus to gain control over your body by voting in November,” said South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Trav Robertson, Jr. 
  • In South Dakota: “Today’s Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade immediately enacts South Dakota’s trigger laws making abortion illegal no matter the circumstance… All South Dakotans deserve the freedom to make their own healthcare decisions – including the choice to have an abortion. Reproductive rights are on the ballot in November and South Dakotans will make their voice heard. Kristi Noem and Republicans will have to answer to voters for their attacks on reproductive freedom,” said the South Dakota Democratic Party.
  • In Tennessee: “This decision is a direct assault on the rights of Tennesseeans. The Court’s interpretation of the constitution on this issue is flawed and a direct insertion of political activism on the highest court in the land. This decision made by a conservative majority on the court, will empower a radical majority serving in state legislatures across the country. Politicians will be even more emboldened by this decision to impose their most restrictive views on us. Today, an essential and lifesaving freedom was discarded by a court installed to protect it,” said Hendrell Remus, TNDP chair.
  • In Texas: “It is more important than ever that we elect Beto O’Rourke as governor, flip the Texas Legislature, and elect Democrats up and down the ticket who will overturn Greg Abbott’s draconian and brutal laws imposing the will of a tiny minority on the entirety of our state. This November, Texans have a choice: radical conservatives running on a platform of anti-freedom and anti-Texan authoritarianism, forced birth, and human suffering – or Democrats up and down the ticket who will cushion the blow of today’s national trauma by ensuring Texans can live without fear of forfeiting the right to their most basic bodily autonomy,” said Texas Democratic Party Co-Executive Director Hannah Roe Beck.
  • In Utah: “Most Utahns do not want to see this restrictive ban go into effect in our state. We call on GOP leadership to convene a special session of the legislature to repeal their extremist ban and listen to the voices of a majority of Utahns who don’t want to see the government take away freedom of choice from the women of our state. This decision has just raised the stakes even higher for November’s election: we absolutely must elect Democratic candidates to the legislature who will support reproductive freedom and fight back against Republicans’ efforts to undermine it,” said Utah Democratic Party Chair Diane Lewis.
  • In Vermont: “We cannot sit by and let the Trump-emboldened Republican extremists erode reproductive choice and send us back to the cruel and dangerous times before Roe v Wade. We must actively fight this roll-back of fundamental rights, which is just one part of the Republican Trump-inspired agenda to interfere with people’s lives and their private decisions,” said Vermont Democratic Party Chair Anne Lezak.
  • In Virginia: “One thing is clear: we must elect those who will protect that right and stop those who try to turn back the clock to the 1950s. Virginia Democrats are 100% deeply committed to protecting Virginians’ right to an abortion – and ensuring that the Commonwealth will not be pushed back to the restrictions of the 1950s when it comes to women’s equality. We will fight every single effort put forward by Governor Youngkin and Republican leadership to criminalize abortion in the Commonwealth and will ensure that Virginia remains a safe haven for reproductive health care. Virginians will have access to the health care and reproductive health care they need,” said Democratic Party of Virginia Chair Susan Swecker.
  • In Washington: “Abortion has always existed and will continue to exist. It is pivotal health care that cannot be denied, and should be available when we need it, on the timeline we choose, and in the community we trust. But MAGA Republicans want to destroy our freedoms, control our lives, block policies a majority of us favor, and overturn our will by court order,” said the Democratic Party of Washington. 
  • In West Virginia: “This decision is just radical and wrong,” said West Virginia Democratic Party Vice Chair Danielle Walker.
  • In Wisconsin: “Today, the Supreme Court, aided and abetted by anti-abortion extremists in Congress, has failed our country and state by taking away Americans’ right to make their own medical decisions. […] Today’s decision underscores the importance of electing leaders at every level of government who will protect every person’s basic human right to make their own medical decisions,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler, 1st Vice Chair Felesia Martin, and 2nd Vice Chair Lee Snodgrass.
  • In Wyoming: “The Supreme Court decision is part of a troubling trend among Republican politicians to sacrifice individual freedom for the sake of political power. The Court is now stacked with enough far-right justices to overturn a right that a strong majority of Americans want to keep—62 percent according to a recent Quinnipiac University poll. This is a watershed moment for Americans and we believe people in Wyoming will rethink the trust they’ve placed in Republican politicians,” said Hunt. “The most basic job of a legislator is to preserve and protect freedom. The Wyoming Republican politicians have betrayed that trust,” said Democratic Party of Wyoming Executive Director Sarah Hunt.

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MEMO: Los Republicanos no se Detendrán en la Anulación de Roe Vs Wade

24 Jun

24 de Junio,


PARA: Todos los Interesados

FROM: DNC War Room

DATE: 24 de Junio de 2022

RE: Los Republicanos no se Detendrán en la Anulación de Roe Vs Wade


La opinión de hoy de los jueces conservadores de la Corte Suprema anula Roe Vs. Wade,. Es un golpe devastador para los derechos reproductivos y la libertad de los estadounidenses para tomar sus propias decisiones sobre el cuidado de su salud. No se equivoquen: el fallo de hoy es el resultado directo de la guerra radical implacable, de décadas de duración, de los republicanos contra el derecho al aborto.

Los republicanos MAGA en todo el país han dejado claro que no tienen intención de detenerse simplemente anulando a Roe: Mitch McConnell ya ha dicho que una mayoría republicana podría intentar ilegalizar el aborto en todas partes. Muchos republicanos quieren prohibir el aborto sin excepciones por violación o incesto; y otros incluso prometen enviar a los médicos a la cárcel y prohibir algunas formas de anticonceptivos.

Los republicanos pueden tratar ahora de esconder sus récords, pero estamos aquí para resaltar la amenaza directa que representan para la salud de las mujeres, mientras están ya indicando lo lejos que van a llegar atacando nuestros derechos fundamentales.

A pesar del abrumador apoyo que tiene el acceso al aborto seguro y legal en todo el país, los líderes republicanos han librado una guerra total contra el acceso a la atención de la salud reproductiva y sus récords hablan por sí mismos.

Kevin McCarthy afirmó que la ciencia “ha demostrado sin lugar a dudas que la vida humana comienza en la concepción”. En el piso de la Cámara, McCarthy dijo que su objetivo al abogar legislativamente contra el derecho al aborto era asegurarse de que ninguna mujer pudiera volver a tomar una decisión sobre el aborto.

Mitch McConnell se jactó de que su politización de la nominación judicial fue su mayor logro pro-vida y dijo que las legislaturas estatales deberían poder “definir, legislativamente, todo el proceso de dar a luz”.

Durante la campaña de 2016, Donald Trump pidió la prohibición del aborto con “algún tipo de castigo” para las mujeres. También prometió nominar solo a los jueces de la Corte Suprema que votarían para anular Roe Vs. Wade.

Como presidente, Donald Trump buscó aprobar una legislación que prohibiera los abortos después de las 20 semanas y prometió vetar cualquier legislación sobre el derecho al aborto.

Mike Pence ha dicho en repetidas ocasiones que cree que Roe Vs. Wade debería ser enviado a “las cenizas de la historia”. Pence también se jactó de cómo la administración Trump-Pence llenó los tribunales federales con jueces radicales, atacó repetidamente el acceso al aborto y eliminó los fondos de Planned Parenthood.

Mientras se desempeñaba como gobernador de Indiana, Mike Pence firmó una legislación contra el aborto durante cada año de su mandato.

Mike Pompeo dijo que no apoyaría las excepciones al aborto por violación.

Kristi Noem dijo que en su “mundo perfecto” el aborto ya no existiría. Noem se jactó abiertamente de la ley de Dakota del Sur que automáticamente se activa al anular Roe Vs. Wade, prohibiendo el aborto.

Tim Scott dice que está “100 por ciento comprometido” con las políticas “pro-vida”, cree que la vida comienza en la concepción y ha sugerido que el aborto no es una opción.

Marsha Blackburn cree que las mujeres no tienen derecho al aborto porque la palabra no aparece explícitamente en la constitución.

Tom Cotton prometió que anular Roe Vs. Wade sería solo el comienzo de los esfuerzos republicanos para restringir el derecho al aborto y dijo que era “radical” que los estados aprobaran “leyes que declaran el aborto como un ‘derecho fundamental’”.

Ted Cruz ha dicho abiertamente que quiere acabar con el aborto “de una vez por todas” y apoya prohibir el aborto desde el momento de la concepción. Cruz también defendió su oposición a una excepción para los abortos en caso de violación.

Ron DeSantis dijo que la prohibición del aborto de 15 semanas que promulgó, que no incluía excepciones por violación, incesto o trata de personas, estaba “justificada”.

Mike DeWine dijo que estaba “orgulloso” de firmar una prohibición del aborto de seis semanas que no incluía excepciones.

Doug Ducey firmó un proyecto de ley que convierte en un delito grave de clase 6 que un médico realice un aborto después de 15 semanas.

Tras la noticia de que la Corte Suprema estaba dispuesta a revocar Roe Vs. Wade, Nikki Haley lo llamó “una victoria”. También atacó la defensa de los estadounidenses a favor del aborto como “feminismo que no es real”.

Rick Scott expresó repetidamente su apoyo a las políticas contra el aborto que requieren que las mujeres que buscan un aborto se sometan a un ultrasonido y dijo que esperaba que eso las hiciera cambiar de opinión.

Josh Hawley dijo que Roe Vs. Wade fue una “injusticia histórica” ​​que “inventó este derecho constitucional” y pidió que se anule, y prometió votar solo por los nominados a la Corte Suprema “que hayan reconocido explícitamente” que Roe Vs. Wade fue una decisión errónea.

Ron Johnson apoyó permitir que los estados impongan restricciones al aborto y dijo que aquellos que se oponen a ellas deberían mudarse a otro estado.

Mike Lee comparó el movimiento contra el aborto con las luchas por los derechos civiles y contra el nazismo.

Mike Pompeo dijo que no cree en las excepciones de violación para prohibir el aborto, rechazó explícitamente la noción de que el aborto es un derecho y se jactó del historial antiaborto de la administración Trump.

Kim Reynolds dijo que, si se penaliza, el aborto debería tener las mismas consecuencias legales que el asesinato.

Marco Rubio se opone a las excepciones a la prohibición del aborto en casos de violación. Rubio también ha dicho que en el “conflicto” entre el derecho de una mujer a elegir y el derecho a vivir de un niño por nacer, él siempre estaría del lado del niño por nacer.

Anular a Roe es el comienzo, no el final, para los líderes republicanos. Los gobernadores republicanos MAGA y las legislaturas estatales ya han comenzado a impulsar una legislación que penaliza los abortos, amenaza a los médicos con prisión e instituye prohibiciones totales del aborto sin excepciones por violación o incesto.

En Mississippi, el gobernador republicano se negó a descartar la prohibición de ciertas formas de anticoncepción.

La legislatura del estado de Nebraska podría reconsiderar un proyecto de ley de prohibición casi total del aborto que define que la vida comienza con la fertilización ahora que se anuló Roe.

En Oklahoma, el gobernador republicano promulgó una ley que prohíbe casi por completo el aborto.

Arkansas tiene una ley (que se activa al anular Roe) que prohibirá los abortos excepto en el caso de emergencias médicas que pongan en peligro la vida.

La ley de Idaho (que se activa al anular Roe) penalizará el aborto como un delito grave, punible con hasta 5 años de prisión.

La ley de Missouri de 2019 convertirá en delito grave que los médicos realicen o induzcan abortos, excepto en casos de emergencia médica.

La ley de 2007 de Dakota del Norte entrará en vigencia y estipula que es un delito grave realizar un aborto, excepto para proteger la vida de la madre.

La prohibición casi absoluta de los abortos en Dakota del Sur ha estado lista desde 2005 y entrará en vigencia “en la fecha en que la Corte Suprema de los Estados Unidos reconozca que los estados tienen la autoridad para prohibir el aborto en todas las etapas del embarazo”.

Las leyes actuales de Tennessee y Texas prohibirán el aborto excepto en el caso de proteger a la madre y entrarán en vigor dentro de 30 días a partir de hoy. Los que violen la ley podrían enfrentar cargos por delitos graves.

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