Dataiku is now worth $1.4 million following secondary round

4 Dec

Enterprise AI company Dataiku has announced some changes in its capitalization table. CapitalG (formerly Google Capital), Alphabet’s growth equity investment fund, is investing in the startup by buying out some of Serena Capital’s shares. Serena Capital has been an investor in Dataiku since 2014. “Serena was looking for a bit of liquidity. They invested in […]

AWS announces UltraWarm tier for Amazon Elasticsearch Service

3 Dec

AWS announced a new tier for Amazon Elasticsearch Service. And it could potentially lead to some cost savings. It is now available in preview. There are now two storage tiers for Amazon Elasticsearch Service — hot and UltraWarm. Hot is still the most effective tier when you care about performance. You can use the hot […]

AWS announces new ARM-based instances with Graviton2 processors

3 Dec

AWS, the cloud division of Amazon, just announced the next generation of its ARM processors, the Graviton2. This is a custom chip design with a 7nm architecture. It is based on 64-bit ARM Neoverse cores. Compared to first-generation Graviton processors (A1), today’s new chips should deliver up to 7x the performance of A1 instances in […]

Come to Disrupt Berlin if you care about fintech

3 Dec

On December 11 and December 12, some of the brightest mind in fintech are coming to TechCrunch Disrupt in Berlin. While we’ll sit down with some of the most famous tech CEOs and investors, the agenda is particularly packed when it comes to fintech. On the main stage, I’ll interview GoCardless CEO Hiroki Takeuchi about […]

Watch Amazon’s AWS re:Invent conference live right here

3 Dec

If you can’t stop dreaming about NoSQL databases, AWS re:Invent is the closest thing to heaven that you’ll find today. At 8 AM PT/11 AM ET/4 PM GMT, some of the brightest minds in cloud computing are going to introduce the upcoming features of AWS. Along with Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, Amazon is building […]

Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith accused of helping North Korea evade sanctions

3 Dec

On Friday, the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York announced that Ethereum Foundation staff member Virgil Griffith was arrested. He faces charges of conspiracy following a trip to North Korea and a presentation at the Pyongyang Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference. In particular, he allegedly provided services to the Democratic People’s […]

Pixpay is a challenger bank for teens focused on pocket money

29 Nov

Meet Pixpay, a French startup that wants to replace cash when you’re handing out pocket money to your kids. Anybody who is older than 10 years old can create a Pixpay account, get a debit card and manage pocket money. Challenger banks are nothing new, but they’re still mostly targeted towards adults. If you want […]

Foodvisor raises $4.5 million to track what you eat using AI

28 Nov

French startup Foodvisor has raised a $4.5 million funding round after generating 2 million app downloads. Agrinnovation is leading the round and various business angels are also participating. I covered Foodvisor last month, so I’m not going to describe the app once again. In a few words, the startup uses deep learning to enable image […]

Forest Admin raises $7 million to help you build admin panels

28 Nov

French startup Forest Admin has raised a $7 million Series A round from Notion Capital and Runa Capital. The company lets you build back end admin panel so that your team can track and manipulate data from a single interface. Forest Admin integrates with your database and third-party services you might already use, such as […]

Bunq launches metal card and plants a tree for every €100 spent

28 Nov

Fintech startup Bunq is launching a metal card called the Green Card. While some banks offer a cashback program with premium cards, Bunq is offering a special kind of “cashback”. For every €100 spent, Bunq plants a tree. The company has partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to finance reforestation around the globe. Manufacturing a metal […]

Revolut supports direct debits in the UK

28 Nov

Fintech startup Revolut is adding a key feature for users who want to replace their traditional bank account altogether. You can now pay with GBP direct debits. Revolut already added EUR direct debits last year. While most people use cards to pay for goods and services in the U.K., some businesses require you to pay […]

How food media brand Chefclub reached 1 billion organic views per month

27 Nov

Chefclub hasn’t attracted a lot of headlines over the years as it has only raised $3.5 million. But it is slowly building a major media brand on social media platforms as it now competes directly with Tastemade and Tasty. Compared to more traditional recipe websites and brands, Chefclub focuses exclusively on the intersection of food […]

Apple releases holiday ad

25 Nov

Apple has released its annual holiday ad, just in time for Thanksgiving. Named “The Surprise,” the ad focuses on two young girls who spends a lot of time playing with an iPad. The ad focuses on a family that travels across the country to visit the mother’s father. Like many families, the parents hand them […]

Coup shuts down its electric moped scooter service

25 Nov

Coup, an electric moped scooter-sharing service that operates in Berlin, Paris and Berlin, has announced in an email that it is going to shut down in all three cities. On Twitter, the company says that operating the service is “economically unsustainable” in the long term. “We plan to discontinue our service in Berlin and Tübingen […]

Devialet partners with Huawei for new speaker

25 Nov

Huawei and Devialet have unveiled a new speaker specifically designed for the Chinese market, the Huawei Sound X. French startup Devialet has been looking at ways to license its technology and patents to consumer electronics manufacturers, such as Sky, Iliad, Altice USA and Renault. While Devialet only sells very premium speakers under its own brand, […]

Bellman wants to simplify property management for residential buildings

22 Nov

Meet Bellman, a new French startup that wants to improve residential building management using technology and a fair amount of human interactions. The startup has been co-founded by Antonio Pinto, who previously co-founded TV Time. “I know this space quite well because I’m the son of a caretaker so I grew up in the caretaker’s […]

Omnius CEO Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss is joining us at Disrupt Berlin

21 Nov

When you think about artificial intelligence, chances are you think about anthropomorphic robots that can make decisions on their own. But artificial intelligence already has huge impacts in the insurance space. That’s why I’m excited to announce that omni:us founder and CEO Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss is joining us at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin. omni:us is an AI-driven […]

Ubiquiti announces new AmpliFi Alien router with Wi-Fi 6

20 Nov

Ubiquiti, the company behind popular UniFi Wi-Fi access points and networking equipment, is releasing a new router for consumers — the AmpliFi Alien. Today’s new device is an all-in-one networking device. It features a router (the “brain” of your local network), four Gigait Ethernet ports and Wi-Fi capabilities. And yes, it is a Wi-Fi 6 […]

Email app Spark receives update with new design

20 Nov

Spark, the popular email app from Readdle, has been redesigned on iOS and Android. The interface has always been a bit busy in the mobile app. That’s why the updated app now features a cleaner design and a handful of new features. On the design front, Spark now uses simple headers to separate smart sections, […]

Angell is a smart bike with an integrated display

19 Nov

Meet Angell, a new smart bike from a French startup led by Marc Simoncini who is mostly known for founding Meetic. The company is announcing its first electric-bike today. And the goal is to make an e-bike that is smarter than everything out there. “We dedicate half of public space to cars even though cars […]

Luko raises $22 million to improve home insurance

18 Nov

French startup Luko has raised a $22 million Series A round led by Accel (€20 million). Founders Fund and Speedinvest are also participating in today’s funding round. When you rent a place in France, you have to provide a certificate to your landlord saying that you are covered with a home insurance product. And of […]

Heetch adds $4 million to its Series B round

18 Nov

Ride-hailing service Heetch has added a new investor to its $38 million Series B round. AfricInvest is investing another $4 million in the startup — in total, Heetch has raised a $42 million Series B round. Previous investors in the Series B round include Cathay Innovation, Idinvest and Total Ventures. Heetch first started as a […]

SoftBank Vision Fund’s Carolina Brochado is coming to Disrupt Berlin

15 Nov

SoftBank’s Vision Fund has single-handedly changed the game when it comes to tech startup investment. And that’s why I’m excited to announce that SoftBank Vision Fund investment director Carolina Brochado is joining us at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin. Carolina Brochado isn’t a newcomer when it comes to VC investment. She’s worked for years at Atomico in […]

Yahoo Japan and Line are reportedly going to merge

13 Nov

According to Nikkei, messaging app Line and Yahoo Japan are about to merge and form a single tech company. Despite the name, Yahoo Japan is currently 100% owned by Z Holdings, a company that is controlled by Japanese telecom company SoftBank (Yahoo Japan isn’t related with TechCrunch’s parent company Verizon Media). Line Corporation is owned […]

The Garage is a new blockchain-focused incubator based in Paris

13 Nov

Meet The Garage, a new incubator in Paris that is all about blockchain projects. Co-founded by Cyril Paglino from Starchain Capital, Fabrice Le Fessant from Dune Network and Oussama Ammar from The Family, the company will support blockchain startups, help big companies launch blockchain projects and educate engineers about blockchain development. The Garage is a […]

PacketAI predicts IT incidents by parsing large event data sets

12 Nov

Meet PacketAI, a French startup that wants to alert you when there’s something wrong with your app or service. The company uses machine learning to parse raw event data and find out if there’s anything wrong. PacketAI can intercept incidents at many different levels. For instance, the service can tell you if your users can’t […]