NFL-AWS partnership hopes to reduce head injuries with machine learning

5 Dec

Today at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell joined AWS CEO Andy Jassy on stage to announce a new partnership to use machine learning to help reduce head injuries in professional football. “We’re excited to announce a new strategic partnership together, which is going to combine cloud computing, machine learning and data […]

AWS launches new local zone in LA

3 Dec

AWS announced a new local zone today in LA, designed to provide customers in southern California with a set of higher bandwidth, lower latency compute resources. It’s not a coincidence that this area is the epicenter of the entertainment industry. Having a local zone gives LA-area companies, whether that’s related to video processing, gaming, ad […]

AWS announces new enterprise search tool powered by machine learning

3 Dec

Today at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, the company announced a new search tool called Kendra, which provides natural language search across a variety of content repositories using machine learning. Matt Wood, AWS VP of artificial intelligence, said the new search tool uses machine learning, but doesn’t actually require machine learning expertise of any kind. […]

AWS AutoPilot gives you more visible AutoML in SageMaker Studio

3 Dec

Today at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, the company announced AutoPilot, a tool that gives you greater visibility in automated machine learning model creation. This is available as part of the new SageMaker Studio also announced today. As AWS CEO Andy Jassy pointed out on stage today, one of the problems with AutoML is that […]

AWS announces EKS on Fargate is available

3 Dec

Today at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, the company announced that Elastic Kubernetes Service is available on Fargate. EKS is Amazon’s flavor of Kubernetes. Fargate is a service announced in 2017 that enables you to launch containerized applications without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. “Starting today, you can start using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service to […]

New Amazon tool simplifies delivery of containerized machine learning models

2 Dec

As part of the flurry of announcements coming this week out of AWS re:Invent, Amazon announced the release of Amazon SageMaker Operators for Kubernetes, a way for data scientists and developers to simplify training, tuning and deploying containerized machine learning models. Packaging machine learning models in containers can help put them to work inside organizations […]

AWS announces DeepComposer, a machine-learning keyboard for developers

2 Dec

Today, as AWS re:Invent begins, Amazon announced DeepComposer, a machine-learning driven keyboard aimed at developers. “AWS DeepComposer is a 32-key, 2-octave keyboard designed for developers to get hands on with Generative AI, with either pretrained models or your own,” AWS’ Julien Simon wrote in a blog post introducing the company’s latest machine learning hardware. The […]

Box looks to balance growth and profitability as it matures

27 Nov

Prevailing wisdom states that as an enterprise SaaS company evolves, there’s a tendency to sacrifice profitability for growth — understandably so, especially in the early days of the company. At some point, however, a company needs to become profitable. Box has struggled to reach that goal since going public in 2015, but yesterday, it delivered […]

AWS expands DeepRacer league, announces car updates

27 Nov

Last year at AWS re:invent, the company’s massive customer conference, Amazon launched a new miniature race car and a racing league, all designed to teach developers about machine learning in a fun way. Today, ahead of next week’s re:Invent conference, the company announced some enhancements including an improved car and expanded racing schedule. “We are […]

Xerox tells HP it will bring takeover bid directly to shareholders

26 Nov

Xerox fired the latest volley in the Xerox -HP merger letter wars today. Xerox CEO John Visentin wrote to the HP Board that his company planned to take its $33.5 billion offer directly to HP shareholders. He began his letter with hostile tone befitting a hostile takeover attempt, stating that their refusal to negotiate defied […]

Coralogix announces $10M Series A to bring more intelligence to logging

26 Nov

Coralogix, a startup that wants to bring automation and intelligence to logging, announced a $10 million Series A investment today. The round was led by Aleph with participation from StageOne Ventures, Janvest Capital Partners and 2B Angels. Today’s investment brings the total raised to $16.2 million, according to the company. CEO and co-founder Ariel Assaraf […]

Vivun snags $3M seed round to bring order to pre-sales

26 Nov

Vivun, a startup that wants to help companies keep better track of pre-sales data announced a $3 million seed round today led by Unusual Ventures, the venture firm run by Harness CEO Jyoti Bansal. Vivun founder and CEO Matt Darrow says that pre-sales team works more closely with the customer than anyone else, delivering demos […]

New Amazon tool helps machine learning models identify unique objects

25 Nov

Amazon announced a new capability today called Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels to help customers train machine learning models to understand a set of objects when there is a limited set of information. Typically, machine learning models have to work on large data sets to learn something like what’s a picture of a dog, as opposed […]

HP rejects Xerox again, but leaves door open for negotiation

25 Nov

In a letter released this morning from the HP, Inc. board of directors to Xerox, Corp, the company summarily rejected Xerox’s latest take-over offer, saying it significantly undervalues the company. At the same time, it left the door open for further negotiation. In the letter, HP made it clear, it is not desperate for a […]

Making sense of a multi-cloud, hybrid world at KubeCon

22 Nov

More than 12,000 attendees gathered this week in San Diego to discuss all things containers, Kubernetes and cloud-native at KubeCon. Kubernetes, the container orchestration tool, turned five this year, and the technology appears to be reaching a maturity phase where it accelerates beyond early adopters to reach a more mainstream group of larger business users. […]

Gravitational nabs $25M Series A to ease cloud deployment with Kubernetes

20 Nov

As we move into an increasingly multi-cloud world, there is a portability problem moving applications between clouds. Gravitational wants to fix that, and today it announced a $25 million Series A. The round was led by Kleiner Perkins with help from S28 Capital and Y Combinator. Today’s investment brings the total raised to $31 million, […]

Salesforce Customer 360 aims to bring all customer data into a single view

19 Nov

The holy grail of customer experience these days involves gathering all of the data on an individual customer into a single record. Today at Dreamforce, the company’s massive customer customer conference taking place in San Francisco, Salesforce announced the latest iteration of Customer 360, its platform of tools designed to create that single record. The […]

Salesforce, AWS expand partnership to bring Amazon Connect to Service Cloud

19 Nov

Salesforce and AWS announced an expansion of their on-going partnership that actually goes back to a $400 million 2016 infrastructure services agreement, and expanded last year to include data integration between the two companies. This year, Salesforce announced it will be offering AWS telephony and call transcription services with Amazon Connect as part of its […]

Gremlin brings Chaos Engineering as a Service to Kubernetes

18 Nov

The practice of Chaos Engineering developed at Amazon and Netflix a decade ago to help these web scale test their systems for worst case scenarios before they happened. Gremlin was started by a former employee of both these companies to make it easier to perform this type of testing without a team of Site Reliability […]

Salesforce, Apple partnership begins to come to life

18 Nov

Last year at Dreamforce, Salesforce’s enormous annual customer conference, Apple and Salesforce announced the beginnings of a partnership where the two organizations would work together to enhance Salesforce products running on Apple devices. Today, the companies announced the fruits of that labor with general availability of two new tools that were first announced at last […]

Why Salesforce is moving Marketing Cloud to Microsoft Azure

15 Nov

When Salesforce announced this week that it was moving Marketing Cloud to Microsoft Azure, it was easy to see this as another case of wacky enterprise partnerships. But there had to be sound business reasons why the partnership came together, rather than going with AWS or Google Cloud Platform, both of which are also Salesforce […]

AWS confirms reports it will challenge JEDI contract award to Microsoft

15 Nov

Surely just about everyone was surprised when the Department of Defense named Microsoft as the winner of the decade long, $10 billion JEDI cloud contract last month, none more so than Amazon, the company everyone assumed all along would be the winner. Today the company confirmed earlier reports that it was challenging the contract award […]

Adobe announces GA of customer data platform

14 Nov

The customer data platform (CDP) is the newest tool in the customer experience arsenal as big companies try to help customers deal with data coming from multiple channels. Today, Adobe announced the general availability of its CDP. The CDP is a like a central data warehouse for all the information you have on a single […]

Salesforce announces it’s moving Marketing Cloud to Microsoft Azure

14 Nov

In the world of enterprise software, there are often strange bedfellows. Just yesterday, Salesforce announced a significant partnership with AWS around the Cloud Information Model. This morning, it announced it was moving its Marketing Cloud to Microsoft Azure. That’s the way that enterprise partnerships shimmy and shake sometimes. The companies also announced they were partnering […]

Fourteen years after launching 1Password takes a $200M Series A

14 Nov

1Password has been around for 14 years, and the founders grew the company the old-fashioned way without a dime of venture capital. But when it decided to take venture help, it went all in. Today, the company announced a $200 million Series A from Accel, the largest single investment in the firm’s 35-year history. Dave […]