The BBC is having a good coronavirus war

23 Mar

Some optimists say that the current crisis might bring out the best in us. These sunny souls are invoking the re-emergence of the “Blitz spirit” of the Second World War, when the country displayed what we like to think of as our true national character: stoicism, generosity and fortitude in the face of adversity, all […]

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Why ‘This Country’ is a modern TV miracle

19 Mar

This Country has been one of the outstanding success stories of British television in the past few years. The mockumentary follows two cousins, Kerry and Kurtan, who live in an isolated Cotswolds village. It gently satirises a rural environment that’s still very different from how most of us live, despite the slow spread of mainstream […]

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What is the BBC worth?

4 Mar

As a political prisoner in Egypt between the years 2002-2006, I recall how even the most ardent of convicted jihadi terrorists would rely on their battery- powered pocket radios to catch the news on BBC World Service. They valued this over all other sources of information because, in a world where state-run news organisations were […]

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