Security Council Sanctions Committee Concerning Democratic Republic of Congo Discusses Final Report of Group of Experts

7 Jul

On 13 May 2022, the Group of Experts on the Democratic Republic of the Congo briefed the members of the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1533 (2004) in connection with the Group’s final report, which was submitted in pursuance of paragraph 6 of resolution 2582 (2021).

Security Council Renews Democratic Republic of Congo Sanctions Regimes, Adopting Resolution 2641 (2022)

30 Jun

Amid a deteriorating security situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Security Council today renewed the sanctions regime imposed on that country and extended until 1 August 2023 the mandate of the Group of Experts overseeing its implementation.

Alarming Uptick of Armed Groups’ Violence in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Threatening Stability, Mission Head Tells Security Council

29 Jun

The alarming resurgence of armed groups, including the 23 March Movement (M23), is threatening the security and stability of the eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the entire region, and endangering United Nations Mission personnel on the ground, the top United Nations official in the country warned the Security Council today.

In Presidential Statement, Security Council Welcomes Positive Developments In Democratic Republic of Congo

3 Jun

The Security Council today welcomed the recent positive political developments in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the region and the convening of the second Regional Heads of State Conclave on the Democratic Republic of Congo in Nairobi, Kenya, on 21 April.

Urgent Action Needed to Defuse Violence in Democratic Republic of Congo, Senior Officials Tell Security Council, Urging Support for Ongoing Regional Efforts

31 May

With a brutal history of violence now threatening to repeat itself in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, senior officials briefing the Security Council today urged members to lend their steadfast support to regional efforts aimed at curbing the resurgence of militia attacks in the country’s eastern provinces, while warning of dire humanitarian implications for the broader Great Lakes region.