Voicing Support for African Union’s Peace Efforts in Ethiopia, Security Council Speakers Urge Political Dialogue Between Parties to Prevent Disaster

8 Nov

Meeting today to discuss urgent action to de-escalate the potentially disastrous conflict in Ethiopia, speakers in the Security Council extended their support for the African Union’s regional peace initiative and urged the Ethiopian authorities and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front and its allied forces to enter a ceasefire, allow for unhindered humanitarian access and engage dialogue towards a political solution.

Secretary-General Sounds Alarm over Obstructed Aid Delivery, Rights Violations, Expulsion of United Nations Staff, Addressing Security Council on Ethiopia

6 Oct

I welcome this opportunity to brief you concerning the situation in Ethiopia.  In August, I warned the Council that a humanitarian catastrophe was unfolding before our eyes in Ethiopia.  Since then, the crisis has worsened.

Security Council Presidential Statement Encourages Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan to Resume Talks on Grand Renaissance Dam Project

15 Sep

The Security Council today encouraged Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan to resume negotiations, at the invitation of the African Union Chairperson, on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Project, with a view to finalizing the text of a mutually acceptable agreement on filling and operating the dam “within a reasonable timeframe that ensures the interests of all parties equitably”.

At Least 400,000 ‘Living in Famine-Like Conditions’ in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region, Secretary-General Tells Security Council, Calling for End to Hostilities

26 Aug

The unity of Ethiopia and regional stability beyond its borders are at stake, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres cautioned the Security Council today as it met to discuss the spread of the military confrontation in that country and the attendant humanitarian catastrophe.