Significant Progress Being Made in Evidence Collection of ISIL/Da’esh’s Crimes in Iraq, Investigating Team Head Tells Security Council

8 Jun

Significant investigative progress in the collection of evidence has been made into the financing, use of chemical weapons and crimes committed by Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), also known as Da’esh, the head of the United Nations team investigating that group’s crimes told the Security Council today, as speakers welcomed the Team’s use of technology to facilitate prosecution and stressed the need to address the group’s continuing proliferation across other regions.

Iraq’s People Still Awaiting Political Class Capable of Addressing Critical Domestic Challenges, Top Official Tells Security Council

17 May

The people of Iraq continue to wait for a political class that will “roll up its sleeves” to tackle the long list of outstanding domestic priorities, the senior United Nations official in the country told the Security Council today, while underscoring the need to expeditiously form a new Government.

Slow Pace of Forming Government in Iraq After Peaceful Elections creating Dangerous Political, Security Vacuum, Special Representative Warns Security Council

24 Feb

A stagnant government formation process following Iraq’s largely peaceful elections last October is stalling urgently needed reforms and creating a dangerous political and security vacuum that could be exploited by Da’esh, the top United Nations official in the country told the Security Council today.

Security Council Unanimously Adopts Resolution Confirming United Nations Compensation Commission Has Fulfilled Its Iraq-Kuwait Mandate

23 Feb

The Security Council unanimously adopted today a resolution confirming that the United Nations Compensation Commission has fulfilled its mandate in processing claims and paying compensation for losses and damage suffered by Kuwait as a direct result of Iraq’s unlawful invasion and occupation of its territory in 1990.