Security Council Renews Authorization for States to Inspect Vessels Outside Libya’s Territorial Waters on Suspicion of Smuggling Migrants

2 Oct

Condemning all migrant smuggling and human trafficking off the coast of Libya today, the Security Council renewed for another year its authorization for Member States to inspect vessels outside that country’s territorial waters, when there are reasonable grounds to believe they are participating in those illicit activities.

Security Council Extends Mandate of United Nations Mission in Libya for 12 Months, Adopting Resolution 2542 (2020)

15 Sep

The Security Council today decided to extend for one year the mandate of its integrated special political mission in Libya, listing a range of mediation and good offices tasks, while also charging the Secretary-General with conducting an independent review of its structure, priorities and staffing effectiveness.

Briefing Security Council on Libya, Mission Head Calls upon Parties to Establish Demilitarized Zone, Reach Political Settlement through Dialogue

2 Sep

The warring parties in Libya should incrementally establish a demilitarized area, starting with Sirte, along with a comprehensive set of confidence-building measures, a senior United Nations official told the Security Council during a 2 September videoconference meeting.

As Foreign Interference in Libya Reaches Unprecedented Levels, Secretary-General  Warns Security Council ‘Time Is Not on Our Side’, Urges End to Stalemate

8 Jul

With foreign interference surging, front lines between combatants shifting, tens of thousands fleeing their homes and the threat of COVID-19 looming large, a negotiated solution to the crisis in Libya — now in its tenth year — is more urgent than ever, Secretary-General António Guterres told the Security Council in a 8 July videoconference meeting dedicated to the situation in the North African country.