Security Council Renews Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali, Adopting Resolution 2640 (2022)

29 Jun

Amid a shifting political and security landscape in Africa’s Sahel region, the Security Council today decided to renew the mandate of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) for another year, while calling for an assessment of its cooperation with the host country’s authorities, the challenges it faces and options for its reco

Citing Mali’s Worsening Security, Dire Humanitarian, Human Rights Situation, Speakers Tell Security Council Mission’s Mandate Should Be Extended

13 Jun

Amid a delayed return to civilian rule, the deteriorating security and the dire humanitarian and human rights situation in Mali, the mandate of the United Nations’ peacekeeping mission in the African country should be extended for another year, speakers told the Security Council today.

Amid Alarm over Mali’s Withdrawal from Regional Security Architecture, Top Peace Official Briefs Security Council on Challenges to Ending Terrorism in Sahel

18 May

Terrorism in the Sahel is a slow-burning, mortal threat, a senior United Nations peace operations official told the Security Council today as speakers expressed alarm about the recent departure of Mali from the region’s security architecture.

Amid Executions, Forced Disappearances in Mali, Mission Head Tells Security Council Little Progress Made towards Implementing Peace Agreement

7 Apr

A year and half after the military took power by force in Mali, there has been “no notable progress” in implementing the 2015 peace agreement, the top United Nations official in the country told the Security Council today, as delegates called for an independent investigation into reports of summary executions of civilians in the town of Moura in March.