Letters to Somalia Covered Possible Adjustment of Arms Embargo, Sanctions Committee Chair Says, in Security Council Briefing

20 Oct

The Security Council entity overseeing sanctions on Somalia sent two letters covering issues concerning possible adjustment of the arms embargo on that country, and measures to counter the funding of Al-Shabaab, its Chair said today, briefing on the subsidiary body’s work between 15 June and 20 October.

Security Council Committee on Somalia Considers Panel of Experts’ Final Report, Emergency Relief Coordinator Report

13 Oct

On 1 October 2021, the Security Council Committee pursuant to resolution 751 (1992) concerning Somalia held informal consultations to hear a briefing by the Panel of Experts on Somalia on its final report, submitted pursuant to paragraph 34 of resolution 2551 (2020).

Realizing Women’s 30 Per Cent Quota, Political Participation in Somalia ‘a Game Changer’ For Sustainable Peace, Deputy Secretary-General Tells Security Council

28 Sep

Pointing out that, in 2016, Somalia reached a milestone with nearly a quarter of parliamentary seats occupied by women, the Deputy Secretary-General and speakers in the Security Council today called for a 30 per cent quota of legislative seats to be held for women in that country’s upcoming election.

Unanimously Adopting Resolution 2592 (2021), Security Council Extends Somalia Mission Mandate until 31 May, Requests Stronger Presence as Security Situation Allows

30 Aug

The Security Council today extended until 31 May 2022 the mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM), requesting it to strengthen its presence across the country “as the security situation allows”.

Crucial Election Plans in Somalia Now Advancing Following ‘Period of Uncertainty’, Special Representative Tells Security Council, Spotlighting Women’s Quota

12 Aug

With Upper House of Parliament elections having begun in four of Somalia’s federal member states and broader electoral plans back on track following a political crisis earlier in 2021, speakers told the Security Council today that the process must be inclusive and credible, and meet the 30 per cent quota agreed for women’s representation.

Updated Sanctions List Can Help Somalia in Its fight against Al-Shabaab, Chair of Committee Pursuant to Resolution 751 (1992) Tells Security Council

14 Jun

Three members of the Al-Shabaab armed group have been listed for sanctions during the reporting period to further help the federal Government of Somalia fight the insurgents, the Chair of the Security Council’s sanctions regime for the country said today.

Amid Political Tension, Spirit of Compromise among Somalia’s Leaders ‘an Urgent Necessity Going Forward’, Special Representative Tells Security Council

25 May

Following weeks of mounting political tension, Somalia’s leaders have walked “back from the brink” and resumed talks in the capital, where a positive atmosphere prevails and an agreement on electoral arrangements is now anticipated imminently, the senior United Nations official in the country told the Security Council this morning.