In Briefing on Syria, Top Disarmament Official Says Security Council Unity Required to Re-establish Norm against Use of Chemical Weapons

6 Apr

Eradicating the use of chemical weapons hinges on unity among Security Council members at a time when ending the Syrian conflict still remains a collective responsibility, the High Representative for Disarmament Affairs said in a videoconference meeting today.

As Hunger, Malnutrition Rise in Syria, Security Council Must Ensure Border Crossing Remains Open, Aid Flows to Millions, Humanitarian Affairs Chief Stresses

29 Mar

A full decade into the conflict which plunged Syria into a spiral of grotesque violence, hunger and economic decay, the Security Council must stand firm in defence of the country’s last authorized border crossing, through which aid to millions of civilians flows each month, the United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator told members during a high-level videoconference meeting today.

Special Envoy Expresses Regret Over Inability of United Nations to End Syria War, as Security Council Considers Crisis on Prolonged Conflict’s Tenth Anniversary

15 Mar

On the tenth anniversary of the start of conflict in Syria, the senior United Nations official for that country expressed his profound regret that the world body has not yet been able to broker an end to the crisis, while calling for new, creative international diplomacy, during a Security Council videoconference meeting today.

Syria’s Chemical Weapons Declaration Cannot Be Considered ‘Accurate, Complete’, High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Tells Security Council

4 Mar

Nearly eight years after the Security Council first mandated the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons programme, the senior United Nations disarmament official today described only limited progress towards declaring that dossier closed, as delegates continued to voice divergent views about the neutrality of the global non-proliferation architecture itself.

As Pandemic Rages on, Syria’s Children Face Graver Reality Than at Any Other Point of Conflict, International Aid Organization Official Tells Security Council

25 Feb

An unprecedented education crisis is unfolding in Syria, an expert from a major international aid agency warned the Security Council today, as she described how unaffordable food prices, chronic malnutrition and years of living in unsafe, unhygienic camps — now during a pandemic — likely means that many children will never return to school in their lifetimes.