Amid Little Forward Movement, Warring Parties in Syria Must Take Concrete Steps on Potential Common Ground Issues, Special Envoy Says

25 Jun

The plight of detainees, establishing a nationwide ceasefire, countering terrorism and embarking on economic recovery are among the several areas where the warring parties in Syria may find common ground, the United Nations mediator for that country told the Security Council today.

Briefing Security Council, Secretary-General Implores Members to Reach Consensus on Extending Cross-border Humanitarian Aid Deliveries into Syria

23 Jun

Ahead of the 10 July expiration of resolution 2533 (2020) authorizing humanitarian aid deliveries from Turkey into Syria, the Security Council today debated whether such operations should continue, including options for closing the only remaining crossing and for reopening previous border checkpoints.

Syria Yet to Fulfil Chemical-Weapons Convention Obligations, Top United Nations Officials Tell Security Council, as Members Spar over ‘Objectivity’

3 Jun

Syria has yet to fulfil its obligations under the international instrument prohibiting the use of chemical weapons, senior United Nations officials told the Security Council today, pointing to documented instances of Syrian forces engaging in that type of warfare while members sparred over the objectivity of the investigative process used to substantiate those claims.

If Syria’s Key Players Remain ‘More Invested in Conflict Management Than Conflict Resolution’, Fighting Could Last Generations, Envoy Tells Security Council

26 May

The tragic irony of Syria is that humanitarian suffering is increasing, despite the relative calm, compared with earlier years of the conflict, the Security Council heard today from high-level officials of the Organization who made a strong appeal for continued aid to the country.

In Briefing on Syria, Top Disarmament Official Says Security Council Unity Required to Re-establish Norm against Use of Chemical Weapons

6 Apr

Eradicating the use of chemical weapons hinges on unity among Security Council members at a time when ending the Syrian conflict still remains a collective responsibility, the High Representative for Disarmament Affairs said in a videoconference meeting today.

As Hunger, Malnutrition Rise in Syria, Security Council Must Ensure Border Crossing Remains Open, Aid Flows to Millions, Humanitarian Affairs Chief Stresses

29 Mar

A full decade into the conflict which plunged Syria into a spiral of grotesque violence, hunger and economic decay, the Security Council must stand firm in defence of the country’s last authorized border crossing, through which aid to millions of civilians flows each month, the United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator told members during a high-level videoconference meeting today.