Sexual Violence ‘Most Hidden Crime’ Being Committed against Ukrainians, Civil Society Representative Tells Security Council

6 Jun

Allegations of sexual violence by Russian troops in Ukraine are mounting as the conflict passes its 100-day mark, a senior United Nations official told the Security Council today, voicing regret over a stark discrepancy between that painful reality and the global community’s ambition to end the use of rape as a tactic of war.

United Nations Unaware of Any Biological Weapons Programmes in Ukraine, Top Disarmament Official Affirms, as Security Council Considers New Claims by Russian Federation

13 May

The United Nations is not aware of any biological weapons programmes in Ukraine, a senior disarmament affairs official told the Security Council today, as it met to consider new information submitted by the Russian Federation alleging the existence of such weapons.

War in Ukraine Presenting ‘Child Protection, Child Rights Crisis’, Senior United Nations Official Tells Security Council

12 May

With the devastating toll of war on Ukraine’s children becoming clearer each day, humanitarian efforts — punctuated by several “monumental” recent evacuations of trapped civilians — must continue to scale up, officials told the Security Council today, as the representatives of Kyiv and Moscow traded accusations of attacks on schools and educational indoctrination.

Security Council Presidential Statement Expresses Strong Support for Efforts by Secretary-General in Seeking Peaceful Solution to Ukraine Conflict

6 May

The Security Council expressed strong support today for the Secretary-General’s efforts in the search for a peaceful solution to the war in Ukraine, in its first united action since the invasion of that country in late February.