London towers evacuated over fire safety fears

One London community is evacuating some 800 households from five publicly owned apartment towers because of safety concerns following the devastating fire that killed 79 people in a west London high-rise last week.

France’s new MPs: More women, far younger

The French parliament has been transformed by the overwhelming victory of President Emmanuel Macron's centrist party in elections.The new parliament will be far more centrist, younger and ethnically diverse and will contain dozens more women than the o...

Palestinian militants deny IS group claim of deadly Jerusalem attack

The Islamic State group has claimed a knife- and gun attack in Jerusalem that left one police officer dead and another injured. Palestinian militant groups, however, deny there are any links between the attackers and the IS group. And Israeli officials also say they haven’t found any such links.

Trump vows to partially roll back Obama’s deal with Cuba

US President Donald Trump on Friday ordered tighter restrictions on Americans traveling to Cuba and a clampdown on US business dealings with Cuba’s military, saying he was canceling former President Barack Obama's "terrible and misguided deal" with Havana.

‘Macronmania’ threatens left-wing strongholds in Paris

"Macronmania" has reached even the most left-wing strongholds of northern Paris. In the 18th and 19th arrondissements, the candidate running for President Emmanuel Macron’s La République En Marche (LREM) party, is expected to eclipse her far-left rival in the second round of parliamentary elections on Sunday. Our reporters met with Béatrice Faillès (LREM) and Danièle Obono (La France Insoumise) on the campaign trail to find out why the president’s new party has managed to garner so much support in so little time.

Ghana’s Kyekyeku flies flag for acoustic folk genre

On tonight's show: DR Congo mourns the passing of veteran opposition statesman Etienne Tshisekedi. The press in Gambia are looking forward to exploring new freedoms in the country. We are joined in the studio by Ghanaian artist Kyekyeku, who's been dub...

France 24 – Live news 2017-01-27 16:27:15

A young girl remembers the Islamic State (IS) group cutting off children’s faces. A boy recalls being tortured by the jihadists, who severed his fingers and murdered his father. As the battle against the IS group continues to rage in Iraq and Syria, families fleeing the violence have struggled to find peace. The victims of post-traumatic stress, many children live in a sort of waking nightmare.


As he is about to leave the helm of the UN after 10 years, Ban Ki-moon expressed confidence that US President-elect Donald Trump will become a true global leader and embrace key international agreements.

THE INTERVIEW – Mevlut Cavusoglu

Turkey's Foreign Minister expresses his frustration about the failure of Syria talks to implement a truce, and urges all parties to work toward a ceasefire and restart negotiators quickly.