The Covid-19 class war

15 May

Catastrophe is a great leveller. Plague, revolution, war… they all reduce inequality. But as lockdown lengthens into months, it’s clear that Covid-19 is different. It is going to entrench difference. The lives of working-class Britons, unlike those of their wealthier counterparts, will not stand still while the economy is frozen; they will worsen. In ordinary times, […]

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Can Keir Starmer rescue Labour?

8 Apr

At last the Labour leadership race is over and the two candidates who started as run-away favourites duly won. The voting was effectively over within two weeks of ballots opening, and campaigning stopped weeks ago. The results were a foregone conclusion. Keir Starmer was victorious because he was the best candidate to take Labour to […]

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The last thing Labour needs is ‘unity’

3 Apr

Unity. According to Sir Keir Starmer, it’s the pre-requisite for Labour to re-establish itself as a serious party of government. As he put it recently (and has said repeatedly): “I don’t think there’s any victory without unity.” Yesterday, back on the theme, he thanked the party for the unity it has shown during the leadership […]

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