Facing Stressed Marine Ecosystems, Small Island States Call for Broader Legal Rules, Stronger Partnerships to Sustainably Manage Oceans, as Lisbon Conference Continues

28 Jun

LISBON, 28 June — Small island developing States stressed that international law, strong partnerships and honoured commitments chart the way to sustainable ocean management, calling for broader legal rules and demanding greater action from those responsible for increased pressure on marine ecosystems as high-level discussion continued in the historic maritime city.

Sounding Alarm about ‘Ocean Emergency’, Secretary-General Outlines Crucial Actions to Protect World’s Seas, Ensure Healthy Planet, as Lisbon Conference Begins

27 Jun

LISBON, 27 June — The ocean must become a model on how to manage the global commons, world leaders heard today as they converged in Lisbon, where the Tagus River and the Atlantic meet, to take stock of multilateral efforts and looming challenges in the protection of the seas of the world.