Deadly violence as Kenyans protest poll results

Protests continued in several opposition strongholds around Kenya, as supporters of Raila Odigna refused to recognise the results of Friday's election that saw incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta re-elected as president.

Men in army uniforms attack Venezuela military base

Further unrest in Venezuela after an attempted uprising against President Nicolas Maduro at a military base in Valencia.Men in army fatigues had circulated a video on social media, claiming that they were soldiers and declaring a rebellion.

Exclusive: bombs, booby traps hamper Mosul mop-up operations

Iraqi forces clearing up Mosul’s Old City have to deal with explosive devices left behind by the Islamic State (IS) group, as well as jihadists hiding in basements, a FRANCE 24 team embedded with Iraqi counterterror forces discovers.

Video: Green-powered boat sets off for round-the-word journey

The green-powered catamaran “Energy Observer” on Thursday set sail from Paris at the start of its 6-year journey across the planet. The first of its kind boat, a self-sufficient sea vessel that only uses solar, wind and marine current power to navigate. It will be the first hydrogen-producing vessel to make 101 stops in 50 countries around the globe.