DNC Announces New Senior Staff Hires

24 Feb

Today, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison and Executive Director Sam Cornale announced several new additions to the Democratic National Committee’s senior leadership team. Roger Lau has been named Deputy Executive Director of the DNC. Alana Mounce has been hired as Political Director, and Monica Guardiola will serve as Chief Operations Officer. Clay Middleton has been brought on as Senior Advisor to the Chair, and Jose Nunez will be Deputy Chief Mobilization Officer for Organizing. Patrice Taylor has been promoted to Senior Advisor, and Lauren Williams has been promoted to Deputy Chief Mobilization Officer for Grassroots Fundraising.

“We are thrilled to announce new additions to our team at the DNC,” said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison. “These new staff hires are among the best our party has to offer and will bring diversity, experience, and strength to the Democratic Party. These new additions to our team will help us to continue to grow our party, build on our successes, and defend our victories in the months and years ahead.”

“The DNC continues to recruit top talent to meet the moment,” said DNC Executive Director Sam Cornale. “We are committed to building an organization reflective of the diversity of our party that will fight tirelessly to improve the lives of every American. These new hires serve as a down payment on that commitment and will help to strengthen our party and build on our successes in 2021, 2022, and beyond.”

Monica Guardiola previously served as Deputy Chief Operations Officer at the DNC, helping build and support a diverse coordinated campaign, collaborate with state parties, and win up and down the ballot. In 2016, she served as Deputy General Counsel at Hillary for America. Prior to working on campaigns, Monica practiced employment law in various law firms in Denver, Colorado. Monica, a first generation Mexican-American, has been involved in campaigns since 2012.

Roger Lau comes to the DNC from Senator Elizabeth Warren’s office, where he served as a senior advisor. Roger first began working for Senator Warren on her 2012 Senate campaign and more recently became one of the first Asian Americans to manage a presidential campaign during her 2020 bid. Prior to his time with Senator Warren, Roger served in many roles on John Kerry’s senate staff and campaigns. Roger has managed campaigns for several Senate and House congressional races in New England and also served in the Commerce Department during the Obama Administration.

Clay Middleton is a veteran political operative, military combat veteran, and long time friend and trusted advisor of Chair Harrison. Like Harrison, Clay is a former aide to Majority Whip Jim Clyburn. His vast experience covers everything from being a South Carolina Regional Field Organizer during Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy to his work as a member of the Biden-Harris transition team. He is an Obama campaign alum, former Obama/Biden Administration appointee, former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s 2016 South Carolina State Director and Regional Political Director in Florida, and Senior Advisor for Senator Cory Booker’s 2020 presidential campaign.

Alana Mounce previously served as the Chief of Staff for the Presidential Inaugural Committee and delivered Nevada for President Joe Biden, where she served as State Director. Previously, she was the Executive Director for the Nevada State Democratic Party, where she oversaw the most successful midterm election in recent memory, flipping six statewide seats. Additionally, Alana has served in battleground states for both President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns.

Jose Nunez previously served as Director of Digital Organizing for the Biden-Harris campaign where he developed and directed the campaign’s national digital and distributed organizing programs. Prior to joining the Biden-Harris campaign, Jose directed programs at Organizing Together 2020, Vice President Kamala Harris’ primary campaign, and the Democratic National Committee.

Patrice Taylor has spent more than 15 years working to improve, reform, and strengthen the Democratic Party. As a critical member of the management team of the DNC, she has successfully managed the Party’s internal rules and nominating process. Patrice’s elevation to Senior Advisor will ensure a continued emphasis on maintaining a well run organization, team, and party processes.

Lauren Williams previously served as the DNC’s Direct Marketing Director overseeing direct mail, telemarketing, mid-tier donor, sustaining donor, and merchandise fundraising programs. In that time she has raised over $150 million for the DNC and Biden Victory Fund. Prior to joining the DNC, Lauren managed the direct mail and telemarketing programs at EMILY’s List.

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Republicans Hypocritically Try To Attack Becerra’s Qualified Record — It Won’t Work

23 Feb

Republicans are hypocritically trying to attack Xavier Becerra as being unqualified to lead the Department of Health and Human Services after supporting Trump’s unqualified nominees. The truth is Becerra has spent his career fighting to expand access to health care and protect underserved communities, taking on powerful special interests to get results. And that’s why he has the support of the medical community.

Senator Cruz hypocritically opposes Becerra’s nomination for not being a doctor even though he voted for Secretary Azar who was also not a doctor.

Fox News: “Cruz opposes Xavier Becerra as ‘absurd’ Biden pick for HHS secretary: ‘He’s not a doctor’”

Republicans falsely attacked Becerra for having no experience after he spent his career fighting to expand access to health care.

The Hill: “11 GOP senators slam Biden pick for health secretary: ‘No meaningful experience’”

Republicans even absurdly tried to attack Becerra for not being sympathetic enough to the pharmaceutical industry.

STAT News: “Republican senators on Tuesday blasted President Biden’s health secretary nominee using an unexpected argument: He’s not sympathetic enough to the pharmaceutical industry.”

The truth: Becerra is more than qualified to serve as HHS secretary and has overwhelming support from the medical community.

Protect Our Care: “Roundup: Medical Community Supports Xavier Becerra’s Nomination As HHS Secretary”

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NEW POLLS: Vast Majority Of Americans Approve Of Biden’s COVID Response

23 Feb

A majority of Americans continue to approve of the job president President Biden is doing in office, and the vast majority approve of his handling of the coronavirus, including a significant number of Republicans.

An overwhelming majority of Americans approve of President Biden’s coronavirus response, including one-third of Republicans.

Gallup: “Several weeks into his first term in office, 67% of Americans approve of President Joe Biden’s handling of the coronavirus.”

Gallup: “Biden’s current approval rating for his handling of the coronavirus includes 95% of Democrats, 66% of independents and 34% of Republicans… This level of approval from the opposition party is remarkable in today’s politically polarized climate.”

A majority of Americans are confident that President Biden will get Americans vaccinated and safely reopen schools.

Axios: “One month into his administration, President Biden has won the confidence of a majority of Americans in his ability to get Americans vaccinated and reopen the schools, according to the latest installment of the Axios/Ipsos Coronavirus Index.”

A vast majority of Americans, including more than half of Republicans, are satisfied with President Biden’s vaccine rollout in their area.

The Hill: “Roughly 6 in 10 voters say they are satisfied with the coronavirus vaccine rollout in their area, a new Hill-HarrisX poll finds…. Fifty percent of independents and 51 percent of Republicans agree.”

A majority of Americans approve of the overall job President Biden is doing and his net approval has held steadier  and higher  than Trump’s.

Gallup: “Biden’s overall job approval rating is 56%; 40% disapprove”

CNN: “Nothing ever seemed to shake Donald Trump’s job approval rating. It moved less than any other president in the polling era. So far, Biden’s proven to be even steadier than Trump. And very much unlike Trump, people seem to actually like what Biden is doing. Biden’s net approval rating a month ago stood at +18 points in an average of polls. That means his net approval has shifted by only 2 points in his first month in office. In Trump’s first month in office, his net approval rating fell considerably more.”

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Biden Leads Fight Against COVID After Trump’s Failed Response Led Us To Grim Milestone Of 500,000 Deaths

22 Feb

After Trump’s failed response led the U.S. to having the worst coronavirus outbreak in the world and on the verge of passing the grim milestone of 500,000 deaths, President Biden has shown true leadership, rolled out a successful vaccination program, and his American Rescue Plan has strong, bipartisan support nationwide.

Trump’s failed response led the U.S. to having among the world’s worst outbreaks and on the verge of hitting the grim milestone of 500,000 deaths.

ABC’s Rick Klein: “On the verge of 500K US deaths – ‘We’ve done worse than most any other country,” Dr. Fauci tells @GStephanopoulos, citing the ‘disparate responses of different states versus the unified approach.’”

Associated Press: “The U.S. virus death toll reached 400,000 on Jan. 19 in the waning hours in office for President Donald Trump, whose handling of the crisis was judged by public health experts to be a singular failure.”

In contrast, President Biden has shown leadership and implemented a coordinated whole-of-government response to contain the pandemic’s spread.

Wall Street Journal: “In his first month in office, President Biden has positioned the federal government squarely at the front of the battle against Covid-19, tapping the military to staff mass-vaccination centers, joining with state and local officials to accelerate the pace of vaccinations, and requiring masks on buses, planes and federal property.”

President Biden has led the U.S. to having among the best vaccine rollouts in the world and on a glide path to surpass his vaccine goal despite Trump’s early failures.

Axios: “America’s vaccine rollout has been among the best in the world”

Associated Press: “It sounded so ambitious at first blush: 100 million vaccination shots in 100 days. Now, one month into his presidency, Joe Biden is on a glide path to attain that goal and pitching well beyond it to the far more ambitious and daunting mission of vaccinating all eligible adults against the coronavirus by the end of the summer.”

President Biden’s American Rescue Plan has strong, bipartisan support among Americans, yet Republicans are still trying to block Americans from getting relief.

New York Times: “Republicans are struggling to persuade voters to oppose President Biden’s $1.9 trillion economic rescue plan, which enjoys strong, bipartisan support nationwide even as it is moving through Congress with just Democratic backing.”

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President Biden To Fix Disparities In Paycheck Protection Program Under Trump

22 Feb

Today, President Biden will announce steps to boost lending to small businesses through the Paycheck Protection Program after Trump botched the program’s rollout and allowed funds to flow to large corporations and well-connected businesses with ties to him and his campaign instead of the small businesses most in need.

President Biden is correcting disparities in how PPP loans were allocated under Trump to ensure small businesses get the relief they need.

Associated Press: “President Joe Biden is targeting federal pandemic assistance to the nation’s smallest businesses and taking steps to further equity in what is known as the Paycheck Protection Program.”

Associated Press: “The Biden effort is aimed at correcting disparities in how the program was administered by the Trump administration.”

Trump allowed large corporations to take more than a billion dollars in PPP funds meant for small businesses.

Washington Post: “Public companies received $1 billion in stimulus funds meant for small businesses”

Reuters: “All told, these relatively flush 41 companies were able to secure $104 million in government aid, at a time when legions of smaller companies with little in their coffers were being turned down.”

Trump favored providing PPP loans to well-connected businesses with ties to him and his campaign.

NBC News: “Firms with Trump links or worth $100 million got small business loans”

CBS News: “Company tied to Trump campaign manager gets PPP loan”

CBS News: “Phunware, a data firm for Trump campaign, got millions in coronavirus small business help”

The Guardian: “Fossil fuel firms linked to Trump get millions in coronavirus small business aid”

NPR: “Company With Ties To Trump Receives Millions From Small Business Loan Program”

GQ: “One Trump Donor’s Hotel Companies Got $96.1 Million Meant for Small Businesses”

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DNC on U.S. Passing 500,000 COVID-19 Deaths

22 Feb

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison released the following statement after the United States reached 500,000 COVID-19 deaths:

“It is a dark and sorrowful day in America. The COVID-19 pandemic has now claimed the lives of more than 500,000 of our fellow Americans. Our hearts are with every family touched by heartbreak and grief. This is a moment that demands leadership. That’s why Congress should pass President Biden’s American Rescue Plan immediately to give communities the support they deserve, and to help our nation build back better. Every day we wait, more Americans die, more families are shattered, more workers lose their jobs, and more businesses are forced to close their doors for good. We need action. Now.”

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10 Ways Biden Is Already Fulfilling His Promises To Americans During First Month In Office

20 Feb

Since taking office on January 20, President Biden has worked tirelessly to fight the coronavirus pandemic and address the historic crises facing our nation. Here are 10 ways Biden has fulfilled his promises to the American people during his first month in office:

  1. President Biden immediately took action to combat the coronavirus pandemic, including requiring masks on federal property, bolstering access to testing and treatments, and issuing guidelines for reopening schools.
  2. President Biden has significantly ramped up vaccine production and distribution. Vaccine deliveries have increased 57% since he took office, and the U.S. is now averaging 1.7 million doses administered per day.
  3. President Biden introduced his $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, which will deliver direct relief to working families and help us beat the virus.
  4. This week, the Biden Administration opened a special ACA enrollment period to ensure Americans have access to the care they need and deserve during this health crisis.
  5. President Biden proposed the common-sense U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021, which will restore humanity and American values to our immigration system and offer a pathway to citizenship for the hardworking people who enrich our communities.
  6. To tackle the climate crisis, President Biden rejoined the Paris climate accord on his first day in office and launched a coordinated, whole-of-government effort to fight climate change.
  7. President Biden campaigned on a promise to Build Back Better, which he put into action by signing an executive order designed to support and strengthen American workers and manufacturers.
  8. To advance his racial equity agenda, President Biden signed executive actions that promote equitable housing policies, establish a commission on policing, and limit the use of private prisons.
  9. On Tuesday, the Biden administration extended and expanded relief programs for forbearance and foreclosure, delivering on President Biden’s promise of relief for the millions of families worried about losing their home.
  10. President Biden overturned Trump’s transgender military ban, allowing all qualified Americans the opportunity to serve their country in uniform.

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President Biden Is Restoring America’s Global Standing After It Plummeted On Trump’s Watch

19 Feb

President Biden is delivering on his promise to restore America’s standing on the world stage after our global reputation plummeted on Trump’s watch. President Biden has already received praise from world leaders and today he will announce significant steps to fight the pandemic and reverse Trump’s policies that made the U.S. less safe.

Today, President Biden will attend the G7, where he will work to restore America’s place on the global stage after its absence under Trump.

ABC News: “President Joe Biden will ‘take a virtual trip to Europe’ with a pair of high-profile engagements aimed at restoring the United States’ place on the global stage, after what he views as its absence during President Donald Trump’s years in office, according to a senior Biden administration official.”

President Biden is stepping up to fight the pandemic globally — which will help control the spread back home — after Trump refused to do so.

Washington Post: “White House announces $4 billion in funding for Covax, the global vaccine effort that Trump spurned”

Reuters: “Biden’s action is a sharp departure from his predecessor Donald Trump’s threat to withdraw from the WHO, which he accused of being too close to China, where the novel coronavirus emerged in late 2019.”

President Biden plans to reorient the U.S. away from Trump’s dangerous foreign policy, including seeking to rejoin talks to reenter the Iran Deal.

Associated Press: “In advance of Biden’s virtual appearances at a G-7 meeting and the Munich Security Conference, the White House sought to underscore that the new administration will move quickly to reorient the U.S. away from Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ mantra by announcing major reversals of Trump administration policies. Biden was expected to use his address to the Munich conference to stress that the U.S. stands ready to rejoin talks about reentering the 2015 multilateral Iran nuclear deal abandoned by the Trump administration.”

World leaders applauded President Biden’s decision to take on climate change and rejoin the Paris climate accord after Trump withdrew from it.

Associated Press: “World leaders applaud US formal return to Paris climate pact”

Associated Press: “The United States is back in the Paris climate accord, just 107 days after it left. While Friday’s return is heavily symbolic, world leaders say they expect America to prove its seriousness after four years of being pretty much absent.”

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Majority Approve Of President Biden’s COVID Response, Bipartisan Calls For COVID Relief Grow

18 Feb

There is overwhelming and bipartisan support across the country for President Biden’s American Rescue Plan. While President Biden is on the side of unity and pushing an agenda to help the American people, Republicans have fallen into turmoil.

A majority of Americans approve of President Biden’s coronavirus response and there is bipartisan support from across the country for more relief.

Associated Press: “From city halls, the plea for COVID-19 aid is bipartisan”

Quinnipiac Poll: “Americans approve 58 – 32 percent of the way Biden is handling the response to the coronavirus.”

President Biden is delivering on his promises, and fighting to contain the pandemic and get the American people the help they need.

NBC News: “Biden administration to spend $1.6 billion to expand testing, address supply shortages”

New York Times: “C.D.C. Announces $200 Million ‘Down Payment’ to Track Virus Variants”

Axios: “The seven-day average of coronavirus vaccines administered in the U.S. has reached 1.7 million per day… That pace puts President Biden on course for meeting his goal of 100 million doses administered in his first 100 days in office, which would land on April 29.”

Meanwhile, the Republican Party is in turmoil as the rift between the party’s top leaders escalates and threatens the future of the party.

Washington Post: “Trump-McConnell clash threatens to settle into a cold war as GOP eyes midterms”

The Hill: “Trump ready to make McConnell’s life miserable”

New York Times: “McConnell’s Strategy Has Party in Turmoil and Trump on Attack”

Politico: “Trump-McConnell rift threatens GOP’s Senate hopes”

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President Biden Delivers Message Of Compassion And Unity As GOP Divide Deepens

17 Feb

At his town hall last night, President Biden offered a message of compassion and unity to the American people. While President Biden is fighting for the American people and delivering on his promises, the Republican Party divide continues to deepen.

President Biden got everything he wanted out of his first town hall as he presented compassion, unity and reassurance to the nation.

New York Times’s Annie Karni: “Biden seemed to get everything he wanted out of his first presidential town hall.”

CNN: “In these two answers, the President took care of the politics of his prime time appearance in which he needed to show compassion for a country demoralized by a year-long battle against the virus and to lead it out of Trump’s dark shadow.”

New York Times: “In his first official trip away from Washington since taking office, President Biden on Tuesday offered reassurance to Americans about the availability of the coronavirus vaccines and optimism that his $1.9 trillion relief bill was the kind of ambitious plan that could restore the American economy.”

Participants at the town hall, including Trump voters, said President Biden answered their questions and left them with meaningful moments.

Dannie Evans, who supported Trump: “He answered my question. He was firm when he said don’t defund the police. And that’s what I really was hoping that he would say.”

Jessica Salas: “Salas told CNN after the town hall that Biden addressing her daughter like that was a ‘totally unexpected’ moment. ‘And that was really, really awesome. Afterwards she was like, ‘Mommy, he told us everything’s gonna be OK.’ Which, obviously wasn’t his exact words, but the fact that she felt his sentiment meant a lot.’ Salas said.”

Kevin Michel, who is an independent: “Mitchel told CNN he was happy to hear that Biden was ‘a big proponent’ of getting kids back in schools and that while the President had spent some time on ‘arbitrary’ numbers in his answer, the response was ‘what I was looking for.’”

The Biden administration continues to follow through on its coronavirus promises and deliver for the American people.

The Wall Street Journal: “Biden Administration Extends Covid-19 Mortgage Relief”

USA Today: “Exclusive: States to receive biggest boost yet in vaccine doses, White House tells governors”

Meanwhile, the divide in the Republican Party continues to deepen as two of its top leaders are at war with each other.

Politico: “Trump attacks McConnell in fiery statement”

Associated Press: “Trump rips McConnell as GOP divide deepens post-Capitol riot”

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