DNC Statement on Zero Emissions Day

21 Sep
As we begin the Zero Emissions Day commitment, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison and chair of the DNC’s Environment and Climate Council Michelle Deatrick released the following statement: 

“President Biden and Democrats understand the urgency to act on climate change and have set forward multiple policies to combat further damage to the planet, including a commitment to reach net-zero emissions economy-wide by 2050. This Zero Emissions Day is a critical reminder of the importance of working to build a clean, safe, sustainable world for generations to come. Democrats are committed to fighting to ensure that sustainability and a clean environment for all are reflected in our priorities, including the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, which makes the largest investment in clean energy transmission in history and puts resources towards building a clean, 21st century electric grid and ensuring a clean, safe water supply through lead pipe replacement.

“President Biden and Democrats have proven that we know how to address the climate crisis. We call on Republicans to take the necessary steps to make sure that our children and grandchildren do not have to face the consequences of failing to act on climate change. May we take this day to resolve to build back better for a healthier and more sustainable future for all.”

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DNC Statement on Supreme Court Scheduling Oral Arguments for Dangerous Abortion Challenge

20 Sep
Today, the Supreme Court announced a date for oral arguments surrounding Mississippi’s challenge to Roe vs. Wade. DNC Chair Jaime Harrison released the following statement:

“While Democrats are committed to protecting the constitutional right to choose, Republican leaders across the country have made it clear that they will stop at nothing to gut access to reproductive health care. On the heels of allowing Texas’ dangerous abortion ban to go into effect, the majority-conservative Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments from Mississippi’s direct challenge to Roe v. Wade. The fact that this Republican-dominated court failed to act in the Texas case and is now considering this case that could overturn decades of precedent jeopardizes its image of staying above the political fray. Republican lawmakers are presenting the biggest threat to abortion access in a generation. The majority of the American people support access to safe, legal abortion, and Republicans will have to answer for their party’s relentless attacks on Americans’ rights.”


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Republican Leaders Complicit As Donald Trump Continues to Undermine Our Democracy

20 Sep

Nothing proves the Republican Party is in the pocket of a loser ex-president quite like their endorsement of Donald Trump’s big lie. Instead of condemning the constant attacks on our democracy by a man who lost the popular vote twice and incited a deadly attack on our Capitol and police officers, Republican leaders continue to indulge his big lie and have refused to hold him, or anyone else in their party, accountable for blatantly undermining our democracy. 

Politico: ‘It’s spreading’: Phony election fraud conspiracies infect midterms

  • “It started as one big, false claim — that the election was stolen from Donald Trump. But nearly a year later, the Big Lie is metastasizing, with Republicans throughout the country raising the specter of rigged elections in their own campaigns ahead of the midterms.”
  • “It may ultimately be terrible for the Republican Party, too. In Georgia last year, Trump’s baseless claims about rigged elections depressed Republican turnout in two critical Senate runoffs, the loss of which cost Republicans their Senate majority. An erosion in GOP voter confidence in election integrity could once again persuade some of them to stay home in competitive House and Senate races next year — and in the presidential race in 2024 — with nothing less than the balance of power in Washington at risk.”

The Guardian: California recall vote shows Trump’s big lie is now Republican playbook

  • “Former president Donald Trump warned that the ballot would be ‘rigged’. The Republican candidate Larry Elder predicted ‘shenanigans’. The conservative media star Tomi Lahren suggested that ‘voter fraud’ was inevitable.”
  • “Trump himself weighed in during the closing days of the campaign, including a statement that asked rhetorically: ‘Does anybody really believe the California Recall Election isn’t rigged?’”
  • “Last year Republicans feared that Trump’s claims about widespread fraud due to an expansion of mail-in voting during the pandemic would persuade many Republicans to stay at home. His constant crying foul in Georgia may have cost Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue their seats in a Senate runoff last January.”

National Journal: Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party is complete

  • “Even as he lacks the power of the presidency and no longer commands the center of political attention, former President Trump is slowly and surely solidifying his takeover of the Republican Party. Rep. Anthony Gonzalez’s decision this week to retire instead of facing off against a Trump-endorsed primary challenger in Ohio underscores how endangered Trump-critical Republicans are in the political ecosystem.”
  • “Out of office and without access to social media, Trump’s hold on the GOP is greater than ever. He’s handpicking favored candidates in open primaries and exacting vengeance against those who personally crossed him. Ambitious GOP candidates are now mimicking his approach to politics. Even if it prevents the party from winning, the Trump takeover is complete.”

Associated Press: Trump endorses ‘big lie’ proponents for state election posts

  • “[Trump]’s throwing his support behind candidates who have not only perpetuated the lie that the 2020 election was stolen, but in some cases also actively tried to overturn the results. The moves reflect Trump’s desire to exert influence on all levels of the Republican Party and install allies into critical roles in the states that may be more amenable to helping him subvert future election results.”
  • “Despite a lack of credible evidence to support Trump’s allegations of mass voter fraud, the former president has continued to push the ‘big lie,’ turning it into a litmus test for GOP candidates. Trump remains deeply popular with Republican voters, a majority of whom continue to believe the election was stolen, despite dozens of state and local elections officials, numerous judges and Trump’s own attorney general saying President Joe Biden won fairly.”

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Fox News Poll: Majorities Support Mask and Vaccine Requirements

20 Sep

In a new poll from Fox News, the majority of Americans support mask and vaccine requirements. After nearly two years of grappling with COVID-19, it’s clear that the American people are ready for the pandemic to end as the majority supports implementing protections to allow life to return to normal. While Republicans continue to politicize the pandemic, our only question is whose side are they on — the American people or the virus? Because right now, all signs point to the virus’s side.

Fox News: Fox News Poll: Majorities favor mask and vaccine mandates as pandemic worries increase

  • “Majorities support mask and vaccine mandates advocated by the Biden administration, as the coronavirus pandemic remains a top concern, according to the latest Fox News poll.”
  • “Sizable majorities believe face masks (69%) and vaccines (65%) are effective and favor a range of mandates and requirements.”

  • “The new survey, released Sunday, finds two-thirds believe schools should require masks of teachers and students (67 percent), and businesses should do the same with employees and customers (66 percent).”

  • “As the second year of school during COVID gets underway, the survey finds two-thirds of parents believe masks are effective (67 percent) and support teachers and students wearing them (67 percent).”

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IN THE STATES: President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda Dealing Working People Back in

17 Sep
Yesterday, President Biden laid out what’s at stake for the future of our economy: Do we keep an economy that serves the wealthiest and biggest corporations – or finally give middle class families a fair shot? Local news outlets covered the speech, noting that President Biden’s economic plan would “create jobs, grow the economy and lessen inflation…It would lower the cost of day care and help people go back to work, lower health care premiums for millions of families, lower prescription drug costs, and extend a tax cut for families with kids.”

And this week, parents across the country received their third direct payment through the Child Tax Credit, giving millions of families yet another boost to their bank accounts. As Georgia father of three and Cobb County School Board Member, Tre Hutchins said, “Thanks to President Biden and Democrats, families that need help the most are getting it right in their bank accounts, and it’s building our economy back better from the bottom up and the middle out.”

In case you missed it…On Tuesday, by a nearly 2-to-1 margin, the effort to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom failed — reaffirming voters’ support for President Biden, Governor Newsom and Democrats’ leadership in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. Defeating the pandemic and getting our economy back on track remains voters’ top priority in California and across the country, and Republicans’ failure to address either is a major vulnerability heading into the 2021 and 2022 elections. DNC, DCCC, and DGA Chairs discussed this during a joint press call this week. 


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Republicans Gambling With Their Own Local Communities

17 Sep

Republicans seem hellbent on throwing the country off the debt cliff in a game of petty partisan politics that could cost the country billions. But what’s really at stake?

If the country defaults on the debt, the effects would be catastrophic to Medicaid, school districts, and food assistance programs in the communities of the same Republicans playing this reckless game.

Associated Press: “States would face severe Medicaid shortfalls because the federal government covers two-thirds of the costs. About 20% of Americans get their health insurance through Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Roughly $100 billion in infrastructure grants for highways, airports and public transit would be jeopardized. The more than $50 billion for special education, school districts serving poorer students and other programs would also be threatened, as would $30 billion in food assistance and $10 billion for public health.”

White House Memo: “Hitting the debt ceiling could cause a recession. Economic growth would falter, unemployment would rise, and the labor market could lose millions of jobs.”

Today, the United States Conference of Mayors, the group of local officials who would be most affected by a default on our debt, called on Congress to uphold it’s bipartisan responsibility to the full faith and credit of the United States.

United States Conference of Mayors: “Failure to increase the debt limit would send our economy into freefall and destroy the federal-local partnership that is so important to American cities. Health care, food security, education and housing would all be in grave danger. A default would also trigger catastrophic ripple effects through credit markets and hamper the ability of city governments to finance our own services. This is no time to allow partisan politics to reverse the progress we’ve made. Congress must act now to secure our economic future and maintain our global standing.”


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Is Elise Stefanik Okay?

17 Sep

It’s now Day 2 of Elise Stefanik’s flip out after the Washington Post uncovered her Facebook ads inciting violence by invoking the deadly Capitol insurrection and echoing the white supremacist “great replacement” conspiracy theory to push a racist and xenophobic message. 

Let’s just say she’s not handling it well.

Today, the Albany Times Union Editorial Board absolutely dragged Stefanik for echoing the same language racist demoagues have used throughout history.

Albany Times Union Editorial Board: “If there’s anything that needs replacing in this country — and in the Republican party — it’s the hateful rhetoric that Ms. Stefanik and far too many of her colleagues so shamelessly spew.”

Yesterday, her office sent out a statement emphasizing that she is definitely not mad for getting called out. Please don’t write that she is mad.

Elise Stefanik: “Team Elise Statement on the @DNC Meltdown and their Hack Stenographers at the @WashingtonPost

“As always, thank you for playing! And raising money for Team Elise! What the liberal hacks at the Washington Post do best”


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ICYMI: Axios: America fought the pandemic economy — and won

17 Sep


Key Point: “The U.S. economy is emerging from the pandemic with more well-paying jobs for those who want them, less hunger, less poverty, higher wages, less inequality, and more wealth for everyday Americans.”

Axios: America fought the pandemic economy — and won
By Felix Salmon
September 17, 2021

The U.S. economy is emerging from the pandemic with more well-paying jobs for those who want them, less hungerless poverty, higher wages, less inequality, and more wealth for everyday Americans.

Why it matters: None of these outcomes were expected when the pandemic began. All of them are the result of massive government programs.

By the numbersStimulus checks lifted nearly 12 million Americans out of poverty, according to new census data this week. Government programs also saved millions of people from losing their health insurance, even as millions lost their jobs.

  • Headline unemployment stands at 5.2% — low, but still higher than the pre-pandemic rate of 3.5%. The true unemployment rate, however, as measured by the Ludwig Institute for Shared Economic Prosperity, tells a different story.
  • Overall, true unemployment — people who are looking for full-time jobs that pay a living wage, but can’t find one — stands at 22.8%, which is lower than the 24% rate in February 2020. The rate has come down across all demographics — including white, Black, and Hispanic Americans, men and women.
  • “Workers in traditionally lower-paying positions, many of whom were considered essential during the pandemic, are finally seeing compensation that approaches their contribution,” says LISEP chairman Gene Ludwig. “This is a very positive development for low- and middle-income families, and indeed for the economy as a whole.”

The average wage now stands at $30.73 per hour, up 8% from $28.51 in February 2020.

  • Household wealth for the bottom 50% of the population stood at a record $2.62 trillion at the end of the first quarter, up 30% from the end of 2019. The top 10% also saw their wealth grow, but not as fast — they’re up 17% over the same period.

What they’re saying: “Much of the harm of recessions comes after they technically end as prolonged unemployment and depressed sales cause human and business capital to atrophy, perhaps never to be used again,” the Wall Street Journal’s Greg Ip writes. “The more rapid return to normality this time should preserve years of economic potential that might otherwise have gone to waste.”


  • The economic response, however, has surpassed expectations. As a result, the U.S. economy has grown from its pre-pandemic level, in stark contrast to Europe and most of the rest of the world.



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Scranton vs. Park Ave Part 3: President Biden Fighting for Hard Working Americans, While Republicans Protect the Wealthy

16 Sep

Today, President Biden laid out expressly what’s at stake for the future of our economy: are we going to set our country on a new path and make sure big corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share? With a new campaign to fight against President Biden’s economic plan, Republicans are making clear whose side they’re on.


President Biden: “The choice is this: Are we going to continue with an economy where the overwhelming share of the benefits go to big corporations and the very wealthy? Or are we going to take this moment to set this country on a new path?”

NBC: Biden to outline ‘a fair shot’ for the middle class in tax plan speech

  • “Biden will argue that the U.S. can’t return to the way things were for the middle class before the coronavirus pandemic”
  • “The president plans to give the IRS tools to crack down on the wealthiest Americans who have evaded paying taxes, the White House said in a fact sheet about the plan. Biden plans to emphasize that his administration will protect Americans earning less than $400,000 a year.”


Washington Post: Former Trump aides to spearhead $10 million campaign against Biden economic plan

  • “Conservative alarm about Biden’s proposed tax hikes — which some nonpartisan estimates have found overwhelmingly target the rich and large corporations — has intensified as they move toward passage.” 
  • “Biden on Wednesday rebuked critics of the tax and spending plan, arguing his proposal — unlike Trump’s 2017 tax cuts — would be geared toward helping the lower and middle classes rather than the wealthy.”
  • “‘It’s a badge of honor that those same wealthy interests are now attacking President Biden as he advances his plan to invest in the middle class and lower prices on essentials like prescription drugs and health care.’”

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DNC Statement on Rep. Elise Stefanik Inciting Violence in New Ads

16 Sep

Representative Elise Stefanik has released new Facebook ads inciting violence and echoing the the white supremacist “great replacement” conspiracy theory to push a racist and xenophobic message. DNC spokesperson Adonna Biel released the following statement:

“As another right-wing mob descends upon the Capitol this weekend, Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is echoing the same vile rhetoric that has led to several acts of violence in recent years. Stefanik and the House GOP are recycling the same racist and xenophobic playbook they used in 2018 that ultimately cost them the House. Apparently, this is what it takes to become a member of House Republican leadership – xenophobia and a remarkable commitment to pushing the Big Lie that led to an actual insurrection. Every day House Republicans reach a new low – and today is no different.”

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