DNC launches digital home-page takeover of Lakeland Newspaper highlighting Trump’s failed coronavirus response

2 Jul

Ahead of Vice President Pence’s trip to Florida today, the Democratic National Committee reserved a homepage takeover of the Lakeland Ledger’s website, highlighting the Trump administration’s failure in responding to the coronavirus pandemic that has contributed to a spike in coronavirus cases across Florida. The Lakeland Ledger reaches voters in the area Pence was set to visit before he canceled amid consecutive days with record setting numbers of new coronavirus cases in the state.

Additionally, on Thursday morning, the Florida Democratic Party will host a press call with U.S. Rep. Donna Shalala, State Senator José Javier Rodríguez, and Miami-based cardiologist Dr. Bernard Ashby to discuss Trump’s failed coronavirus response as well as his attempts to overturn the Affordable Care Act‚ spiking health care costs and jeopardizing coverage protections for Floridians with preexisting conditions, even in the midst of the coronavirus surge. This week the DNC’s War Room also released a new ad to highlight how coronavirus is exploding again across the country thanks to President Trump’s failures.

“Nothing Vice President Pence says today can change Trump’s incompetent handling of the coronavirus that has cost jobs, lives and led to the ongoing spike in cases Florida is suffering through today,” said DNC Director of Battleground State Communications David Bergstein. “The coronavirus spike in Florida and across the country  is an indictment of Trump’s botched handling of this pandemic — and his trail of poorly-timed, cancelled campaign events underscores that Pence can’t defend their record.”

The homepage takeover utilizes all of the advertising space on the Lakeland Ledger’s homepage—including  siteskin and multiple banner ads—and will run for 24 hours. Images of the ads are below:



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Coronavirus Cases Surge To New Records & Fauci Warns It Could Get Even Worse

1 Jul

Coronavirus cases are surging as a result of Trump’s failed leadership, and Dr. Fauci warns that it could get even worse. It’s no wonder Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

New coronavirus cases hit a single-day record high yesterday for the fourth time in a week.

New York Times: “The virus outlook in the United States is bad and getting worse. With more than 48,000 new cases on Tuesday, the country set a daily record for the fourth time in a week.”

Dr. Fauci warned that the crisis could get even worse and new cases could rise to 100,000 a day.

Bloomberg: “Anthony Fauci, the U.S. government’s top infectious disease specialist, warned lawmakers that coronavirus cases could rise to 100,000 a day if behaviors don’t change.”

FAUCI: “It is going to be very disturbing, I will guarantee you that.”

Over a dozen states have been forced to pause reopening plans and the hardest hit states are experiencing testing shortfalls.

Business Insider: “18 states and cities are pausing or reversing their reopenings as coronavirus cases spike”

Bloomberg: “Virus Testing Shortfalls Cause Lines to Build in Hard-Hit States”

Meanwhile, the White House can’t even decide if they want to inform the public about the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Politico: “President Donald Trump’s top aides are divided over the merits of resuming national news briefings to keep the public informed about the latest coronavirus statistics as infection rates spike in large states including California, Texas, Florida, Arizona and Georgia.”

Trump refuses to lead and is resolved to ignore the worsening pandemic.

CNN: “Trump refuses to lead as pandemic worsens and allies desert him on masks”

CNN: “Most Presidents would try to stop the United States from barreling toward disaster. But Donald Trump has nothing to say and no answers to mitigate a calamity unfolding on his watch that he seems resolved to ignore.”

It’s no wonder Americans across the country overwhelmingly disapprove of Trump’s handling of the pandemic, and it’s pushing his support lower.

Washington Post: “New evidence that Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic is pushing his support lower”

Politico: “Disapproval of the job Donald Trump is doing as president is continuing to rise, with nearly 6 in 10 voters giving the president negative marks amid a new coronavirus surge throughout parts of the country, according to a new poll.”

CNBC: “Voters in six key 2020 election states have little good to say about how President Donald Trump is handling the coronavirus as the pandemic tears through the country, according to a new CNBC/Change Research poll.”

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Ross, Scalia Can’t Spin Trump’s Disastrous Trade Failures

1 Jul

In response to Wilbur Ross and Eugene Scalia’s appearances in Ohio and Pennsylvania today, Democratic National Committee spokesperson John Weber released the following statement:

“Donald Trump’s lackies can’t deny his three and a half years of disastrous trade failures that have cost jobs and devastated our economy. Instead of standing up to China and protecting American jobs, Trump lost the trade war he started and left working families to deal with the consequences. Working people are seeing through Trump’s broken promises and incompetence, and this November they’re going to put his failed presidency to an end.”


Promise: “China will come to the table. They will give us everything we want. That won’t even be a hard negotiation.” [Trump Press Conference, Omaha NE, 5/15/2015]

Promise: “Don’t sell your house. […] We’re going to get those values up. We’re going to get those jobs coming back, and we’re going to fill up those factories or rip them down and build brand new ones.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Youngstown OH, 7/25/2017]

Promise: “We need people that are going to turn deals around. We can’t let China take advantage of us anymore. And we have the piggy bank. We have the advantage.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Manheim PA, 10/1/16]

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Trump’s Efforts to Distract From Failed Coronavirus Response is Hurting AAPI Community

1 Jul

As coronavirus cases continue to surge across the country and more than 125,000 Americans have died from the virus, Donald Trump’s efforts to distract from his catastrophic pandemic response with dog-whistle politics continues to hurt the AAPI community. Trump has knowingly and repeatedly trotted out dangerous rhetoric in a politically-charged attempt to stoke bigotry against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. The resulting racism and anti-Asian sentiment has only further exacerbated the economic and health disparities being driven and worsened by the pandemic across AAPI communities. 

“Over the course of the pandemic, we’ve seen a disturbing spike in anti-Asian sentiment and hate attacks across the country — and Donald Trump has only added fuel to the fire, stoking the flames of xenophobia against AAPI communities in a blatant attempt to scapegoat us for his own failures of leadership and distract from his disastrous coronavirus response,” said AAPI Caucus Chair Bel Leong-Hong. “It’s the same page out of the old Trump playbook: he wants us pointing the finger at each other to sow division and deflect blame from himself. But while countless Asian-owned businesses have been left reeling from the pandemic and anti-Asian sentiment, AAPI nurses, doctors, and essential workers have been serving on the front lines of the fight against coronavirus. AAPI communities across the country are hurting, and we need moral leadership that will fight against bigotry, bring Americans together, and address the glaring economic and health disparities being inflamed by Trump’s failed pandemic response.”

Instead of showing leadership during the pandemic, Trump has repeatedly used the terms ‘kung flu’ and ‘Chinese virus’ to describe the coronavirus, which further incite violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Over the course of the pandemic, members of the AAPI community have faced a significant rise in hate attacks, including verbal abuse and physical assaults. 

  • Filipino nurses were some of the first people to die in states like NY, NJ, WA, CA, NV, IL, DC, MD, and FL, and much of it because of the lack of PPE
  • Reports of hate crimes against Asian Americans during the pandemic have skyrocketed to 100 per day
  • Hate crime incidents against Asian Americans have been reported in New York, Texas, California, and many other states
  • In New York, reports of anti-Asian discrimination spiked 92% in the months of February through April, as compared to last year 

While anti-Asian sentiment rises, AAPI-owned small businesses have been hit especially hard by the spread of coronavirus as they face the double burden of a stagnant economy combined with social stigma fueled by Trump’s reckless rhetoric. 

  • Chinatowns across the country are experiencing plummeting foot traffic, forcing some shops to close permanently while others have reported losing as much as 80% of their business
  • In New York City’s typically thriving Chinatown, some businesses have reported losses of up to 50% while some have been forced to close permanently

A lack of accurate, disaggregated data and in-language health information and resources has hampered efforts to better understand how the pandemic is impacting AAPI communities. But evidence suggests that the coronavirus is exacerbating underlying economic and health disparities among Asian Americans. 

  • In San Francisco, Asian Americans accounted for an alarming 52% of coronavirus deaths 
  • In South Dakota, Asian Americans accounted for 12% of cases despite being less than 2% of the population
  • Since the coronavirus crisis, 49% of Asian American households have experienced a loss of employment income, compared to 43% of white households 
  • Additionally, 28% of Asian American renters have little confidence they will be able to pay their next month’s rent, compared to 21% of white renters 
  • In New York, where unemployment filings are disaggregated by race, records show that AAPI unemployment rates have skyrocketed: As of May, New York has seen a nearly 5,500% increase in people of Asian descent filing for unemployment benefits since April.
  • The unemployment claims from last month went up for Blacks and AAPIs while going down for everyone else

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Donald Trump’s Covid-19 Response has Failed the Disability Community

1 Jul

President Trump continues to fail in leading the nation’s response to coronavirus, and the disability community has paid the price for his irresponsibility and neglect. President Trump and his administration have ignored warnings, downplayed the impact of the crisis, and refused to take action to protect American citizens from this pandemic.

  • After repeatedly proposing budget cuts to SNAP, Medicaid, Social Security Disability Insurance, and other programs that allow people with disabilities to live in their communities, the Trump Administration’s ableism has proven fatal during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to Trump’s deregulation of nursing homes, over 40% of COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. are linked to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. 
  • Early during the COVID-19 outbreak, the Trump Administration’s uneven distribution of supplies, ventilators, and personal protective equipment put all Americans at risk. Only after disability advocates filed complaints in several states to fight ableist health care rationing policies, the Trump Administration announced efforts to address discriminatory provisions in many states’ rationing plans.
  • Trump continues to ignore his own public health experts, refusing to encourage the use of face masks in public and refusing to follow other measures that would reduce infection rates and protect people with disabilities and other high-risk groups. He claims that the virus is “going away” and blames spikes on increased testing, even while the country experiences record high numbers of new cases and the death toll climbs. 
  • Under the Trump Administration, Republicans tried to pass legislation that would have weakened the Americans with Disabilities Act. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Republicans have tried to hijack the ADA, claiming it allowed people with undisclosed disabilities to enter public accommodations without masks. This is not only false, it is dangerous. 
  • Under the Trump Administration, Secretary of Education Betsy Devos has actively delayed implementation of regulations related to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which were intended to promote equity by targeting widespread disparities in the treatment of students of color with disabilities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trump Administration’s delays in issuing educational guidance caused students with disabilities and other vulnerable populations to miss critical instruction. Instead of addressing continuing equity concerns, Secretary Devos is directing school districts to share millions of dollars of COVID19 aid with wealthy private schools
  • The COVID-19 virus has made the need for an easily accessible mail-in ballot system obvious. Many Americans are still under orders to remain at home if possible and health experts recommend against crowding. Instead of expanding options for voting, Trump tweets conspiracy theories to suppress the vote. Democrats support the expansion of the option of mail-in voting for all persons, including persons with disabilities. They also support reforms that will make it easier to register, to obtain absentee ballots, and to vote in-person or by mail. 

Democrats are committed to realizing the full promise of the Americans with Disabilities Act. We will protect and expand the right of Americans with disabilities to get the accommodations and support they need to live in integrated community settings. We will end institutional bias, expand access to home and community-based services, and protect the right of Americans with disabilities to live, work, vote and fully participate integrated in their own communities.

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Trump’s Failed Coronavirus Response Hurts America’s Workers

1 Jul

DNC Labor Council Chair Stuart Appelbaum released the following statement: 

Trump continues to put our nation’s workers at risk. Due to the nature of their work, first responders, health care workers, grocery store workers, delivery drivers, and food processing workers have been and remain at increased risk of contracting COVID-19 and bringing it home to their families. 

Trump has failed to prepare, ignored warnings, downplayed the crisis, and refused to act, and too many workers have already paid their price. The country is reporting double the number of new cases per day than it did in May, but Trump claims the virus is “going away.” We have surpassed 125,000 deaths and 2.5 million infected, but Trump is tweeting threats and stoking division. 

Trump’s corrupt recovery has put big corporations first. Trump let large corporations and companies with ties to him get loans while small businesses struggled to get the aid they requested. The Trump’s administration gave a $2.4 million contract for PPE to a White House “volunteer” with no experience. Too many workers still don’t have enough PPE to protect themselves and their families, a problem that has lingered since the beginning of this crisis. We can not allow this President to continue to let profits for big corporations come before the lives and safety of workers. 

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Trump’s Failed Coronavirus Response Hurts America’s Seniors

1 Jul

DNC Seniors Council Chair Steve Regenstreif released the following statement: 

Health experts have consistently stated that the risk for severe illness from COVID-19 increases for older Americans. Trump is putting our seniors at risk because he has failed to prepare, ignored warnings, downplayed the crisis, and still refuses to act. 

Seniors are paying the price. A record number of new cases were reported three days in a row, but Trump claims the virus is “going away.” We have surpassed 125,000 deaths and 2.5 million infected, but Trump is tweeting threats and stoking division. Trump failed on testing and tracing, and he has admitted he ordered officials to “slow the testing down” — putting his political interests ahead of Americans’ lives, especially our seniors.

As cases surge, Trump is slowing testing by ending federal support for testing sites around the country. Trump still doesn’t have a national testing strategy and has failed to spend the $14 billion allocated to expand testing and tracing, leaving states without the supplies they need. We cannot continue to put seniors at risk because the President is unwilling to protect them.


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NUEVO VIDEO DEL DNC: El impacto económico desproporcionado que ha tenido el COVID-19 en la comunidades latinas

1 Jul

Esta semana, el Comité Nacional Demócrata publicó un video nuevo, en ingles y español, detallando el impacto económico desproporcionado que ha tenido el COVID-19 y que ha tenido el mal manejo de la crisis por parte de la administración Trump, en las comunidades latinas.

“Debido a la falta de liderazgo de Donald Trump, la comunidad latina ha sufrido el impacto gravísimo del daño que el COVID-19 ha tenido en nuestras ciudades y estados en todo el país. Los latinos son trabajadores esenciales – son los trabajadores del sector salud, trabajan en las granjas y en las fábricas – ellos no tienen el lujo de trabajar desde la casa durante esta crisis de salud pública, sin embargo, han sido ignorados por la administración de Trump,” dijo la Presidenta del Caucus Hispano del DNC Iris Martinez. “Mientras tanto, la tasa de desempleo se ha triplicado desde que el Presidente Obama y el Vicepresidente Biden dejaron la Casa Blanca por el mal manejo de esta crisis económica de parte de esta administración, es evidente que ayudar a nuestra comunidad no está en la agenda de Trump.”

La data económica para la comunidad latina es abrumadora y demuestra el daño económico profundo que la comunidad está enfrentando. La tasa de desempleo para los latinos en los EEUU está en 17.6%, el triple de la tasa de desempleo cuando el Presidente Obama y el Vicepresidente Biden dejaron la Casa Blanca. La tasa de desempleo para los latinos está cinco puntos más alta de lo que lo está para los estadounidenses blancos. La cantidad de dueños latinos de negocios ha disminuido casi una tercera parte.

Donald Trump fracasó en prepararse para esta pandemia y ahora las familias latinas están pagando el precio de su falta de acción e incompetencia.


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DNC Releases New Video On The Disproportionate Economic Impact of COVID-19 on the Latinx Communities

1 Jul

This week, the Democratic National Committee released a new video, in English and Spanish, detailing the disproportionate economic impact COVID-19 and the Trump administration’s mismanagement of the crisis has had on the Latinx communities.

“Due to Donald Trump’s failure of leadership, the Latinx community is experiencing a disproportionate brunt of the impact COVID-19 has had in our cities and states across the country. Many Latinx Americans are essential front line workers – they are health care workers, farmworkers, and part of the manufacturing workforce – that don’t have the luxury of staying home during this health crisis, and yet they are being left behind by the Trump administration,” said DNC Hispanic Caucus Chair Iris Martinez. “While the unemployment rate has tripled since President Obama and Vice President Biden left office due to this administration’s mismanagement of the economic crisis, it’s evident that helping our community is not on Trump’s agenda.”

The economic data for the Latinx community is overwhelming and shows the deep economic pain the community is feeling. The unemployment rate for Latinx Americans currently sits at 17.6%, triple the unemployment rate when President Obama and Vice President Biden left office. The unemployment rate for Latinx Americans is also five points higher than it is for white Americans. Latinx business ownership has plunged by nearly one-third.

Donald Trump failed to prepare for this pandemic, and now Latinx families are paying the price of his inaction and incompetence.



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Donald Trump’s Covid-19 Response has Failed Native Americans

1 Jul

The Trump administration and its failed response to the Covid-19 pandemic has left Native Americans behind. As a result of a delayed and inadequate response by this administration, existing health and economic disparities have been worsened, and these communities have paid a heavy price. And Tribes face a bleak economic future if significant action is not taken to alleviate the unique hurdles that face Indian country.

“Too often under this president, Native Americans have been left out and left behind,” said DNC Native American Caucus Chair Rion Ramirez. “The Native American population is particularly vulnerable to the challenges presented by this pandemic and requires a concerted response effort, a standard this administration has not come even close to meeting. My community deserves better from our leaders – our lives quite literally depend on it.”

Native American-specific data from PolicyLink states, “Native Americans are more likely than other US-born workers to be negatively impacted” by the economic downturn.

  • The jobs with a higher risk of exposure to coronavirus – including gaming and casinos – will likely be among the last to come back in these communities, putting Native American workers at heightened risk of long-term unemployment.

  • Essential jobs have been less impacted by pandemic, but Native American workers are more concentrated than their white counterparts in essential jobs where opportunities are declining.

100% of Indian Country was closed down due to coronavirus, resulting in deep economic distress. 

  • Tribes heavily depend on tourism for their economy but because of the virus every single tribe was closed and the majority are still closed with no clear timeline of reopening.

  • Tribes have slowly started opening back up in certain states, but the majority of Tribes have had to furlough employees and cut their government budgets.

Much of the CARES Act relief funding has still not reached tribes in need due to bad data and slow implementation.

  • The Delaware Tribe of Indians (Eastern), for example, has more than 11,000 enrolled tribal citizens, which could have netted them $24 million in CARES Act funding. Instead, because of the way the Treasury allocated money based on an Indian Housing Block Grant dataset derived from inaccurate Census numbers, the tribe received just $100,000, or a little more than $9 per person.

  • Congress in the massive bill passed in March approved $8 billion to be allocated to tribal nations, but because of apparent confusion, tribes didn’t begin seeing their money until May.

  • The White House tried to use coronavirus relief as leverage against tribes, and threatened to withhold funds if tribes ignored their directives.

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