Flare-up over License Plates Threatens Progress between Serbia, Kosovo, Special Representative Tells Security Council amid Debate on Future of Interim Mission

15 Oct

Senior officials from Kosovo and Serbia traded accusations of each other’s non-compliance of agreements today as the Security Council considered the recent escalation of tensions between the two sides, trust-building measures and whether the presence of the United Nations special political mission in Kosovo is still necessary.

Solving World’s Problems Requires ‘Global Cooperation Based on Agreed Rules’, European Union High Representative Tells Security Council

10 Jun

The demand for multilateral solutions in the world today is exceeding supply, and while “rules-based multilateralism” may not be an appealing phrase, the United Nations and the European Union must bring it alive, the bloc’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy told the Security Council today.

Lack of Political Horizon on Palestinian, Israeli Conflict ‘Kills Hope’, Gives Room for Those Not Interested in Peace, Special Coordinator Tells Security Council

27 May

While the 21 May ceasefire is holding, Council members heard today that, following eleven days of the most intense hostilities in years, the 15-member organ must take concrete action to resolve the conflict between Israel and Palestine, breaking the vicious cycle of disregarded resolutions and recurring violence and transcending the hollow peace process that has failed civilians on both sides.

Secretary-General, Addressing European Union Conference on Global Health, Commends ‘Team Europe’ Approach for Helping to Tackle COVID-19, Spur Development Worldwide

25 Mar

Following is the text of UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ video message, as delivered by Amina Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General, to the Conference on Strengthening the European Union Role in Global Health, today: