Prospects for Peace between Israelis, Palestinians Remain Remote as Ever, Secretary‑General Stresses, as International Media Seminar Opens

8 Dec

Journalists, media experts, policymakers and scholars within academic and faith communities in Palestine, Israel and elsewhere gathered for the opening of the twenty‑seventh annual International Media Seminar on Peace in the Middle East today, held for the first time in virtual format, amid the ongoing COVID‑19 pandemic.

More Demolitions, New Settlement-Expansion Plans Form Backdrop to Spiking COVID-19 Infections, Top Middle East Peace Official Tells Security Council

18 Nov

Increasing demolitions of Palestinian property — and the announcement of 1,200 new construction projects in East Jerusalem — are now the backdrop for a worrying spike in COVID-19 cases in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, the senior United Nations official for Middle East peace told a Security Council videoconference meeting today, while calling upon the parties concerned to cooperate urgently on health and economic matters.

Instability Feeds COVID-19, Top Official wars Security Council, Stressing Need to Build on Recent Rapprochement Efforts in Middle East

26 Oct

Warning that COVID-19 “feeds off instability”, the Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process told the Security Council today that intensified international facilitation to relaunch Israeli-Palestinian negotiations must urgently build upon recent efforts at rapprochement in the region.

Moving Past Destructive Rivalries Through Confidence-Building Measures Key for Reducing Instability in Persian Gulf, Secretary-General Tells Security Council

20 Oct

Following are UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ remarks, as delivered, at the Security Council meeting on the “Maintenance of international peace and security:  comprehensive review of the situation in the Persian Gulf region”, today:

Concerned about Lasting Conflicts, Terrorism, Sectarian Tensions Plaguing Persian Gulf, Speakers in Security Council Stress Need for Coherent Approach to Collective Security

20 Oct

Deeply concerned about long-term conflicts, terrorism and sectarian tension in the Persian Gulf, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, expert briefers and ministerial‑level representatives called for the entire region’s security to be addressed in a coherent manner during a Security Council video teleconference meeting today.

Normalization of Ties between Israel, Gulf Arab States Presents Opportunity for Re-engagement in Talks, Special Coordinator Tells Security Council

29 Sep

The recent normalization of relations between Israel and two Arab countries presents an opportunity to re-engage Palestine and Israel in negotiations towards a two-State solution to their long-standing conflict, a senior United Nations mediator told the Security Council today.