Forum on Forests Approves Omnibus Resolution, Sets Dates for 2023 Session

13 May

The Forum on Forests concluded its seventeenth session today, approving its omnibus resolution and a draft decision that its eighteenth session will be held at United Nations Headquarters from 8 to 12 May 2023, sending both texts to the Economic and Social Council for formal adoption.

Deforestation ‘Seriously Hampering Achievement of Forest Goals, Paris Agreement’, Speaker Says, as United Nations Forum Continues Its Session

10 May

Discussion in the Forum on Forests today was dominated by proposals to support the functioning of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests — a voluntary arrangement among 14 international organizations dedicated to improving the sustainable management, conservation and trade of forest-based products around the world.

Forests ‘Cornerstone of Life on This Planet’, Says General Assembly President, as United Nations Forum Opens Its Session

9 May

Home to 80 per cent of all terrestrial species and hailed as “the lungs of the planet” for their ability to generate oxygen, forests hold boundless potential to help solve the most pressing global challenges, speakers in the United Nations Forum on Forests stressed today, as they explored conservation activities and ways to halt the damage incurred by relentless development.