Current Battle to End COVID-19 Pandemic Must Not Cost War against HIV/AIDS, Speakers Warn General Assembly on Day Three of High-Level Meeting

10 Jun

Warning that the international community must not let its current battle against COVID-19 cost its war against HIV/AIDS, world leaders detailed national efforts to tackle the threat to public health posed by one virus despite the shocks reverberating from the other, as the General Assembly continued its high‑level meeting on HIV/AIDS today.

Governments Must Embrace Rights-Based Focus on Those Most at Risk of HIV/AIDS, General Assembly Speakers Stress, amid Differences over ‘Key’ Populations

9 Jun

Countries must embrace hard lessons learned over four decades of the HIV epidemic — including the need for human rights-based action focused on populations most at risk — as they confront the “colliding pandemics” of COVID-19 and its fallout, which threaten to derail crucial public health gains, ministers stressed during the second day of the high-level General Assembly meeting on HIV/AIDS.

World Leaders in General Assembly Adopt Political Declaration Pledging Urgent, Transformative Action to Stop Global AIDS Epidemic by 2030

8 Jun

World leaders in the General Assembly today committed to “urgent and transformative action” to end the gender inequalities, restrictive laws and multiple forms of discrimination that perpetuate the global AIDS epidemic, adopting a lengthy Political Declaration that spells out measures to stop the disease in its tracks by 2030.