Recover Better, Build Back Accessible, Secretary-General Tells Convention States Parties, Stressing ‘Persons with Disabilities Must No Longer Be Left Behind’

15 Jun

Following is the text of UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ video message to the fourteenth session of the Conference of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, held today:

Concluding Session, Indigenous Issues Permanent Forum Approves Recommendations on Human Rights Meeting, Security Council Partnership, Global Action Plan Funding

30 Apr

The Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues concluded its annual session this afternoon, approving several recommendations which reflected this year’s central theme “Peace, justice and strong institutions — the role of indigenous peoples in implementing Sustainable Development Goal 16.”

Consult with Indigenous Peoples before Making Decisions That Affect Them, Speaker Tells States, as Permanent Forum Continues Session

29 Apr

Indigenous peoples — guardians of nature — must be consulted before States greenlight development projects, members of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues stressed today, as the body concluded a discussion on its six mandate areas — economic and social development, culture, environment, education, health and human rights.

In Lead Up to International Decade, Speakers Call for Greater Efforts to Protect Indigenous Languages, as Permanent Forum Continues Session

27 Apr

Speakers in the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues today called for greater efforts to protect and revitalize native languages, as they explored actions to be taken during the International Decade of Indigenous Languages starting from 2022.

Experts in Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues Call for Greater Participation of Indigenous Peoples Sustainable Development Decisions

23 Apr

Climate change — and the megaprojects aimed at attenuating its effects — are presenting life-threatening challenges to traditional ways of life, experts told the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues today, as participants explored ways to better include indigenous people in the sustainable development decisions affecting their survival, especially at the United Nations.

Recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Land Rights ‘Prerequisite’ for Sustainably Managing Limited Planetary Resources, Human Rights Expert Tells Forum

22 Apr

Without immediate action by States, COVID-19 will leave indigenous peoples behind in newly invigorated efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, the Geneva-based human rights expert charged with promoting constructive agreements between traditional communities and Governments told the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues today.

COVID-19 Exacerbating Inequality, Marginalization Faced by Indigenous Peoples, Speakers Underline, as Permanent Forum Continues Session

21 Apr

States must ensure the protection of indigenous peoples affected by the COVID-19 pandemic through timely, inclusive and equitable access to quality and affordable health-care services, including vaccines, speakers told the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues today as the body continued its 2021 session.