Outlining 2022 Priorities, Peacebuilding Commission Chair Cites Focus on Women, Youth, Support for Pandemic Recovery, Sustainable Peace in Conflict-Affected Countries

1 Feb

The Peacebuilding Commission will promote global solidarity to help mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on development and peacebuilding, while continuing to focus on empowering women and youth as critical partners in paving a path to sustainable peace, its newly elected Chair said today at the opening of its sixteenth session.

Diverse Voices Crucial for State-Building against Rising Tide of Inequality, Grievance, Mistrust, Secretary-General Tells Security Council

12 Oct

Following are UN Secretary‑General António Guterres’ remarks to the Security Council’s open debate on “Peacebuilding and Sustainable Peace:  Diversity, State-building and the Search for Peace”, in New York today:

Addressing Root Causes of Conflict Vital for Sustaining Peace as COVID-19 Reverses Peacebuilding Gains, Facilitates Intolerance, Speakers Warn Security Council

12 Oct

Warning that the COVID-19 pandemic has reversed peacebuilding gains and enabled intolerance and extremism to take hold, speakers told the Security Council in an open debate today that sustainable peace can only be ensured when the root causes of conflict, such as divides fuelled by inequity and difference, are addressed.

Outlining 2021 Priorities, Peacebuilding Commission Chair Cites Focus on Africa, Support for COVID-19 Recovery Efforts in Conflict-Affected Countries

3 Feb

The Peacebuilding Commission will seek to strengthen its advisory, bridging and convening roles, with a focus on engaging all actors to prioritize “impact” in support of national peacebuilding objectives, its new Chair said today, outlining the body’s work plan for 2021.