Deputy Secretary-General Salutes Nigeria’s First Lady for Modelling Women’s Leadership, at Launch of Her Biography ‘Aisha Buhari:  Being Different’

8 Apr

Following is the text of UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed’s video message at the presentation of the book Aisha Buhari:  Being Different and the Summit on the Emerging Trend on the Role of the First Lady in National Development, today:

Commission on the Status of Women

26 Mar

Note: Owing to the liquidity crisis and the current COVID-19 pandemic impacting our Organization, only a partial summary of statements made in today’s meetings of the Commission on the Status of Women is available at this time. The complete summary will be issued later as Press Release WOM/2212.

Pandemics, Conflict, Budget Shortfalls Must Not Stop Pursuit of Gender Equality, Speakers Stress, as Women’s Commission Continues Sixty-Fifth Session

25 Mar

Pursuing gender equality cannot, and will not, be stopped by pandemics, sanctions, conflict, budget shortfalls or the perpetuation of conservative traditions, ministers and other Government representatives told the Commission on the Status of Women during a videoconference meeting on the penultimate day of its sixty-fifth session.

Speakers Addressing Women’s Commission Cite Domestic Violence Hotlines, Plans to Close Gender Pay Gaps as Key Female Empowerment Tools in National Development Strategies

24 Mar

Domestic violence hotlines and programmes aimed at closing gender pay gaps are among an array of tools several States are using to integrate women’s empowerment into national sustainable development strategies, delegates told the Commission on the Status of Women, as it continued its sixty-fifth session with an interactive dialogue and general discussion.

Policymakers from Africa, Asia Highlight National Progress in Bolstering Normative, Legal Frameworks for Women’s Empowerment, as Commission Continues Session

23 Mar

The Commission on the Status of Women continued its sixty-fifth session today, with policymakers from Algeria, Mongolia, Egypt, Rwanda and the United Arab Emirates presenting national achievements in building out the normative, legal and policy frameworks essential for supporting women in all spheres of life.

While Exacerbating Structural Gender Inequalities, COVID-19 Is Creating Opportunities to Boost Women’s Involvement in Politics, Public Life, Speakers Tell Commission

19 Mar

While COVID-19 has highlighted and exacerbated structural inequalities disproportionately affecting females, new approaches are turning the pandemic into an opportunity to boost their involvement in politics and public life, ministers told the Commission on the Status of Women today, as it continued its sixty-fifth session with a morning-long general discussion.

Speakers in Women’s Commission Explore Role of Gender-Sensitive COVID-19 Response Plans in Creating More Resilient, Inclusive Communities

18 Mar

The Commission on the Status of Women continued its sixty-fifth session today, resuming a general discussion and hosting an interactive dialogue via videoconference to investigate how building gender-sensitive COVID-19 response plans can shape more resilient, inclusive communities.

Female Government Leaders Recount Personal Experiences of Threats, Attacks, Structural Obstacles, as Commission Discusses Ways to End Violence Against Women

17 Mar

Current and former Government officials, many speaking candidly from personal experience, explored the daily threats faced by women in positions of authority — both offline and in the world’s “new public space”, the Internet — as the Commission on the Status of Women continued its work today.