Anger boils over after deadly London tower fire

Grief over a deadly London high-rise tower fire turned to outrage Friday amid reports that the materials used in a recent renovation of the public housing block may have fueled the inferno.

British PM May apologises for election ‘mess’

British Prime Minister Theresa May took the blame for the Conservatives' disastrous performance in last week's election as she faced her party's angry MPs on Monday, seeking to ward off any challenge to her leadership.

Can the UK election results soften the Brexit blow?

The British electorate appears to have voted in favour of a “soft” exit from the EU. But as the EU’s exasperation over Britain’s risky political gambles hardens, is a “soft Brexit” a possible option or is England once again dreaming?

UK election: Will Britain punish Conservative serial gamblers?

Britain’s ruling Conservatives gambled on Scottish independence and got lucky, then they gambled on Brexit and lost spectacularly. Now as Theresa May gambles with a snap election on Thursday, will voters still see her as a “safe pair of hands”?