More Must Be Done to Close Digital Divide, End Poverty, Speakers Say, as Social Development Commission Continues Debate

15 Feb

The Commission for Social Development resumed its general discussion in virtual format today, with representatives of Member States emphasizing the growing importance of digital technology in the global quest to overcome poverty, achieve sustainable development and build better lives for all.

Digital Technologies, New Infrastructure Essential for Protecting, Servicing Vulnerable Communities, Panellists Tell Social Development Commission

12 Feb

The Commission for Social Development held a multi-stakeholder forum today, with panellists from around the globe exploring how to surmount the myriad fissures in social service provision by harnessing the use of digital technologies and laying new infrastructures that cater to the most vulnerable communities.

Speakers Highlight Role of Digital Technology in Confronting COVID-19 Pandemic’s Ill Effects, as Social Development Commission Continues Session

11 Feb

Government ministers, senior officials and representatives of Member States underscored the myriad ways that their countries have embraced digital technology to confront the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the Commission for Social Development resumed its general discussion today in a virtual format.

More Inclusive Governance, Greater Focus on Education Key for Building Post-Pandemic Resilience against Future Crises, Policy Experts Tell Social Development Commission

10 Feb

Experts on social policy envisioned a world after the COVID-19 pandemic that embraces more localized and inclusive forms of governance and a stronger focus on education to build resilience for weathering future crises, on day three of the Commission for Social Development’s fifty-ninth session.

Speakers in Social Development Commission Examine Ways of Equitably Using Technology to Spur Pandemic Recovery, Overcome Socioeconomic Woes

9 Feb

The digital divide — between younger and older persons, industrialized and developing countries or rural and urban areas — is exacerbating existing patterns of inequalities, delegates in the Commission for Social Development stressed today, as they explored ways to equitably use technology to surmount the most pressing obstacles to “building back better”.

As COVID-19 Exposes Global Disparities, Closing Digital Gap Key for Achieving Sustained Equitable Growth, Speakers Say as Social Development Commission begins Annual Session

8 Feb

With the pandemic exposing massive disparities in access to health, education and employment across the world, countries must urgently usher in a socially just transition towards sustainable development — first and foremost by enacting policies that close the digital divide, United Nations officials emphasized today, as the Commission for Social Development opened its fifty-ninth session.