Concluding Session, Committee on Information Calls for Fighting Misinformation, Protecting Journalists

13 May

The United Nations Committee on Information — concluding its forty-fourth session today under the shadow of the tragic killing of yet another journalist in the line of duty — approved two resolutions detailing Member States’ priorities for the Department of Global Communications, from fighting misinformation to helping States protect the fundamental rights to expression and opinion.

Closing Session, Committee on Information Approves Texts Addressing Disinformation, Increasing Assistance for Infrastructure, Capabilities in Developing Countries

18 May

The Committee on Information, which oversees the work of the Department of Global Communications, concluded its annual session today with the adoption of its report to the General Assembly, which includes two resolutions for formal adoption by the 193-nation organ.

Delegates in Information Committee Call for Expanded United Nations Multilingual Communications Strategy to End Rapid Spread of Disinformation Worldwide

27 Apr

The Committee on Information continued its annual session today, as delegates decried the epidemic of disinformation spreading around the world faster than the COVID-19 virus and tasked the United Nations with strengthening multilingual strategic communications to inoculate populations against this harmful trend.

Concluding Session, Information Committee Approves Draft Resolutions Focusing on Press Freedom, United Nations Global Communications Policies, Activities

4 Sep

The Committee on Information closed its annual session during a videoconference meeting today, approving two hallmark draft resolutions, one focused on core questions of press freedom and the second laying out its requests and expectations for the newly reformed Department of Global Communications.