General Assembly, Adopting Draft Welcoming Assistance to International Criminal Court, Calls for Cooperation in Arresting Fugitives, Enforcing Sentences

11 Nov

The General Assembly, acting without a vote, today adopted a resolution that called upon all States not yet signed onto the Rome Statute ‑ the international treaty that created the International Criminal Court at a conference in Rome in 1998 ‑ to contemplate joining the 123 States parties that have already ratified the accord.

Revitalized General Assembly Should Focus Less on Procedure, More on Tangible Improvements to People’s Lives, Delegates Stress in Annual Debate

8 Nov

Delegates addressing the General Assembly today lauded concrete steps taken by the organ’s ad hoc working group on revitalization, stressing that a more streamlined Assembly is crucial to ensure the United Nations can help people grappling with the real-life impact of complex global challenges, from the COVID‑19 pandemic to the climate crisis and beyond.

Amid Threats to Sustainable Development Progress, Partnership Key to End Climate, COVID‑19 Crises, Economic and Social Council President Tells General Assembly

2 Nov

As the international community faces the most difficult challenges of the twenty-first century, Member States must collaborate and make use of the functions and mandates of the Economic and Social Council to tackle COVID‑19, its impacts and the climate crisis, the President of the Economic and Social Council told the General Assembly today.

Delegates Welcome Focus by Human Rights Council on Emergencies Worldwide, Yet Some Say Monitoring is Selective, as General Assembly Considers Body’s Annual Report

29 Oct

While many Member States praised the Human Rights Council for its inclusivity and focus on human rights emergencies in Afghanistan, Myanmar and elsewhere, others accused it of being selective in its monitoring and condemnation, as the General Assembly took up the intergovernmental body’s annual report today.

General Assembly Adopts Text Bolstering Reinvigorated Resident Coordinator System, Considers Annual International Court of Justice report

28 Oct

The General Assembly today adopted a resolution emphasizing the need for adequate, predictable and sustainable funding of the United Nations resident coordinator system, following a day‑long debate on the work of the International Court of Justice, which marks its seventy-fifth anniversary in 2021.

Residual Mechanism Advancing Remaining Cases of Closed Criminal Tribunals for Rwanda, Former Yugoslavia despite Pandemic-Related Hurdles, President Tells General Assembly

20 Oct

The International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals, set up to continue the vital legal work of bringing to justice the perpetrators of atrocities committed in Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia, made significant progress over the past year, despite obstacles due to the global health crisis, its President said today as he briefed the General Assembly on developments during the residual courts’ fourth year of functioning.

General Assembly Elects 18 Member States to Human Rights Council, Authorizes Dates of Conference for Establishing Nuclear‑Weapon‑Free Zone in Middle East

14 Oct

The General Assembly today elected 18 Member States to the Human Rights Council, the United Nations body responsible for promoting and protecting all human rights around the globe, and paid tribute to Abdelaziz Bouteflika, a former President of Algeria and of the Assembly during its twenty‑ninth session.

Speakers Chart Best Way to Move United Nations Forward as General Assembly Considers Secretary-General’s Landmark Report on Reform Proposals, Multilateral Action

11 Oct

Speakers in the General Assembly today discussed the best way to move the United Nations forward over the next 25 years as Member States work to revitalize the Organization and better equip its main organs to address pressing global challenges faster and more efficiently.