Taking Up Second Committee Reports, General Assembly Adopts 36 Resolutions, including Text Calling for Building Back Better in Wake of Pandemic

21 Dec

As the COVID‑19 pandemic ravages economies and threatens to reverse hard-won development gains, the General Assembly today adopted 36 resolutions and two decisions of its Second Committee (Economic and Financial), urging the global community to “build back better” in tackling the biggest challenge it has faced since the Second World War.

Cooperation among States Key to Mitigating Effects, Building Back Better from COVID-19, Speakers Say, as Second Committee Meets with Regional Commissions

19 Oct

As the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to batter the economies of developing countries, the five regional commissions of the United Nations system are crucial to fostering the multilateralism required to recover and pursue the Sustainable Development Goals, those speakers told the Second Committee (Economic and Financial) as it met with those bodies today.

Health Infrastructure in Occupied Palestinian Territories, Syrian Golan on ‘Verge of Collapse’, Speaker Tells Second Committee

19 Oct

The ongoing occupation of Palestinian territories and the Syrian Golan violates international law and human rights, a situation worsening as the COVID‑19 pandemic puts health infrastructure “on the verge of collapse”, the Second Committee (Economic and Financial) heard today as it took up a report on the issue.

COVID-19 Threatens to Undo Decades of Progress in Eradicating Poverty, Official Says, as Second Committee Takes Up Agriculture Development, Food Security

16 Oct

With the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change exacerbating world hunger, speakers emphasized the need to boost agriculture, empower farmers, preserve biodiversity and protect ecosystems, as the Second Committee (Economic and Financial) took up agriculture development, food security and nutrition today.

New Urban Agenda an ‘Accelerator for Sustainable Development’, Says Executive Director, as Second Committee Takes Up Human Settlements Programme

15 Oct

While dubbing the New Urban Agenda an engine for economic growth, poverty reduction and environmental protection, especially during the COVID‑19 pandemic, delegates also lamented insufficient funding to keep its wheels turning, as the Second Committee (Economic and Financial) took up the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN‑Habitat) today.