Economic Agreement, Resumed Talks between Belgrade, Pristina, Mark Important Steps towards Reconciliation in Kosovo, Mission Head Tells Security Council

21 Oct

The recent United States-mediated agreement on Belgrade-Pristina economic cooperation and the resumption of European Union-facilitated talks between the two sides represent positive steps towards reconciliation and lasting peace, the top United Nations official in the Balkans told a Security Council video-teleconference meeting on 21 October.

Concerned about Lasting Conflicts, Terrorism, Sectarian Tensions Plaguing Persian Gulf, Speakers in Security Council Stress Need for Coherent Approach to Collective Security

20 Oct

Deeply concerned about long-term conflicts, terrorism and sectarian tension in the Persian Gulf, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, expert briefers and ministerial‑level representatives called for the entire region’s security to be addressed in a coherent manner during a Security Council video teleconference meeting today.

Central African Republic Poised to Successfully Hold December Elections Despite Tense Environment, Attacks by Armed Groups, Special Representative Tells Security Council

19 Oct

Despite ongoing tensions, attacks by armed groups and the challenges now posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, plans to hold the Central African Republic’s critical presidential, legislative and local elections on 27 December are continuing apace, the senior United Nations official in the country told the Security Council today.

Welcoming Mass Prisoner Swap in Yemen as ‘Airlift of Hope’, Speakers Urge Government, Houthi Rebels to Negotiate Durable Peace, during Security Council Briefing

15 Oct

Welcoming today’s large‑scale prisoner release in Yemen as “an airlift of hope” for ending the suffering caused by the long conflict in the country, speakers in the Security Council today called on the Government and Houthi rebels to build on that hope to stop the fighting and negotiate a lasting solution to the conflict.