Amid Alarm over Mali’s Withdrawal from Regional Security Architecture, Top Peace Official Briefs Security Council on Challenges to Ending Terrorism in Sahel

18 May

Terrorism in the Sahel is a slow-burning, mortal threat, a senior United Nations peace operations official told the Security Council today as speakers expressed alarm about the recent departure of Mali from the region’s security architecture.

Iraq’s People Still Awaiting Political Class Capable of Addressing Critical Domestic Challenges, Top Official Tells Security Council

17 May

The people of Iraq continue to wait for a political class that will “roll up its sleeves” to tackle the long list of outstanding domestic priorities, the senior United Nations official in the country told the Security Council today, while underscoring the need to expeditiously form a new Government.

United Nations Unaware of Any Biological Weapons Programmes in Ukraine, Top Disarmament Official Affirms, as Security Council Considers New Claims by Russian Federation

13 May

The United Nations is not aware of any biological weapons programmes in Ukraine, a senior disarmament affairs official told the Security Council today, as it met to consider new information submitted by the Russian Federation alleging the existence of such weapons.

Security Council Extends Mandate of Interim Security Force in Abyei for Six Months, Unanimously Adopting Resolution 2630 (2022)

12 May

The Security Council, acting unanimously today, extended for six months the mandate of its interim security force in Abyei, a contested region on the border of Sudan and South Sudan, as well as its tasks related to border monitoring.

War in Ukraine Presenting ‘Child Protection, Child Rights Crisis’, Senior United Nations Official Tells Security Council

12 May

With the devastating toll of war on Ukraine’s children becoming clearer each day, humanitarian efforts — punctuated by several “monumental” recent evacuations of trapped civilians — must continue to scale up, officials told the Security Council today, as the representatives of Kyiv and Moscow traded accusations of attacks on schools and educational indoctrination.

Security Council Delegates Call for Unity of Bosnia and Herzegovina amid Political Stalemate, Republika Srpska Threats to Withdraw from State Institutions

11 May

The international community must stand firm behind a peaceful, unified Bosnia and Herzegovina, the High Representative for that country told the Security Council today, citing rising tensions, a months-long political stalemate and increasing speculation about the possibility of yet another conflict in Europe.